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Revealed: Update On Potential New Owner Does Not Look Good

Image for Revealed: Update On Potential New Owner Does Not Look Good

The bidder for Sheffield United Football Club, Dozy Mmobousi, is currently under the microscope of the EFL as they do their fit and proper checks. But interestingly, a new report by The Athletic suggests that the Nigerian’s business is fake.

Dozy Mmobousi is said to have businesses that total $7Bn. One of his businesses, Tingo Airline, where he is the director, had declared £1Bn worth of share capital despite the Airline company having no evidence of assets and never having published their accounts.

The Nigerian is in the final stages of completing a £90M takeover, but multiple stories are being published which is now seeing the supporters cast doubt over Dozy Mmobousi’s genuineness. 

The billionaire airline company has no evidence that it has ever flew a plane. The Athletic article also states that the business address is forged, and images of a ‘Tingo Airlines’ jet appears to be photoshopped. 

My Verdict 

Ever since it was reported that Dozy Mmobousi was the man behind the £90M bid to take over Sheffield United Football Club, there have been countless claims from Nigerian journalists that Mr Mmobousi is ‘dodgy’. 

This latest report from The Athletic doesn’t read well, and it is confusing. 

If Dozy Mmobousi’s business was not genuine then why have the EFL allowed the negotiations to get into the final stages? Considering the EFL do various tests and checks to find things like this out. 

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  • Greeneking says:

    Looks like misinformation to me.

    Looking on companies house
    Airline business setup just before Covid. Its not surprising that this venture was scrapped.
    Business remained dormant. Never traded.
    Share capital declared at £1b but unpaid. ie net worth £0
    nothing wrong with any of that

  • Dough Zee says:

    Yes, why hasn’t the EFL check shown that there’s anything wrong? Maybe there isn’t. Maybe there’s an explanation.

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