Date: 21st February 2019 at 7:10am
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We all have moments in our lives where a piece of blindingly obvious information just doesn’t come into your mind and your brain effectively leaves you hanging out to dry, and unfortunately for Sky Sports pundit Sue Smith, her moment was one to remember.

Appearing on Sky Sports News yesterday morning, the usually reliable Smith certainly set tongues wagging amongst the fanbase on social media as she questioned whether manager Chris Wilder’s side had enough firepower in the ranks to complete our promotion push.

“He’s got a real togetherness but I was thinking are they lacking a striker, an out and out striker? I know they have brought Madine in who could be the man for them, I know he scored two goals against Reading. So they seem to have brought somebody in that could score the goals for them because they seem to have everything else, they have the creativity, they have great football. But have they got somebody who is going to score a lot of goals that is going to get them promoted? Maybe they have that now.”

Having seemingly forgotten about Billy Sharp’s existence, she did also praise the signing of Gary Madine given what he can bring to the table for us and she definitely liked the spirit that Wilder had fostered within the camp, but I think clearly with Madine’s signing at the forefront of her mind, added to the fact he hit a brace against Reading, that was the reason for her error and like all pundits learn after a moment like that, research will be slightly better in the future.

It’s fair to say reading through the comments on the above Tweet, I appear to be more forgiving than some, although maybe that’s owing to the fact I have more moments like those than many.

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  • This proves to me that she should stick to what she knows which is womens football .I would imagine any ordinary fan on the terraces would know about Billy sharp never mind a so called expert.I would much rather listens to some one who has personally experienced playing in the football league or the prem who actually knows what they are talking about.

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