Date: 10th February 2010 at 12:31am
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Sheffield United crashed to yet another defeat tonight, as they went down 2-1 to Preston North End.

Goals from Matthew James and Jon Parking were enough for North End, who managed to hold on despite Mark Yeates claiming his first Blades goal.

New signing Kyle Bartley started the game at centre-half alongside Nyron Nosworthy with Derek Geary recalled at full-back opposite Toni Kallio. Meanwhile, Darius Henderson had to settle for a place on the bench.

The game was just ten minutes old when debutant James struck the opening goal. Whilst Bartley was receiving treatment at the side of the pitch, Montgomery’s pass was inadvertently redirected by the referee to Parkin, who got the better of Geary before finding James in the middle via Danny Welbeck, to put North End into the lead.

Evans and Cresswell had chances to equalise but neither could capitalise, before Parkin wasted a chance in front of Bennett’s goal.

Midway through the second half, Jamie Ward was introduced and sparked the game back into life, causing Preston all sorts of problems at the back.

The Blades were dealt a hammerblow on 71 minutes, just as it looked like they could salvage a point from the game. Nosworhty was adjudged to have fouled Welbeck, and despite Bennett stopping Parkin’s spot-kick, the gargantuan forward finished off the rebound.

Yeates was off target at the far post, before collecting Henderson’s knock down and smashing the ball past Lonnergan.

It was too little too late for the Blades however, and their final meaningful attack saw Yeates have another effort blocked, this time by James.


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  • Time to go blackwell…we’re going nowhere fast – boro are starting to pick up just at the right time and will go straight into play offs – your signings are generally poor (see my post on another thread about the number of wide men we have signed – incredible when we dont really use them!), the tactics are shocking and we dont even do the basics right………its a matter of time so lets cut our losses and get rid – no more crap from him with his obvious lying, no more radio sheff defending him at every turn – he simply isnt good enough

  • I didn’t go last night so I can only really comment on the result – which simply isn’t good enough! In the last 3 games we’ve played Watford, Derby and Preston (3 very average Champ sides) and we’ve picked up 1 point!! And we didn’t really deserve that! I can’t believe we’re still in touching distance of the playoffs to be honest. It just shows how poor this league is. It wouldn’t be so bad if we were playing well and getting poor results but we’ve been awful to watch all season and now we’re not even picking up the odd 1-0 win. This isn’t a knee jerk reaction from Blades fans: The football under Blackwell has been appalling for around 75% of the time he’s been here. Time for a change!

  • Yeah v int article and echoes thoughts of a few on here over previous months- I think the majority knew this was coming a) with the appointment of kb and the drip release of players hulse stead etc. . I said last year that mccabe wanted out, hence him trying to buy all the shares up – without sounding dramatic we are in for a few years of tedium and a potential relegation in a few years time- crowds will dramatically drop next season and in my mind unless a decent manager is brought in and starts to build a proper tea
    with the aim of promotion in three four years time . From somewhere fans need something to cling to so come the end of this season we need a major clear out, some young lads from the academy coming through with a sprinkling of up and coming players no more glen littles cresswells etc at the club

  • gleadless – we produced 2 amazing young players last season, something that sheffield football hasn’t produced for over 50 years and we sell them on less than 4 months later. no kenny through bad management of the player, no naughton, no walker, no kilgallon, no halford, no hulse, no stead, no cotterill, no howard, no tonge, no bromby…shall i go on? thats a championship worthy promotion team sold off in 6-12 months. SHOCKING BLACKWELL HAS TO GO AND AS FAR AS IM CONCERNED SO DOES MACABE AND HIS BULL….Get ready because we are in the crap big time, its just bein kept in the dark by macabe and lied to.

  • Not having Kenny is nothing to do with bad management of the player. I see what you mean about not having the others, we never sold Halford off, he was only on loan, and folk hated Howard, I remember you describing him as a nothing buy on more than one occasion. But as for Kenny, it was sheer carelessness/ stupidity on behalf of the player, not Blackwell.

