Date: 12th December 2010 at 7:23pm
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A South Yorkshire Derby that less than 13000 bothered to turn out for proved to be a passionless affair between two poor teams.

It seems that the days of the totally committed, blood and thunder battles for pride and local bragging rights have long gone, if this game was anything to go by. Still, with so many loan and uncommitted players, it probably shouldn`t be a surprise.

There was very little quality on either side. Hammill for Barnsley was involved in everything from corners to free kicks to throw in`s, it would have been no surprise to see him take the goal kicks as well! For all Hammill’s activity, Mark Yeates caused the Tykes defense far more problems in the first half, and was United`s best (only) hope of creating anything positive. However, Barnsley`s defense tightened up on him in the second half and his impact on the game diminished.

Having made a steady start, The Blades with 5 changes from the debacle at Bristol two weeks ago, conceded another soft goal. From a disputed throw in, United`s left side defense were still dozing while O`Brien got to the line unchallenged and squared for Colace to score easily from inside the six yard box 8 minutes from the break.

Yeates bounced a volley off the bar with Steele a spectator a couple of minutes later, but this was the closest United were to get in the entire game.

Evans up front on his own was totally ineffective. His anticipation and movement were non existent and he was usually second to the loose ball. Behind him, Reid had a quiet game; Britton was sloppy with his distribution and was constantly knocked off the ball.

It wasn`t until the last ten minutes that United demonstrated any urgency and fight. Bartley was pushed up front in a desperate effort to create something, but despite possession and corners they never looked like getting anything from the game.

There was a lot more tedious detail to put into the match report than the above, but you probably don`t want to read it, and I certainly don`t want to waste time writing it.

Gloucs`s View
One of the things that continue to astound me is how awful United are with ANY set piece play. Not one of 8 corners beat the first defender. Free kicks never seem to have any plan behind them, and throw in`s are slow, usually thrown long because players do not come looking for the ball. This whole dead ball area has got worse since Speed took over.

The total lack of confidence in the side is clear for all to see. There is no strike power, Evans continues to look totally out of his depth, and the 4-4-1-1 with Reid in the hole behind Evans doesn`t work because Evans seems totally unable to get himself in the right positions. Idiotic tackling from Boggy and Cresswell which have deprived the team of their presence should be met by big fines.

The real worry is where the next goal will come from, never mind the next win.

It`s time to get young Slew blooded. The academy is going to have to provide the long term supply given the next three years of austerity, so let`s give Lowton a regular starting slot, get Slew more involved and begin to bring others with potential on to the bench.

On the field, we are missing Morgan`s commitment and leadership more than the Morgan knockers will ever admit. Monty is not captain material and the team is suffering because of it.

Most Blades fans will howl with anguish when I say get Hendo back and lets have a bit of activity in the opposition’s box, even if it does mean a bit of route one, ANYTHING is better than what we are watching right now. Phew.

Listening to what Speed DIDN`T say in his interview on RS, it looks like he will be tempted by the Wales job offer, so it might be all change again soon.

“There`ll be a welcome in the hillside???.”


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  • Well, i haven’t got to many this season and on the evidence of that rubbish, i won’t be going to many more.
    I think you got it about spot on in the match report Glouc, apart from detailing every throw in there’s not much that could have been added. What a tedious match. The fans did their best to motivate a bunch of misfits but that’s all that they are. No passion, team work and for me, Saturday magnified the fact that not one of the players truly know what they are doing. An easy suggstion to make as a fan sat in the stand but until someone can tell me just what Ertl, Taylor, Brittain, Nosworthy, and Evans bring to the team then i will continue to think that they are just thick, spineless players. Speed has changed little since he took over (appears apart from suck the little confidence they had right out of the team)So much for changing the style of play etc etc etc etc etc (we hear the same crap every week)We have the Leon ‘i can’t pass forwards’ Brittain apparently pulling the strings in Midfield. He might aswell have been pulling his plonker on Saturday for the amount of impression he stamped on that game. The set pieces as stated are a Joke and Love him or hate him our player of the season is fast turning into a passenger. We need the likes of Monty in there doing what he does best. Did he even touch the ball on Saturday? Think what you like about playing this fancy football we have been promised but there’s only 1 way we are going if we continue to fail with it.Getting the battering ram back up front can’t come soon enough, at least he shows a bit of determination and fight for the cause. Our ‘team’ at the minute is a push over. To top it all off, an interview ends in the Yorkshire Post with Andy Taylor hoping to push the blades up towards the promotion places…ha get real lads.

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