Date: 14th September 2020 at 3:00pm
Written by: Adam Conway

It’s all about getting the balance right.

Do you sacrifice what got you this far, or do you try to keep things the same and not try to disrupt things too much. That’s the quandary that faces Chris Wilder as he prepares for the first game of the season tonight against Wolverhampton Wanderers.

And listening to him talk, it sounds as if there could very well be a few tweaks coming the team’s way when we kick off tonight. Speaking ahead of the game, Wilder admitted that there might be a few changes to how the team plays this campaign:

“Everyone in this business will have sat down at the end of the season and looked at what they did over the course of it. We’ve certainly done that, and talked about what went well and just as importantly what didn’t work well, what we’d like to do differently. Then you wouldn’t be doing your job if you didn’t try and put that right. We’ve got a way of doing things we think suits us”.

The Blades will finish ______ than last season?





I think this will be the right way to go about things, because Sheffield United don’t really need to make too many adjustments this season. This all goes back to what I’ve been saying for a number of months now when I talk about keeping a core of the squad together for this season.

So long as we can keep most of the philosophy from the last campaign and just make a few adjustments to it (most notably in attack) so that we don’t fall too far backwards, then everything should be alright.

That’s why I’m impressed with the business that we’ve made this summer, with players looking to compliment the majority of the team rather than totally disrupt it, it’s the same message over and over again.

Just a few tweaks, not too much.

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