  • kenny was very badly informed or uninformed either way i put it down to bad management or a lack of information to the player regarding the situation. I know halford wasn’t our player but he could have been for less than what wolves paid for him but we didnt take up the option given to us for obvious reasons. Howard was and is a good player, just simply played out of the game due to shocking tactics, ok at times (most times he didn’t help himself), nevertheless is proving his worth now in a struggling side that play much much better football…The point i was raising was the flog off..of an entire team within 6 months that would have challenged for an automatic top 2 finish this season quite easilly. If the unambitious chairman (and he’s very unambitious) had any kind of love or ambitious he would have realised that the squad last season would have gone places this season instead of ripping it all apart and starting all over again. Surely if it’s about getting promoted as quick as possible to deal with the money issues than keeping a promotion winning able team for at least another season would have been the logical thing to do. Think about the finances as a whole. Fact is we would have been much better off by keeping the squad of players together and getting promotion this season..than selling off a star assets and having no chance of promotion within the next 20 years. We have a shocking mentality (that of a small club), with small ideas, small business plans, and no ambition whatsoever. Apart from beattie no other player was crippling the club financialy there and then. We could have pressed on. Last seasons squad would be in the top 2 now….thats my point and all the financial worries would be starting to somewhat calm down….instead we do it ‘THE BLADES WAY’….sell sell sell, moan, moan, moan…then really wonder why we are in the starte we are in!!!!

  • disagree on kenny all his own fault in my opinion…we wouldnt have been having these debates if mccabe held his bottle for 6 months more and kept hold of james beattie…dont want to hear arguments about post xmas form, that lad would easily have scored the goals that would have taken us up – and automatically…I understand the club needing to cut their cloth but JB was easily the best scorer we’ve seen down there in the last 20 years, he’d have notched against forest home, palace away and that’d have seen us up – thats the biggest disappointment that they bottled it 6 motnhs to soon…I dont blame Kb for the departure of players as i think its out of his hands, but i do for the terrible football adn the fact that players have come and gone, looking like bad players, due ot the style of play…and i’ll never let go of the fact htat sun ji couldnt get a game for the team and halford did!

  • JB was on £39k plus add ons, thats £2m a year. No championship team can pay those kind of wages, and his agent was holding the club at gun point over a contract renewal that would have given him a further increase on a minimum 3 year contract.

  • he was on £30k a week glou, £5k a goal, and if we couldnt afford it why did we give him a three year deal???? all im saying is if we kept our nerve, paid him the £1m he’d have got til the end of the season we’d not be worrying as we’d have £50m coming into the coffers…and dont forget that we got WHU money at the end of the season which hadnt been budgeted for…the wages of ward, lupoli, craig beattie will have amassed to around £20k and they were bought / loaned to try and replace him! ched’s on £15-20k a week…just seemed a daft time to lose their bottle, for the sake of £1m…they could have still sold him in the summer for pretty much the same amount…it was just like when mcdonald did the same with deane and fjortoft when if gambled for a few months more it’d paid off…we never learn the lesson….his wages were high, of course, but mccabe knew that when he signed him…

  • I went and we didn’t deserve to lose that match, I think a win is just around the corner. Don’t listen to the doom mongers who will tell you we were ***** because we weren’t, 2-0 United on Saturday

  • I’m realistic pal, your post-match reactions are borderline hysterical. Get a grip, a deflected shot and a dodgy penalty won it for them- they didn’t have a clear cut chance all match.

    BTW Ched is NOT on 15-20k p/w…you really think he would go from being paid c5k at Man C to 20k here? No chance, try 10k.

  • well why did the club come out earlier this season and say he was the highest paid player in the league after the three relegated clubs??? we’ve got players like naysmith on the best part of £20k a week, morgs kenny must be £10K+ just an observation not an argument starter!…i heard the same the other day about the match but we still lost didnt we – against a crap team…Having said all this, i still expect us to win tomorrow, and then id like us to sack him!

  • Gleadless. I always respect your posts and opinions, but just as you have a source regarding the supposed fall out between Blackwell and every player at the club, you really have to accept that I know for a fact that Beattie was on £39k. FACT. Anyway, Beattie has long gone, lets try to accept that and move on to rthe present, or Harrogate & I will bore you with the sale of Jones, Birchinall, Sabella etc. etc.

  • wish you would make your mind up glouc and stick with it regards to beatties apparent wages at BDTBL. There different every week. gleadless spot on again mate as far as im concerned…..we are not going in the playoffs this year and will finish 8th or 9th. many fans are in a win win attitude at the moment. win and we are happy, lose and we are happy as blackwell becomes closer to the boot.

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