Date: 30th October 2010 at 9:47pm
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Sheffield United hit the woodwork three times in today`s nPower Championship game at home to Coventry City, but on the evening before Halloween, manager Gary Speed will be having nightmares about his team.

Once again the Blades put in a much better second-half after a fairly lacklustre first period, but it wasn`t enough to break down Aidy Boothroyd`s Sky Blues.

New signing Andy Reid had to settle for a place on the bench, as did striker Daniel Bogdanovic, with Jamie Ward getting a recall alongside Andy Taylor, who replaced the departed Ritchie De Laet.

The first half chance of the game saw the Blades hit the crossbar for the first time, as Richard Cresswell held off former Wednesday defender Richard Wood allowing Stephen Quinn to lob Kieren Westwood from 25 yards, but the ball just didn`t drop enough and rebounded away.

However, as it looked as though the Blades could be about to gain some momentum, Clive Platt headed back across goal for Gary McSheffrey to place a header in the top corner, and give high-flying Cov the lead.

With ten minutes of the half remaining, the Blades reverted to their acquired passing game against a physical Boothroyd outfit and began creating chances; Mark Yeates` cross found Quinn in the area but he got too much on the header and it was just wide, before a mistake in the defence put Ward one on one with the goalkeeper, and despite opting for placement, saw his side-footed shot strike the bar, before being cleared by a visiting defender. A golden chance, and one that Ward must take if he`s to be played through the middle.

Matthew Lowton replaced Andy Taylor at half-time who was struggling with an injury, meaning Nyron Nosworthy switched to left-back. City had the first chance of the half, when Sammy Clingan`s powerful free-kick caused Steve Simonsen to parry into the path of Lukas Jutkiewicz, but fortunately the Everton frontman couldn`t take advantage.

Substitute Andy Reid hit the bar for the final time direct from a free-kick with just his third touch in a Blades shirt, to almost give him a dream debut.

As the game entered the final five minutes, Cresswell couldn`t take advantage from two excellent crosses, and substitute Ched Evans had an effort blocked by Westwood after Mark Yeates had seen his volley comfortably saved.

Reid then volleyed well wide in the dying seconds, as the referee brought the game to an end, leaving the Blades just two points above the relegation zone.


19 Replies to “Woodwork 3 Blades 0”

  • Well what another enjoyable afternoon watching Sheffield Disunited.Simmonson doesn’t command his back 4 and lacks the confidence to do the duties required of a goaly other than to shot stop. Taylor can go back to wherever he came from. He doesn’t deserve to be paid by our club, which works out well. The wages saved will pay for the money i want back for the garbage that we continue to be served up. Nosworthy is a liability. Not one of our players trust what he will do, he runs around with his eyes closed for most of the game, gets caught in possession too often and is ALWAYS in the wrong defensive position. Brittain is the new Paul Thirlwell. He only passes sideways and as for this new creative force, I’m not convinced.I’m not even sure that’s how to spell his name but i don’t really care. The new crab in disguise for me. Ward, flatters to decieve. Looked like a 3rd div player as mentioned for most of it and probably only plays 50% of our games because the staff know he will break down with another injury if he plays more than 1 game a week. Yeates cannot pass to save his life. To be fair to him he never hides and will always attempt to take a player on. Unfortunately for him, he’s not quick or strong enough to beat his man so we have to be contented with a ratio of 1 good game in 5 and a corner beating the 1st man once in every 10 attempts. Ertl ‘terminator’ as he is affectionately known in our parts does alot of running around and breaks up the odd attack. For me though its no where near as affective as what Monty does and offers about as much going forward so his position is up for grabs. Quinn should be moved on, i could be here all night so i will just not bother. Cresswell works harder than most players i have seen. Unfortunately for him, i believe he only does it in order to hide his other failings on the pitch. What the management believe he offers on the wing is certainly beyond me aswell. Shed Evans has no intelligence at all. He doesn’t know where to stand on the pitch, spends most of his time running around with his eyes glued to the floor and has a goal return that makes Heskey’s look other greivances after watching yet another miserly, uninteresting bunch of over paid professionals lies with the management. Why have we failed to see the 4-4-2 after Speed has reiterated time and time again that our squad can adapt to a number of formations? So far we have failed to switch from the tried and tested failing 4-5-1. Reid is brought in and gets 20 mins to try and change the game. If he’s so fit (see official website yesterday) then surely he plays from the start?We are making it so difficult for ourselves. We are a sitting duck waiting to be picked off. What happened to the high intensity starts, teams fearing to come to BL and the never say die attitude of our players? Dress it up as much as you like, how many of the squad do you actually like and how confident are you that these players actually want to do the business for us? It’s easy to say for the boss that he ‘can’t fault the desire of the lads’ etc boring etc but i certainly do after being fed that crap. It’s week after week and it’s wearing a bit thin.

  • i told you this would happen after the playoff final and all i got was im being too negative…hate to say told you so but i could see this coming an absolute mile off!! thats why i was so gutted as i was when we failed to turn up on the big stage again…we are getting sold down the river big time and are in excess of £35m in debt…how i havent got a ******** clue because even when we were on an upward spiral we were neve ambitious and always failed to make the extra signing needed to take us to the next level….absolutey sick and tierd of it all. this will be my last as a season ticket holder too as macabe doesn’t deserve a penny!! we need a take over and quick because i can see us filing for administration very very soon!!

