Date: 17th February 2010 at 9:52am
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Forest’s solid home form continued as they got their automatic promotion charge back on track after three successive away defeats.

The Blades named the same 18 for the first time this season, many fans would have been pleased to see the 4-4-2 formation away from home. Forest recalled Earnshaw and Blackstock up front.

United got off to the worst possible start, within four minutes Majewski’s corner found its way to Earnshaw who bundled the ball home from a yard out.

Forest began the game at a high tempo and as now seems to be the case with United, it took virtually the entire half to get into the game. Forest were getting the ball wide at every opportunity where Kallio and Geary were having to work hard, Geary getting a knock which forced him off after 40 minutes.

Throughout the first half United’s midfield looked off the pace, Williamson looked heavy legged and a shadow of the player who controlled the game last Saturday. United were not picking up second balls and giving away far too much possession. As a consequence the defence continuously hoiked long hopeful balls forward to relieve the pressure.

United made little impact throughout the half, only Mark Yates causing any problem for Forest for whom Cohen, Anderson and on loan Majewski – whose set piece delivery was excellent – were outstanding. Up front Henderson and Camara were getting little service, Henderson and Wilson were having a private scrap with alot of tugging and pulling and a couple of tasty tackles on each other.

The early goal and Forest’s dominance had silenced the Blades travelling fans to such an extent the it took twenty five minutes for the first half hearted chant of ‘scabs’.

Yates and Ward continued to swop wings, and it was Yates who went down in the area after bursting past three defenders, waved away by referee Miller.

In a rare attack, Nosworthy’s swinging cross eluded Geary at the far post and keeper Camp had to paw the ball out past his left post.

The second half was less than a minute old when for United fans it was deja vu Swansea last season, as Henderson was shown a straight red card. Few in the ground saw the incident which was later reported to be a elbow on Wilson. Billy Davies had a go at Henderson as he passed on the touch line and was in danger of inflaming the situation as Hendo replied with a few choice words.

Down to ten men, with a winger playing at full back, it looked like a damage limitation job from then on.

The sending off sparked a period of fiesty challenges and several bookings as United at last showed a bit of fight. Bunn pulled off a couple of good saves which kept United in the game before Yates tested Camp with a 20 yard strike.

Cresswell came on for the ineffectual Camara then Evans replaced a tired looking Williamson as United tried to find an equaliser. MOTM Bunn then pulled off a fine save from Tyson tipping is rising drive over. At the other end Ward was taking every opportunity to push forward down the right and curled in a cross which just eluded Cresswell and Camp, missing the far post by inches.

In the five minutes of added time, Quinn burst through but was stopped by a fine Perch tackle.
Glouc’s View
The only thing consistent about United is the inconsistency. You never know what is coming next. United are becoming a one half team. We were all praying for half time to come only one goal adrift because we know that the second half will be better – Until Hendo does something daft. Seven sendings off tells its own story and whilst there is little doubt that Billy Davies clearly targeted Henderson to be wound up by his team, Hendo really has to get his discipline sorted out and concentrate on attacking the ball not the defender.

United went to the long ball far too often, caused mainly by defenders under pressure as midfield failed to bring any kind of control to the middle of the park. The strikers received very little service and often had to come looking for the ball. Confidence will bring more ball on the floor but following the encouraging second half against Bristol City, United were back to square one last night.


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  • cheers for report glou, i was in milan last night (from sounds of your report i went to the better of the two games!!) and have just got back so this is all i know of the game…typical united isnt it, poor away form this season after last years solidity – and youre completley right on hendo, after reading this and a couple of other reports there seems little doubt that he did it – how much longer KB persists with him is anyones guess but to my knowledge he did this at swansea and falttened someone at Southampton also…when do you draw the line at unreliability adn violent streaks!!! morgs over the years has calmed down adn yes gets booked and sent off but not anymore like incidents we saw with taylor at forest and van persie – hendo has done this three times in 18 months….lets hope peterborough brings us some joy as that six spot (and our lack of any form) seems to be slipping away from us – we’ve 14 games, a minumum of 8 wins will be needed, do we have that in us?

  • Fair write up…Henderson was very lucky not to be, at best booked, in the first half …he caught Perch with a flying, late elbow just before half time.

    Perhaps Billy had told them to target him, but as a Pro he should be able to rise above it…that said, you were better when he went off!

    Bunn was outstanding too!

  • I fail to get too disheartened with the performance last night. I thought we looked to play it on the floor more often than not and it was only because we played a team who have more pace and guile with the ball that it maybe looked a bit disjointed. Hendo in my opinion had it on him from the first ‘wrestle’ with wes morgan and it was obvious he was going to be the target all night. The ref gave us NOTHING all night and was really getting on my nerves. We put a few strong tackles in and left the foot in on a few occaisions granted but he and his ‘assistant’ were swayed by the home side. Arguably the players were becoming more stressed with his strange decisions. I remember i was less than impressed the last time Miller was in charge, i think him and T.Kettle have a book on how many yellow and reds they can dish out in a season. We play more football with Camara in the side, it doesn’t matter if Hendo plays or not, the ball sticks up front more when Camara comes and shows. He has that extra class that our team sadly lacks. Yates has impressed me so all in all im not too downhearted. At least we tried to knock it about, problem lies in the fact that our players ultimately are not good enough.

  • I was proud of our display 2nd half but why did it take a sending off to get us fired up? First half we were terrible. I think it sums it up when you see how much we improved when Henderson went off!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Henderson is simply not good enough to play week-in week-out! The only good thing to come out of last night is that he misses the next 3 games and hopefully we’ll stop knocking it long for Henderson to head it on to the keeper or give a free kick away!

