Date: 18th August 2009 at 11:38pm
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Keith Treacey rescued a point for Sheffield United tonight with a stunning effort from 25 yards with his wrong foot.

The Blades struggled for the first hour and went behind from a deflected free-kick but Treacy’s speculative effort was enough to rescue a point an preserve the undefeated start for both clubs.

A crowd of 26,000 for the Tuesday night encounter which was helped by an excellent following from a the vocal City fans. Leicester pressed the Blades early on, and from the first few minutes it was evident that this would be a very different performance to Saturday’s relatively simple victory over Watford.

Free flowing football frustrated the Blades, who were hurried whenever they had the ball and possession was often given away cheaply. Fryatt had an effort blocked by Bunn before being put through one-on-one, but again failed to beat the on loan stopper who raced out of his goal to prevent the Foxes striker.

The Blades first chance came after some interplay in the area, Evans and Ward combining to set up Henderson, whose effort was deflected onto the crossbar.

The referee issued a number of bookings in the first half; Taylor and Howard for the Blades, the impressive Wellens for City.

The second half continued in a similar way to the first, until City took the lead. Oakley’s twenty five yard free kick was deflected by Fryatt, wrong-footing Bunn to put Leicester in front.

It could have been two soon after, Bunn saved low from Oakley, and Taylor was on hand with a last ditch tackle on Waghorn.

With the Blades behind, changes were imminent, Kyle Reid was stripped off and ready for action as Taylor burst down the left. The ex Tranmere laid off for Treacy who cut in and unleashed an unstoppable effort into the top corner, leaving Weale without a chance.

The last twenty minutes saw a familiar sight for United fans, balls in the box and half chances wasted. The closest they came was a free kick shortly after the goal which substitute Stephen Quinn forced Weale to tip over. Despite the pressure, United failed to penetrate the Foxes goal and had to settle for a point.

Player Ratings

Mark Bunn
Worried the fans when it appeared he picked up a knock in the first half, and conceded his first goal in a United shirt, but with Kenny facing an absence he could see his month’s deal extended.

Kyle Walker
Last season’s honeymoon may be over, and despite a good performance, the negatives may be becoming more apparent. The most obvious being Walker not knowing exactly when to get rid of the ball. It’s good to see him explode down the wing but there are times when he tries to beat one man too many.

Chris Morgan
More of the same from Morgan, who had to listen to the Foxes fans ‘questioning’ his sexual preferences… like that will bother him!

Matt Kilgallon
The most encouraging thing about Kilgallon, which sets him apart from Morgan is his distribution. If he’s in possession out wide, ‘Killa’ looks for a free player rather than just Henderson, and this performance was excellent by the ex Leeds man.

Andy Taylor
Despite a tumble in front of his own goal, Taylor impressed with a pretty solid display and his run created the space for Treacy’s goal.

Jamie Ward
I can’t help but feel that Ward is wasted in this unorthadox right wing position. By coming inside so often it means that pace is added to a fairly stale frontline, but when Walker is in possession, Ward disappearing leaves him without an outlet.

Nick Montgomery
Monty could be a candidate for Man of the Match after a solid battling display (I might keeep that in for the whole season). However, as I stated last year, as we chased the game and required some composure in the opposition half, Montgomery’s flaws are exposed.

Brian Howard
Kevin Blackwell revealed after the game that Howard was suffering from tonsillitis, and on this display it showed. I’ve tried to defend Howard since his arrival, and his displays against Preston in the playoffs were excellent, but his showing tonight was absolutely abysmal. Due to my forgiving nature, we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt.

Keith Treacy
A magnificent goal capped off an adequate display by Treacy. In the first half he frustrated, as he opted to just help the ball on through the air, but as the game moved into the second half, when he brought the ball down, he looked very impressive indeed.

Darius Henderson
Like Howard, I’ve tried to defend Henderson, but the showing tonight was simply not good enough. He won very little in the air, and his passing was woeful. Billy Sharp, despite some lackluster performances in the past could/should have replaced the ineffective Henderson with around half an hour remaining.

Ched Evans
A quiet display from the ex Man City man. Very rarely in the game, and his frustration was shown when he passed the ball to Weale in the final moments from thirty five yards, when fellow Welshman Cotterill was screaming for the ball in a much better position.

Stephen Quinn
On for Howard: Half Time.

Not ideal, but a slightly improved performance after missing a game and a half (almost).

Kyel Reid
On for Treacy: 73
On for Ward: 88

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34 Replies to “Treacy equaliser is FAB”

  • Ooohh I got here a bit late but lovely banter from our pals from debtsville S6. I’m a big fan of Wednesdays chairman, he is obviously a top bloke who cares deeply for the club. He doesn’t have any money or credibility but hey what the hell. Why would you need that.

    Auklands point actually stands up in my opinion. I thought it was about the sport but it hasn’t been for some years. Sorry but thems the facts and McCabe realised it well before most of us.

  • wait a minute….. wendy are going to sign a premiership striker…. the out pops luke varney… ha ha ha keep it coming!!! glouc i luv your new attitude – go glouc…go glouc…go glouc—ha ha

  • BFL….Nothing new about it, I just love it when the Three Stooges – and a couple of new comedians recently – come on with their childish sniping which simply proves the envy and jealousy that exists across in the swine pen. Why do so many oinkers come on our page, and so few of us bother to go on theirs ? Answer is because they are terrified of the momentum that continues to build at S2, whilst we are only concerned with what happens at the citys big club. Still, its nice to see how much it irritates them!

  • BW… Auckland has no point whatsoever. Football is a business, has been for many years. The end product is entertainment for the fans, but behind that there has to be sound finances, if not what happens is what happened to clubs like oinkers, Leicester, Charlton, Leeds etc.

  • shows you what MW knows, mr mac had already got plans drawn up, approved and given the green light before wendy’s micky mouse chairman even thought of the idea. once again copying the big brother.

  • Once again you put words in my mouth, glouc, and not for the first time. Irritated by your ‘success’? Jealous of the way your club is ‘going forward’? Nope, I don’t give a stuff. The day I care about you lot will be the day I go insane. I come on here for one purpose only.. to get a few digs in and keep you lot talking. BladesWay was good enough to acknowledge the point I was trying to make: thanks for that.

  • Auckland….ooooh, touched a nerve there I see ! For someone who ‘doesnt give a stuff’ you do seem to spend a great deal of your time on our page. And please if you are going to quote me, get it right. The words I used were ‘momentum’ and ‘citys big club’ – both are factual – not success, though I agree its all relative when compaired to your sorry outfit. If you really do want to get us talking, then try to make a sensible contribution rather than the silly postings which are only ever going to be treated with contempt.

  • It doesn’t take much to work out what you mean, it’s hardly an intellectual challenge, but you’re deluded if you think football is the main beneficiary from a club’s business interests. Businessmen are the beneficiaries.

  • How is it factual that uve got momentum? U had a year in the prem n fecked up, n have been big on the big stage yet again by burnley. Ur not the big club, ive said before im in malia workin for the summer and 90% of greeks, germans italians n dutch reply “sheffield wednesday” when i say im from sheff, that to me shows whos bigger

  • Auck, It clearly is a challenge for you, given you earlier ridiculous posting. Smiggy….What? totally unintelligible.

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