  • i would’nt get all big headed over the shambles at the s6 comedy club either because we are in a bigger mess then them it just hasn’t come to the surface yet something macabes very good at….wait for the massive bombshell coming…..very very dark days ahead we will just drop off through the divisions if we go down….at least wendy have stayed comperative!!

  • People are finally starting to see what Cresswell offers – F all apart from running towards the keeper 2 or 3 times a match. He’s got no pace, a poor shot, little skill and yet he gets played up front on his own week-in, week-out!!! Speed just seems to be shooting himself in the foot. We were great for the first 2 or 3 games he took over but since the 4-0 defeat to Scunny the football has turned very Blackwell. Why play 1 up front at home and why make that one bloody Cresswell!!!!

  • Great posting TBW, sums up all (or most anyway) of our frustrations at the moment. We all knew what was coming and that this season was going to be a tough transition, the realists tried to warn the dreamers that mid table was going to be a really good result. Now its beginning to dawn on a few that the situation is real. Son of Glouc summed it up nicely on our way back to the car, he said Speed is not yet up to the task and we are all going to have to suffer while he learns his job at our club. I am prepaired to be patient because I still believe that he will get us playing, but what really concerns me is that I dont see any progress, in fact the team were much more competitive under Blackwell. Aidy Boothroyd even said he was no longer afraid to come to Bramall Lane! He would never dared come out with that if Warnock was here. After watching the confident pass and move game at Derby in September and one half against Scunny, Speed seems to have ditched the attempt to play real football for a non descript approach of various systems that appear to baffle the players. Confidence is low, but if the fans could see some developing style or pattern at least we would be able to encourage and understand what the manager was trying to do.

  • In amongst all the doom and gloom, Matt Lowton continues to look more and more like a real prospect. His energy and directness had a real impact when he came on. Clearly he can play at full back or in midfield, he must start next Saturday against Ipswich. Young Slew continues to bang em in for the academy & reserves, he could be one to watch also.

  • lets hope he doesnt turn out as good as naughton and walker otherwise he will be sold in january hands down…fact!!

  • further more i disagree regards to the early season prediction of midtable at best. i think the players at the club are decent ok not the best set of players we have had at the club but still a decent squad compared to many. you write our best starting 11 down disgarding injuries and its pretty decent….and its better than midtable, the team is just managed wrong at the moment and speed needs to step it up a gear. it was awfull under blackwell but at lwast we competed and never gave up….so far under speed we never get going and dont have a fight in us…..thats not the typical sheff utd ive always known. if we didnt have it regards to money, individual qualitys and depth of squad than we made up for it in bloody,grit and pure hard work……i’ve seen none of that since speed took over. blackwell had his faults, absolutely loads but he ground out results even if they were awfull to watch. we need to get some points on the board and quick because the current crop of players are deffinately not relegation fodder i don’t care what anyone says. only sheff utd could fall so quick from playoff finalists to relegation crap in 2 years.

  • thanks macabe thanks a lot!!you call yourselve a blade i don’t know how you have the cheek…you have sold us off down the river and continue to do so…a true blade would have more about himself than that and yes i question your a real blades fan!! a property man yes not a blades man!! take a long strole away from s2 as you are digging a mass hole and we are quickly falling into it and we all know we will stay in there for years to come if we do!! we dont have a coop bank to bail us out at every given oppertunity, we dont have local business interest like the wendys and we deffinately dont have the fans to back the club when its crippled like wendy…wendy fans have kept that sinking ship a float for years now and continue to do so….if we were in league one we would be struggling to get 12,000 let alone 20,000 like wendy. the away support this season is bloody awfull we are travelling in the smallest numbers in the last 12 years without a doubt!!

  • With the exception of the first sentence in the first of your posts above, BFL, I agree with you for once. the second rant about McCabe is garbage though!

  • A quick note re: the debt. It’s owed to Mr McCabe and his businesses so it’s not likely to come to the surface. The only danger we’re in regards debt is if he opts to call it in, which despite slowly taking his money back, he isn’t doing. So I wouldn’t worry about that too much, just don’t expect a few million splashed out here & there.

  • I think bfl isnt understanding the situation with mccabe sheps although you and glouc have tried to tell him often enough

  • christ bilbo there you go again…the problem is that none of you realise or refuse to admit the torrid financial situation the club is in…i’ll say ‘told you so’ when it happens at the end of the season and we start with -10 points in league one with 6,000 season ticket holders!!

  • bfl would make no sense in mccabe letting the club go into administration – hed lose all the money hes put – we aint going into admin but as the others say he just isnt bank rolling the club anymore…get real man

  • bank rolling the club anymore??…ha ha now that’s a cracker. I’d love someone to tell me when he started doing that?? was that in the premiership when we got relegated the following season? or was that when we went to wenbly and were desperate for a quality addition but once again failed, or was that when he decided to sell beattie,naughton, walker, killa and kenny??? he’s got a hell of a lot more out of the club than he’s put in in the last 5 years without a shaddow of a doubt. bank rolling the club i’ve heard it all now!!

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