Date: 10th November 2009 at 12:07pm
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Skipper for the day Darius Henderson led by example as his brace from the penalty spot rescued the Blades from a fifth straight defeat.

The Reds had twice taken the lead through Anderson, Bogdanovic, but the Blades were helped out by referee Clattenburg on two occasions.

All the talk in the lead up to the game was of last year’s incident with Chris Morgan, but from the off it seemed evident that Andrew Davies and Jon Macken would be at the centre of the action. Arms flew from both men and Davies was lucky to escape serious action when he appeared to push a head into the former Man City striker.

The first clear chance of the game fell to Bogdanovic. The Maltese man sprinting clear after Kyle Walker had pushed forward but Matthew Kilgallon managed to block as the striker set himself to shoot.

Walker again almost helped Barnsley’s cause when he headed against his own cross-bar, as the Reds piled on the early pressure, and Ian Bennett twice had to stop from Bogdanovic.

Evans fired the Blades first chance wide before Harper tried his luck, and Kyle Walker’s low cross got the Barnsley backline in allsorts of problems.

Shotton picked up the game’s first booking as he took down Kilgallon, leaving the defender unable to continue despite Blackwell’s best efforts to keep him on the pitch through the pain barrier. It did however bring a return to action for Derek Geary, who has missed 16 months of football, leading to speculation that his career could be over.

Ian Bennett suffered a finger injury towards the end of the half, and Mark Bunn replaced the ‘keeper at half-time.

Barnsley eventually got the breakthrough on 53 minutes, Kozluk’s long throw wasn’t cleared and Anderson fired home the opener beyond Mark Bunn.

Keith Treacy almost equalised straight away but the shot at the end of his mazy run came back off the post and Ward couldn’t get a rebound in.

The Blades were gifted a golden opportunity shortly after when Clattenburg deemed a challenge by goalkeeper Luke Steele to be a foul on Ched Evans, resulting in a penalty for the Blades. Captain Henderson stepped up and blasted the ball into the top of the net.

Jon Macken had two golden opportunities just four yards from goal but both his header, and volley were well wide of Bunn’s goal. The hosts did soon re-take the lead, and it was the lively Bogdanovic who crouched to convert Macken’s cross into the goal from close range.

Former Blade Andy Gray was introduced after the goal along with Iain Hume at the expense of Macken and Bogdanovic, but it was the Blades strikers who saw the more immediate action.

Kyle Walker’s run culminated in a foul by Adam Hammill in the area, giving the Blades a second penalty. Henderson stepped up once again and this time sent the ‘keeper the wrong way with a placed effort into the bottom corner.

Doyle fired high and wide in the closing moments, but it wasn’t to be for the home side who were punished for not making more of their early chances.


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  • The fans were great last night. There might have only been about 1,500 of us but we all stayed positive and made a lot of noise. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the performance. The back four were all over the place and there was nothing in midfield again!! That was Treacy’s worst game by far! The only way we were ever gonna get back in the game was a ‘soft’ penalty. Blackwell had no idea how to change tactics and we were comfortably out played by bloody Barnsley!!! Time to collect your P45 and ***** off Kevin!!

  • didnt see the game or the newcastle one as had to go away for work but from what i can gather things havent really got much better…the board need to make a big decision now fo rme – the play offs are probably out of reach (54-60 points ontop of now to get in – cant see this team winning over half the reamining games to be honest) so for me the board need to decide in a) sacking him, bringing in a replacement with the aim of a solid push next season (in the process sending back majority of these loan players and actually looking at what we have and what we really need -richard creswell?? a waste of £300k for me as he’s only 18 months left in him) or b) backing him, tell him to start building for next season now….I do hate to say it, especially as its mid november but unless they go on a remarkable run (it could happen and i hope it does…but its more hope than expectation) for me the league campaign is as good as over as dont expect we’ll pick up the necessary points but if the club are genuinely serious about making the club successful they need to plan now cos next season tickets sales will be low (towards wendy levels), less income etc and the board need to be positive starting from now…this season has all the hall marks of the robson season…

  • 1500 was a poor turnout but so what smiggy…why does it matter…I once went to oakwell when there was only about 300 of us there but it doesnt matter does it really…plus it must really grate on you that the only tem we’ve beaten for ages was you lot!!!!! ha ha ha ha – pig off

  • I thought we played well in the first half and barnsley were there for the taking. Ward went off the boil in the 2nd half (which is perfectly understandable), Geary put in a good performance and it was good to see him back and Bennett was excellent until he went off and I fear he will be a big miss. Harper and Quinn were annonymous. All in all, we deserved a point and personally I would have taken a point even before a ball was kicked. The break has come at the right time to try and get some injured players fit again, once we have a more or less full strength squad KB will have no excuses.

