Date: 18th April 2010 at 10:55pm
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In a derby game with so much at stake for one team and nothing other than local pride for the other, the atmosphere generated by the 5500 Blades fans at the old ground livened things up in S6.
Williamson replaced Little wide right, with Camara and Ched Evans making surprise returns to the bench.

Chris Morgan turned the hosts around for kick off, and it only took the lumbering Purse a minute to barrel into Quinn as he burst down the left. A series of corners followed as United pinned the home team back in the first ten minutes, from one, Henderson`s powerful header hit Grants right post with the keeper looking on. United were enjoying the greater possession and were knocking the ball around a Wednesday side looking nervous and unsure of what the game plan should be.

Henderson`s power and Creswell`s tireless running was causing the one paced Wednesday back four problems. It took the home team almost twenty minutes to muster an effort on Simonsen`s goal. Cresswell shot wide, then in a challenge out on the right he was clearly elbowed by Johnson as both players fell, seen by everyone other than referee Chris Foy. Cresswell went off for stitching and it was while he was off that the home team conjured up a goal. With Uniteds ten men looking disorganised, Varney got lose down United`s right, crossed for POTTER to score with a nice volley past Simonsen from inside the box. Queue much bouncing from the unusually well filled stands.

Half time arrived with Cresswell back sporting a head bandage and having a few friendly words with Johnson as he returned.

United needed a high tempo start to the second half, but Blackwell was clearly impatient, replacing the ineffective Harper with Camara just five minutes into the half. Cresswell moving out wide with Camara joining Hendo up front. Camara’s pace and movement instantly giving the home back four a new set of problems.

A bit of afters between Quinn and O`Connor got both a yellow as at last a bit of aggression crept into the game. Quinn struck a good volley but straight at Grant then shortly after, Nolan fouled Quinn wide on United`s left, WILLIAMSON struck a long in-swinging free kick at Grants unguarded far post and watched as it sailed past everybody into the net off the inside of the post. Reminiscent of Michael Tonge`s free kick from a similar position a few seasons ago. United`s players celebrated at one corner of the Kop where there wasn`t much bouncing going on.

The home team`s heads appeared to go down after the goal. United were controlling the game for long periods, trying to play the ball on the floor whenever possible, with Wednesday resorting to long ball??isn`t that what United are supposed to do? Bartley replaced injured Andy Taylor on the hour, Nosworthy going to left back.

Wednesday were running out of ideas – not that they had had many so far – Johnson drifted in and out of the game, spending most of his time niggling rather than getting on with the game. Spurr’s long throws were always a threat but Morgan, having a commanding game against which ever Wednesday forward came his way, was forced into a great saving tackle on Varney as one of the hopeful punts found the striker on the seventy minute mark.

Quinn`s cross just eluded Henderson in front of goal, and then Camara`s cross was just too high for Hendo who headed tamely to Grant, Camara shot straight at Grant then put the rebound into the side netting from a tight angle.

Little replaced Williamson into the last ten minutes and promptly gave away possession twice allowing the home team to up the tempo as they mounted a final assault in their desperation to scramble out of the relegation zone. Johnson – looking interested again – tested Simonsen, and then Varney found space for a shot, finally Johnson in the six yard box managed to put his shot wide much to the delight of the singing Blades fans in the Leppings Lane stand.

Referee Foy blew the whistle after four minutes of injury time, leaving Wednesday fans to work out the permutations for the final two games, and the chances of survival.

Glouc’s View
A good all round performance, which could have produced a win with more clinical finishing. United played what good football there was, controlled most of the second half and played the ball on the floor whenever possible. The game lacked some of the blood and thunder of derby games in the past, but given the importance of the game for Wednesday it was surprising that they showed little of the urgency and passion needed to win the game, but perhaps that`s why they go into the last two games with squeaky bums!


