Date: 13th June 2020 at 10:00am
Written by: Adam Conway

I think the main commentary says it all really.

“What a time, what a place, to get your first senior goal!”

I don’t think you can really sum up that moment better than that. Before there was ‘Basham’s arriving’, there was another late winner at Elland Road that needs to be talked about.

I’m talking of course about David Brooks and his first ever goal for the Blades, coming in the 81st minute of our 2 – 1 victory over Leeds United back in 2017/18, the first of three that he scored for the club but none were more important than this one.

Will David Brooks play for us again?





So when the clip was put out on social media for fans to react to, what was their overriding emotion? Well, it was pretty much one of sorrow, as many fans used it as an opportunity to talk about how much they missed him, which led others to talk about how the club need to bring him back some day.

What about you? What are your favourite memories of Brooks in a Blades shirt?

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4 Replies to ““Get him back”, “he’s wasted”- Some Blades fans make desperate plea to the club after tweet”

  • Best bit of skill when he nutmegged Wednesday defender and sat him on his back side near touch line in front of wednesdayites. Brilliant.

  • Sheffield United should look to the future not the past…the Boss and the team has evolved since David Brooks left and now have a different strategy Berg could do David’s job and more and he’s not had a long lay with injury…and that my fans of David Brooks is that…

  • “that is that” on your say so? Thanks Chris, no idea why you had to use a false name. Was it Alan’s idea?

    • Sorry Lings…if Brooks after that long injury cannot even get back into the Bournemouth side, are you suggesting he would walk straight back into a Sheffield United side ? after the Blades beat Bournemouth 2-1 last time out ?…..No no David should stay where he is..try to get into the squad and then maybe people will see what kind metal he is made of…I’m hoping ‘Steel’ but you never can tell. Chris ‘The Boss’ Wilder is a canny man…if he thought David Brooks would still be an asset to United he would have bought him back last year for a cut price deal as David was in and out of the Bournemouth side with no regular place…don’t you agree ?

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