Date: 22nd August 2010 at 11:28pm
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Most Blades fans who weren`t at The Riverside will have watched the game on Sky at home or in the pub, so no need for a match report, here is a general overview of the game as I saw it.

The first impression was walking into the stadium and thinking for a moment that we had got the kick off time wrong! With six or seven minutes to go before kickoff there appeared to be about eight thousand inside the ground, evidence if any were needed that football is set for a difficult season ahead with attendances. Just under half the seats occupied for a team who are favorites to win promotion tells its own story about admission prices, Sunday lunchtime kick offs and live TV coverage. The travelling Blades fans couldn`t believe how easy parking was right next to the stadium, every cloud had a silver lining!

The Unitedites gave Gary Speed a warm welcome during the warm up, and continued to chant his name throughout the game, it was great – and unusual – to hear encouragement for a Blades manager, let`s hope it lasts.

Nosworthy slotted in at right full back, Ertl moving to central midfield where he had an outstanding game alongside Monty. Nosworthy struggled with lack of fitness throughout the game, eventually being replaced by Quinn with 15 minutes left.

Both teams were tentative in the first half; it took a Boro side lacking in any invention or creativeness 20 minutes to get into United`s box as both keepers were under worked. The new manager`s influence began to show as United clearly played the ball to feet whenever possible, Britton being much more involved and gradually more influential. Simonsen took every opportunity to throw the ball out to retain possession. At the back, Morgan and Bartley won virtually everything in the air as Boyd and Kink struggled to make any impression.

Monty stuck to McDonald like a second skin and Ertl impressed throughout the game with some strong positional play, holding the ball and almost always finding a player with his pass. For me, the new central midfield partnership of Monty & Ertl was very encouraging for the future.

Out wide, Ward sometimes flattered to deceive. His pace and direct running can cause opposing defenders real problems, but he is frustrating with set pieces. His corners were constantly poor, either failing to clear the first defender or floating harmlessly into the keepers arms, wasting the efforts of the big men to get into the box. I really hope new coach Carver will bring something new to United`s set piece play. Corners and free kicks must be more than just ways of restarting the game.

Boro posed few problems throughout, Boyd`s goal coming from Morgan`s misjudging of McDonalds high flick on, the striker slotting across Simonsen with ease, Morgs with head in hands.

Up front, Evans really has to be a bit stronger under the challenge. Cresswell worked a shift as usual, but never looked like opening his account.

Overall, United deserved a point, despite rarely threatening the Boro goal. Morgan`s only mistake cost the winning goal but there were encouraging signs in several areas for the future. Confidence is pretty low right now, a win is needed next week, but there are early signs of what Speed will hope to bring to his team, certainly the ball spent more time on the floor, there was more patience to build through the team, and the pass and move now just needs a bit more of the move.

Glouc’s View
A disappointing defeat. Tragic mistake by Morgan which gave Boro their only clear shot at goal, but there were many positives to come out of the game, both individual and from the team point of view. Speed will hopefully have three more options to choose from next week with the return of Lowton, a fit Jordan and possibly the addition of the French full back.


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  • All very quiet after todays result, maybe you are all coming to terms with the fact that after all the jaunts and ridiculing of us you are in for a long hard season, and the reality is you stand a very good chance of swapping places with us, you have to admit you were awful today and have been so far this season, you need to rebuild but with the transfer window closing you may be left with what you have, no offence to speed but you need either experience or houdini to get that lot sorted, take it Blackwell will not be showing his face at your place for a while, he has really left you with a team that is not good enough and the board knew that.

  • from the stands it was awfull…the ground is terrible and the worst atmosphere ive whitnessed in my footballing life from home supporters. boro is a real crap hole. the supporters really don’t support their team up there it was dire. but…..having watched it back on sky hd when i got home my opinion has change of our performance today. granted we are missing some quality and pace in the starting 11…..but we looked to play football at every oppertunity today. we had some brilliant spells where we pinged it around with ease and players like monty, wardy and especially cresswell came into their own. the chest down from cressy and the beautiful back heel flip was awsome….im waiting for that to be shown on soccer am’s (show-boat) on saturday. ok morgs mistake cost us but that just typical morgan im afraid. speed for me has had an immediate impact we passed the ball ok wasted possesion a lot as did boro’s very expensive assembled new squad though!! every player looked to get it on the ground today and in spells proved they were very able. one worry i do have and thats simmo….guys im not sure he is up to the bill of having the no1 shirt!!! my opinion has changed somewhat!! we can take some positives out of today and one thing is clear speed is wanting to play football.simmo only kicked the ball out 7 times during the whole afternoon. looking forward to the next home game……i think speed is going to do a great job and its nice not having a manager shouting his mouth off at every oppertunity like warnock and another up his own arse like blackwell. can’t wait though for speed to loose the plot!!! ha ha UTB….FTL1P!!

  • heard richard wood is being lined up by speed….not playing for coventry at the moment. would be a good free signing.

  • I was impressed with our first half display and thought we were by far the better team. We controlled a lot of the possesion and played some really neat football. The 2nd half is what worries me though! After going behind it never looked like we’d find an equaliser. There were very few ideas up front. And the most worrying thing of all was the substitutions and decisions in the 2nd half. They were very simialr to Blackwell eg Bring Bogdanovic on but play him on right wing???? Why did we continue to play 1 up front when we were 1-0 down? I’d have rather have lost 2-0 but have thrown the kitchen sink at M’brough in the last 5 mins then go down with a whimper. I don’t want to be too down cos there were def signs of improvement in the first half but, we should NOT be losing to a side as poor as M’brough were yesterday.