  • ha ha that jsut made me laugh out loud – not a fan then??!!! I used to feel the same when morgs got sent off in the early days – knowing that it’d be hard for him to get back in the team!

  • Gleadless, Great game to be at in Milan, how I envy you! I have an invite for the return leg. Good point about Morgs, he has really changed since the Hume incident. How we miss him now. TBW, your are spot on about Miller, to me he always seems to be trying to be a Howard Webb both in looks and actions. Blade 1889, I am a great fan of Hendo – when he does what he gets paid for. His hold up play, lay off, and this season his goal scoring is often missed by the fans, but when he loses his discpline I have no time for him. Three games out now and the club should fine him heavily and sit him on the bench for a while.

  • Did anyone hear the interview by Andy Giddings with Blackwell after the game last night? We were just getting out of range down the M42 as he came on so only caught scratchy snips. It sounded like Giddings was getting a hard time, Blackwell was very aggressive from the bits I heard.

  • Our Kids Dad…I wonder what your opinion would have been had the situation been reversed and Chris Morgan (if he had been playing) had been told to hammer Blackstock? You are right, Henderson has to be more disciplined but lets not kid each other, Davis has a reputation for this sort of tactic and both Forest central defenders were into Hendo from early on. Then, having Davis’s words ringing in their ears at half time, they had a dig at him as the second half began. Foolishly he reacted. Hendo creates his own problems but last night he got no protection from the referee.

  • they played the giddings interview on talksport yesterday afternoon…Kb was extremely agressive and will almost certainly be charged by the FA…I appraciate the ref was poor (miller almost always is) but you cant call them “numpties” adn say that you dont think “that they tell the truth” and get away with it…he was very agresssive to giddings who in fair showed he was smart than blackwell – KB was going on saying that he didnt he to give his opinion at all and it was his right to choose not to, then gave it about the ref and followed up by saying ‘i dont have to give an opinion’ to which gidding replied “well you just have”….hilarious! His main complaint was a foul in the build up to the sending off (something forest did at the lane last season – blocking hendo run from the kick off) and stating the lino should have flagged…he probably has a point but knowing that they would do that, why on earth didnt we a) tell the lino and ref to look for that and instanly negate them doing or b) try passing to each other from kick off instead of our wasteful punt out of play!

  • Good point, i HATE our kick offs. The biggest waste of time in the world, done with laughable predictability. We did go through a stage in 2009 where Quinn would recieve the ball and drill it all the way to Bunn who would pump it up field…..that appears to have been replaced by the usual overhit diagonal out to the wing. Brilliant. Hopeful for Saturday though, as long as the two wingers play and Camara is fit enough to start.

  • Phil Jags was the worst at kick offs, he always overhit it despite there always being two runners down the right side! Many teams do the same thing, they like to start the game with the ball in their oponents half even if it is giving away posession – except Kevin Doyle when he was at Reading!

  • i could maybe understand it if someone was good enough to put it out right by the corner flag and box a team in stragiht away but ours go out about 30 yards up the line (spread betting anyone!)…id much rather see everyone get an earlier touch and our players at least be in their half!! the ball back to Bunn was a disgrace – they did it against cardiff – 5 bloody times!

  • Yeah I’m not what you’d call Hendersons biggest fan gleadless! How could you tell?! I think there’s a time and place for him but it just frustrates me when we play him against the likes of Wes Morgan who just kept winning headers again and again!! Truth be told I’m still *****ed off we signed him in the first place. We’d just let Hulse go for £1.6m and for once we had a bit of money to spend on a striker. So what do we do? Spend £2M on a £500k striker from Watford!!! We should have been going for a player like Campbell Jerome at that price! I just can’t believe Blackwell ever thought Hendo was worth £2M????

  • you mean cameron jerome? + birmingham would have wanted at least 3m maybe 4m for him anyway which we couldn’t afford. Lets just admit it…the club have made some absolute shocking decisions in the last 3 season and we are now suffering big time for it. All this ‘we are a well run club’..all a load of rubbish and it’s now baring fruit!!

  • I didn’t go to the game on Tuesday and i know we only had 10 men for half the game,but looking at the stats we only had 2 shots on goal. Now that is dissapointing, could job we weren’t playing a good side!!!!!. Anybody at the match to comment on our attacking prowess or lack of it ?

  • Yeah I was there Mick. We actually played quite well after the sending off. Yeates dragged one just wide of the post and forced the keeper into a save and Quinn almost got clean through but for a good tackle. Very little else though I’m afraid. The really worrying thing was the lack of chances we created with both Henderson and Camara up front. We seemed to knock it long to Camara as much as we did Henderson and neither could hold the ball up in the first half.

  • remember blade1889 – it’s a game of 90 mins something we just don’t seem to understand at the moment. Going back to the blackwell interview the other night and his ramblings and attitude towards andy giddings – can you imagine if he’s like that to his players and backroom staff…make no wonder we have good players that don’t seem to be performing and no one wants to come to the club that are half decent. KB has to go…ok he had it tough but wahey that’s life, KB out and lets go got O’Driscoll…with the players and his football attitude can you just imagine what the club would be like. It would be full to the rafters week in week out just because of the football. it would be ace…no questions he’d come tomorrow too…please please KM save yourself and bring him in. Tell you what i bet we would be amongst the top 2 favourite for promotion if we got him. there has to be 750k in the pot surely to bring him and his backroom staff to the lane. we really need to get rid of the amateur ***** we have at the moment.

  • there is no money in the pot, KM isnt putting anything in anymore, and has got the running costs of the club down in preparation for selling the club – I was told by a very good source within the club that naysmith isnt actually injured anymore, its just if we play him a few more times it automatically triggers a new contract – and the club cant afford it…make no mistake the club wil be sold off within 18 months – just passing on the info

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