Date: 22nd June 2020 at 3:00pm
Written by: Adam Conway

I don’t think it will quite go down in the same level of football folklore as Kevin Keegan’s famous ‘I would love it’ rant, but I certainly get the same level of energy reading Chris Wilder’s words.

Yesterday’s loss to Newcastle United was arguably our worst result of the season so far, the first time that we’ve shipped three goals in a defeat. At least when we conceded three against Manchester United we managed to get a draw out of it.

One of the overriding conversations surrounding Sheffield United over the past few months has been our chase for European football, which is unsurprising given our position in the league table as we enter the final stretch.

Speaking to the press after the game, the Blades boss made it quite clear that he’s keeping his feet firmly on the ground as refuses to get carried away with any notion that Europe is seen as a given thing:

“I’m sick and tired of people talking about Europe & Champions League. It’s about working in the present and the present is that we’ve put in two bags [SIC] average performances this week.”

Do you agree with Chris Wilder's comments?





To some extent I can kind of get his frustration after two rather mundane displays in the space of a week, but at the same time the idea of taking things one step of a time does sound a bit like it’s going against his nature, judging by the comments made by Simon Moore a few weeks ago.

The fact is that we’ve got this far under Wilder is precisely because of his ambitious nature, and I don’t want two mediocre displays to suddenly curtail everything that we’ve done under him and just accept where we are without pushing forward.

We need to keep up that intensity in the final weeks of the season, rather than just sitting back and being fine with things the way they are.

What about you? What do you make of Wilder’s comments? Do you agree with him on the matter?

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One Reply to ““I’m sick and tired”: Blades boss Chris Wilder left fuming after back to back abject displays”

  • Not sure where the two bang average performances come from
    It was a below average performance at Xilla and it was a shockingly bad, non existent performance at Newcastle.

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