  • boro are a good side, spent havilyand have some quality players blade1889…allthough you are spot on with what you have said regards to coming back from 1-0 down and never reallylooking damgerous. evans is looking like he’s not bothered and too light weight….wish deano was 20 years younger…..would have dragged him straight out of the commentry box yester and gave him the famous no 10 blades shirt!!!clean slate starting with preston on saturday…..that will give us a good indication and a must win game!!!most of all im hoping of 3 players coming in on permanent deals.

  • Nosworthy is not a fullback, and Cresswell is not a midfielder, we need to stop playing people out of position, i would rather have played Kozzy at right back

  • I wasn’t too downhearted yesterday despite the long trip home. Disagree with bladesforlife1889 – just because the bookies like Boro, the evidence on display yesterday points to them being crap. We were good for the point in a game where we worked hard to incorporate the ideas Speed has started to drip feed the players. Some signs of improvement in only game one; agree we really need a win on Saturday to lift everyone and get some momentum going. That piggie is laughable thinking we stand a good chance of swapping with them! I’d rather spend a few years building to challenge for promo to the prem than being a champ/league 1 yo-yo team. Even if you did manage to come back next season…a relegation dog fight will never be far from your door – a battle you usually loose!

  • Boro may have a few decent players BFL but my point was that, as a team, there performance was terrible yeaterday and we really shouldn’t be losing against a team that is playing that badly, no matter how many big names they’ve got.

  • I must say i agree with Blade1889, no matter how thin and unconfident our squad is, we could have won that game easily yesterday, provided that we can recognise the pattern of the game and make positive changes in order to win it. After they scored, what harm would it have done to have thrown Yeates on and put 2 or even 3 strikers up front. We played 3 defensive midfielders all of the game in Monty Ertl and Brittain and never once looked liked scoring a goal. I was pleased with the attempt to improve the passing in the 1st half but the lack of urgency and guile was embarrasing in the 2nd. We must inject some pace into the side going forward. Ward frustrates me at times but it pales into insignificance when you realise that we need him to get the ball, beat 2 or 3 men, cross it in and then get on the end of it himself in order for us to score a goal! What happened to Yeates having a frightening pre-season by the way?

  • your spot on blade1889 we shouldn’t be losing to teams performing like that they were bloody awfull…the difference was a mistake from morgan…he needs to improve his game he really do and my opinion will never change of him he’s not a footballer he’s just a thug with no footballing skill at all. but…..3 games in and we have 43 games left so the league 1 wendy’s that are getting all wet with excitment are very much scraping the barrell in terms of relegation….but if it makes them feel better then let them spout…..what can they brag about??? being league 1 and getting 18,000 for there last home game……toss bags!!

  • taylor is just bloody awfull he hasn’t got a clue. i’ve also heard that spurs are willing to talk regards to naughton…he’s not in redflaps plans anymore but apparently walker is which is beyond me to tell you the truth. we are missing the likes of walker, naughton and halford big time. we need some energy and pace about us we really do. i trust speed though and he’s been here long enough to know what we are about, what we need and what the fans want to get the lane rocking. come on speedo do us proud and bring in some quality even if they are loans and entertain us at the lane!!averaging between 23000 and 26000 week in week out you would think would make us really really competative in the transfer market!! come to the conclusion we could develop the lane and get 50,000 week in week out we would still not be competative in the transfer market. even in the prem we never spent and brought in any quality not like stoke and other teams!!! even hull spent bigger!! we play too safe and always have and yet when we do that we are stillin the 5h1t financially i really dont get it!!! we need to follow in cardiffs steps because they will get promoted this season that is guaranteed!! all there wheeling and dealing and ducking and diving will really really pay off…..there is a big black sack with £100m up for grabs and they will get therehands on it…..then all there problems will be solved…followed by some good times ahead……thats our problems and its lack of ambition!! simple as lads.

  • hope speed ditches the warnock dress sense and goes for a suit from now on too…a manager wearing shorts, football socks and football boots…..please!!

  • You are right lads, there was far too much tip tapping yesterday. 12 passes to get into the box, then nothing on the end of it. A total lack of any ambition in the second half as bladesway says, problem is that ward is overrated he doesnt beat men often enough doesnt score goals and as the report rightly says he cant take corners either. Get Hendo back quick and stop all this passing rubbish, get the ball in the box, SPEED OUT. lol.

  • i saw some big improvements yesterday and our game plan totally changed for the better. i will take a few weeks to take impact and for players to understand and adapt but we have to back’s when players don’t perform, and when the club don’t act to obvious problem……looking forward to saturday, we need 3 points desperately……speed and the lads will get a great vocal backing on saturday……UTB & FTL1P!!

  • lads it will take months before we notice any real change…KB has left that team devoid of pace and devoid of any real tactics – in four games this season we have created a max of 5 real chances…when was the last time we came away from a game saying we missed a hatful?? doesnt happen…speed has a massive job on his hands – the team have played a certain way for a long time and it takes real time to turn that around…patience is really required here…yes we looked better in first half but that was completely down to boro not pressing the ball – it was a training session until 25 yards from goal when they closed teams down – both teams played exactly the same way thats why it was rubbish…this is going to be a long turn around – stay up, ideally get mid table and press on from there..far too early for us to say we should have done this and that – hes only been in charge since last tuesday adn he did what he did in terms of selection to ge ta point or more -if evans buries that chance or cresswell passes instead of shoots we win that game….and didnt cresswll play midfield for majority of season? I was happy to see ertl in midfeild – pretty sure monts will be out of team soon…lets see who he brings in, then brings in loans in feb and start judging him in the new year – anything before (unless its obviously clueless like heath) is sheer madness – btw bfl naughton was on the bench at the weekend – he isnt coming back please get over it! and without wanting to sound old if its printable what does FTL1P mean?

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