Date: 28th June 2010 at 5:25pm
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Sheffield United manager Kevin Blackwell has put an end to speculation linking the Blades with Aberdeen full-back Charlie Mulgrew.

The youngster, who has previously had a spell on loan with Wolverhampton Wanderers is expected to join the club where he began his career, Celtic.

‘Charlie Mulgrew is one we did speak to. We couldn’t agree terms, so we move on.’

‘Players these days think they can come in and play for x, y and z. We need a bit of realism.’

After missing out on Scunthorpe’s Marcus Williams, losing Gary Naysmith and Jordan Stewart, Kevin Blackwell will be in the market for a left-back, with just Andy Taylor remaining.

Summer Transfer Activity

Daniel Bogdanovic – Free
Johannes Ertl – Free
Leon Britton – Free

Paddy Kenny – QPR – £750,000
Gary Naysmith – Huddersfield Town – Free
Ian Bennett – Huddersfield Town – Free
Sam Wedgbury, Henri Camara, Jonathan Fortune, James Harper, Glen Little, Derek Geary, Justin Haber, Abdi Liban – Released.

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22 Replies to “Interest in Mulgrew Ends – Blackwell”

  • Sorry if this one falls through – this area badly needs strengthening – Taylor is not good enough I’m afraid

  • why sell naughton and walker then you set of to33ers!! then you all wonder when we are in the crap!! typical blades have always caused there own problems and always will.

  • Possibly because both young players were excited about quadrupling their wages, playing for a Premiership team and furthering their international chances? Wouldnt you?

  • Sounds like Mulgrew needs to take a reality pill. He went out as a makeweight to wolves and couldnt get in the side, out on loan then back to Scotland. Refused a new contract with Aberdeen so clearly has a high opinion of himself. If he ends up at Celtic chances are he will warm their bench until he gets farmed out on loan. Good luck to him.

  • Latest news is that Sharp has turned down move to Burnley and wants to stay in South Yorkshire (Doncaster?). If he doesn’t move thats a real blow as I suspect we needed the £1m to fund other players. We still don’t have a keeper, a LB, a RB, another CH and a keeper – not to mention cover!

  • i’d rather keep sharp as we are apparently going to start and play football following the signing of britton. if not then why have we signed a 5′ 4″ midfielder if we are going to wack it long. there’s some brilliant free signings around at the moment but we never seem to act. the squad we have at present is once again midtable at a push!! just not good enough especially with a club expected to yet again average 25,000 attendances.

  • just read that jamie ashdown is a target think hed be a great additon good solid keeper plus a good shot stopper just wondering are we goin bk in for bartley or not the lad has said that he wants to come for the yr and as i read these articles carnt belive that theres not any belif in the team. lets all get behind them come on you blades

  • bfl, who are these brilliant free signings available – (and im not being sarky just generally interested in who’s available as im a bit out of the loop after being away)

  • i have to say lewis price who got released from derby had tremendous potential at ipswich as a keeper..they had another good keeper shane supple but he quit the game last year! price would be a good back up for simmo

  • BFL, I think you might be a bit optimistic with 25000 attendances, word is blades have sold approx 15000 ST’s up to now. I ‘m not well up on Jamie Ashdown, just remember him being farmed out on loan a lot, Harry not liking him too much and bringing in the old dog Keiley to replace him, so that doesnt fill me with confidence. Didnt Norwich fall out with him as well? Surely we only need to bring in one keeper, hopefully Simo, as Aksalu is there as number two.

  • So Billy says he is staying to fight his way into the team. The cynic in me says Billy is going to sit out the last 12 months of his contract, agreeing to return to Donny in January on a free at the end of next season. United dont get the transfer fee to pay for Nosworthy and A.N.Other, and Billy is able to stick two fingers up to Blackwell who he clearly doesn’t get on with. Hope I am very wrong on this.

  • James Shield in The Star is hinting that the Mulgrew deal might not be all over yet, or is he just behind the game as usual?

  • am i the only one who’s shouting for speroni, and does anyone at the lane realise that palaces very very poor finincial status means every player is available for transfer 50% less than theremarket value. the only reason why a player won’t move away from palace is unless they request they want to stay which was the case with darren ambrose. for reference glouc we sold 18,000 season tickets last season and managed to get average attendances in excess of 26,000 there is 2 months of sales left so we are pretty much mirrored to get the same as last season with the paying public on match days to be pretty much constant.

  • As another old cynic, I was thinking very much the same as you Glouc re Billy – he can go for free in Jan and given his track record for scoring goals in any shirt as long as it doesn’t have red and white stripes should get a tasty signing on fee! Still if true, he is no bigger liar than KB who is now saying how glad he is Billy has turned down the Burnley move – come on, he never rated him or gave him a real chance and was desperate for the funds the sale would have generated. Still Glouc maybe we have got it wrong and Billy will sign a new 3 year contract in November having already scored 10 of the goals that see us 6 points clear at the top on the way to a season of 30 as we power into the premiership!!

  • jesus harrogate…whatever you are on can i have a bit mate? sounds like it’s propper good stuff. talking about keepers what about myhill at hull, and what about lonnergan at preston

  • we cant afford wither of them bfl…plus simmo is all wrapped up…agree sharp is in process of sticking two fingers up defo…plus palace dont have to sell, again the bonus of administration – before admin they did, but not so much now…speroni wont be coming here

  • Really hope you are right about the attendances for the coming season, BFL. I think last seasons average was 25002. I would have Speroni like a shot, but as Gleadless says, he’s not coming up into the sticks. Friends at Stoke insist the Simo deal is done & dusted and set to be announced. Harrogate, Cant agree that Blackwell didnt give Billy a chance, he stayed in the team long after he should have been dropped, if it had been any other player the fans would have been screaming blue murder. Clown Robson gave him a fair crack as well. Billy simply didnt perform, for whatever the reason, but I hope you are right and the New Billy (think he has learned the off side law yet?) puts ten in by xmas.

  • id be amazed if sharp got off the bench to be perfectly honest…if hendo did go our front two would have to be evans and cresswell – i dont see how sharp would fit into our team under KB at all…if hendo stays you cant play sharp with him as his lack of pace alongside hendo would be awful to see!

  • I’m afraid you are right, Gleadless. Billy wants to go to Donny and he and Ryan have sorted a deal for Billy to “talk” to them in January then go on a free at the end of the season, no doubt with a fat signing on fee. We are out £1m worth of transfer funds for Nosworthy.

  • cant blame sharp though can you – better in his pocket than utds will be the thought…plus he’ll be on more money at lane than he’ll get at donny too so he wins twice!! the modern game hey!

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