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  • morgs grew as the game went on but for me nosworthy was outstanding – getting moved to left back with 30 minutes left he looked quality – quinn got better once in the middle but offered nothing wide, neither did williamson, (why did quinn keep on kicking the ball out?!?!?) but once camara came on and we put some pace into the team we looked quite decent – missed opportunity to really stuff them as without wanting to wind them up, that was the poorest, least spirited wendy team ive seen adn i feel are certs for relegation – cant see them scoring again all season….I just thought united should have gone at them more, hendo missed a sitter with the header, as did connelly (i think) in the second half…why did we buy yeates?? Hes cost the same as we got for cotterill and is nowhere near the player and now warms the bench!Dont understand it myself – harper was garbage (sadly thought hed do well for us but he hasnt at all), monts put a great shift in, shame he’s off, taylor looked good i thought just offers little going forward and connelly was steady..oh well, with a bit of luck we’ll not have to see the bouncing trotters for a while in that dump of a ground – and if they ever get rid of that kop end goal post, united should buy it and stick it in the legends of the lane!!!

  • Think you’re spot on with your MOTM choices Glouc. Morgs was immense the last 20 minutes or so! It was hardly a classic but I’m not too disappointed with a point. If we’d lost to that shower I’d have been gutted. Keeps them in the bottom 3. Just need Cardiff to do their bit now!

  • cant see wendy staying up – they need to win a game – that aint going to happen – theyll not score again this season

  • Looked very poor didnt they. Where did they get that goal from? They might have a chance of scoring if Johnson spent less time trying to upset everyone and commiting sly niggling fouls. Nasty piece of work, Cresswell did well to restrain himself when he came back on. I could see Gary Speed having a very pointed conversation on the touchline before letting him back on, that couple of minutes before half time could have been explosive with tempers still flaring.

  • On that basis, Purse must have got -4 and that other cart horse alongside him -15. Just wait till next week in The Star if oinkers lose at Cardiff, it will be ‘SAVE OUR OWLS’ campaign all over again, free tickets for the Palace game, agony aunts giving advice to suicidal pig fans, blue and white banner headlines on the front page, MP’s swearing their loyalty, phone in and get your free balloon for the match etc, etc. I can remember exactly where I was the last time I heard that they had gone down, I am looking forward to more happy memories.

  • Interesting that every time I get in the car after a game and listen to the report on the oinkers game from Radio Sheffield commentators and their manager I am told that although they lost they desrerved to get something out of the game because they played neat passing football, good movement and had lots of possession. I think someone is pulling my leg, WE are supposed to be the ugly long ball team yet all I saw from Sundays game was a complete lack of any organisation, passing or passion from a team in the bottom three who continually punted long balls forward, if that is the beautiful game then I prefer ours.

  • dont worry lads it’ll all be over this time next week – pigs wont win at cardiff and palace will beat wba…scunny and watford will get something in next two games also…theyll never even get to have the end of season big game!!

  • Pigs fans livened things up? I couldnt hear a whimper from you until you scored! Even after that you only sang songs that you’d nicked from elsewhere, Liverpool and Spurs. Cardiff City made more noise and they brought about a fifth of your support. Even when things are as bad as they are in S6 it always brightens my day to think we’re the only proper club in Sheffield. UTO

  • Welshpig, lets hope Cardiff City have plenty to shout about next week and put you oinkers down, i can smell the bacon frying now !!!.

  • Apart from 5 minutes of bouncing it sounded like there were 3,000 piglets there not 30,000. Then again, I guess that’s what happens when 10,000 plastics come out of the woodwork. I also noticed a fair few pigs leaving with 10 minutes left!! Great support 🙂 All together now: ‘We’re sending them down, we’re sending them dooo-ooown, Hillsbrough’s a s**thole, we’re sending them down!’

  • ha ha taffy….first time i heard your lot was when you won a throw in after about ten minutes – doesnt take much to get you excited does it!! Your club kill any pre match atmosphere by piping stupid music for about 15 mins before the game- or is taht there to create atmosphere cos no one else does! Did anyone see the fat pig in orange at the front of the north doing the bouncing???he lasted about 15 seconds before having to sit down as he was out of breath! even other snorters were laughing at him!! keep on bouncing all the way to rochdale adn your big derby against rotherham next season!!

  • Hey Welshoinker, Can you hear that singing in the valleys? Thats the fat lady warming up! You wont have to listen too hard soon, she will be singing at the top of her voice, along with every Blades fan.

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