  • why does it matter???? does taking 4000+ to an away game mean taht we are good? No! If you take more than us does it mean your fans are better? No! It doesnt mean anything at all…christ a few seasons back you lot didnt sell out of tickets for the lane but did it matter – not in the slightest! Have a grwon up debate not one about who sells more tickets and who has larger away support…

  • I would also like to say that Geary has my vote as MOTM. For a player to be out for that length of time (and at one point it looked like he might never play again), and to put in a performance like he did shows the mental strength of the man. He always gives 110% as does Monty, Morgan, Ward and Hendo. Once we have those 5 fit and back in the 1st 11 they will stop the rot IMO.

  • so seriously are you all proud, obviously it matters nothing in the points tally, but surely you can see that the support you had was pathetic

  • piggy, seriously are you all proud of your home attendances? surely you can see that the support you have is pathetic? Maybe you dont actually know what your home attendances are? If you did you wouldnt be on here making a complete tw@ of yourself.

  • Watch last night’s game back, almost every chance they had was due to Quinn & Harper. They created gaps everywhere, usually by chasing the same ball. I think they both have something to bring to the team, but not together, it really showed how much we missed Montgomery.

  • Sheps, you beat me to it mate. I lost count how many times harper and quinn shirked a tackle, lost a header or failed to get anywhere near any second balls. Completely overan in the middle all night in a performance where i thought we carried at least 2 of our players and maybe 3 if you put ched in the same bracket. The two in the middle were chasing shadows all night and there no wonder we are conceding goals left right and centre when the back 4 or so horrendously exposed all the time. Players from any opponent are just ghosting through the middle and getting at us. Overall i was full of praise for the rest of them. Battled brilliantly and created a few chances. I question how any team would function if they had to carry 3 players every week.

  • I cannot wait for Williamson and monty to be fit. Also last week Dixon and Hansen were banging on about how the modern full back is so important in todays game and why they are going for so much money these days. In walker we have the best in the league, id like to see him pushed forward a bit to play on the right of midfield. He beats players for fun. When you think of how many quality crosses he puts in, his speed and strength i think we would perhaps benefit from him in a more advanced role. I always think he’s a bit wasted especially if he’s forced to sit back (tactically) He’s only here for the season, lets get the most out of him.

  • this is the first time that i actually feel sorry for blackwell which my seem strange….but what can he do? who can he play? it’s mission impossible for him. don’t get me wrong he is his own worst enemy but with the injuries we have to so may key players it would be unfair to sack him on the grounds that we ain’t winning games. honnestly think alex ferguson would be in the same boat if he was at the lane. i don’t like blackwell and would welcome a new manager to brighten up the place but with the current sitiuation i think blackwell would feel very hard done by. it’s a hard one to call. thought we were awfull last night but what can we expect with a patched up reserve side? tell you what that has to be the best point under the worst circumstances i have ever witnessed as a blades fans in over 20 years. the players left on the pitch after the final wistle were a credit to the club for plucking out that result. hendo for me raised his game and looked like a real captain and very passionate!! for smig=piggy how can the poor relations comment on attendances? fact is blades have an average attendance this season of over 26500 and wendys is just under 19500….thats right 7000 more on average attending BDTBL so with that in mind you know what to do don’t you…..that’s right ***** OFF!!

  • loved mark robins comments after the game saying that it was more or less a full strength blades team…..any chance bbc radio sheff could challenge him and ask where he got that info from? what a muppet!! kenny, morgan, killa, naughton, and walker all gone from the back line……think about it…it’s shocking that the club have broke up what was and so strongly commented on….as our foundations. kenny banned, naughton gone, walker is not a blades player, killa practically gone and heart not in it and morgan is only any good with other good players around him to cover for him….absolutely shocking that the club regardless of circumstances have completely split this’s shamefull and could only happen at BDTBL. I predicted this when you all said i was doom and gloom….now im being proved right. litterely another month and our season will be over!!

  • has anyone noticed the sign that’s says ‘ sheffield united fc academy’ – this way out side swillsborough? it’s a cracker that has been properly put up by the council…all away supporters must see this when approaching the ground…..ha ha ha

  • think our season is over now to behonest bfl…i try to avoid swillsborough at all costs but might be worth a detour to see that !!

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