Date: 7th April 2010 at 1:34pm
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Kevin Blackwell has called for financial backing if Sheffield United are to challenge for promotion next season.

The Blades, who have seen their 2010 campaign torn apart through injuries will begin next year with a blank canvas, and very few players still under contract.

However, with Sunderland’s Phil Bardsley an early rumour, it appears United could be setting their sight high despite recent claims of having little to spend.

It’s reported that fourteen players are required at Bramall Lane next season, in addition to the returning Billy Sharp and Kyel Reid who have both impressed during their loan spells this season.

Players such as James Harper, Glen Little and Jonathan Fortune who signed short term contracts this year haven’t had their future decided yet, and it’s unknown whether Blackwell will look to retain them.

In an interview with Radio Sheffield earlier in the week, Blackwell did say that Europe was a target, but too many players from abroad can disrupt the team, so no more than three are expected.

What United fans can be assured of is a rebuilding process with more players tied down to permanent deals, especially with the number of loan players who’ve been used this season.

‘We’ve got to build something, build our own squad, to be able to compete with teams like Newcastle.

‘To have come so far, to be in the position we have been for much of the season where we were still in with a shout is a credit to the players’ application and commitment because it’s not been easy for them.

‘All of us work hard because we want the same thing. My staff and myself always keep an eye on those who could be assets.’


11 Replies to “Summer of Change, But We Need To Spend”

  • This season has been a shambles. Whatever Blackwells failings I don’t believe any manager could have delivered promotion with the financially induced restrictions Blackwell has had to work with.

    Why have we had this mess ? Simple – despite all the lies amd misleading numbers McCabe’s business plan has failed. he may have done it in the best interests of the club but that doesn’t change the outcome. Unfortunately the club is now saddled with over £50m of debt – not from football acquistions but because of property.

    Whatever you think about Blackwell I don’t see him being here next season. What he is saying is fundamentally the same as I’m saying and its direct criticism of McCabe.

    Just how are we going to be able to recruit 14 players with this financial millstone around our necks?? Face it – we have SEVERE problems and if anyone thinks we’re going to see a spending spree then they are deluded. Furthermore, the club can offer all the Easter eggs and raffles it wants but a substantial number of season ticket holders will not renew – and why should they?

  • where are you getting the £50m of debt from???? It’s more than trippled overnight if that’sthe case!!

  • Seems like a red herring to me, during the season we have no money have to sell all the players but come the summer we are going to spend big????? How does that work????? After last years promises of quality not quantity, the arrivals of France, taylor and Reid leap to mind, are we really going to trust Balckwell to do the same all over again???????

  • glouc – macabe has sold us down the river, he is no longer interested in the club and all we have made from players sales has gone into his property business. The club now is suffering and he is wanting to make more cut backs at the clubs expense, we need some new owners that are interested and want to buils this club up, not flog it off!!!….just out of interest how many text messages have people got in the last 2 weeks requesting season ticket renewals. i must have had 8 in the last week….they are desperate!!

  • I bet ive had 5 text messages about renewing, and the best one off all said come on friday between 2-3 pm and be served by Chris Morgan and Jamie Ward, like meeting them is gonna make me wanna spend £400+

  • You had better be careful with accusations like that BFL, sounds very libellous, you better hope McCabe’s lawyers dont read this page!

  • just stating how i feel and no different to what other people have said already on bbc radio sheffield on praise or grumble. Your very good at twisting things glouc when you don’t like what you hear arn’t you? Libellous??ha ha please. It’s an opinion shared by many blades fans…thats all!!

  • What, saying that McCabe is essentially a thief? Nothing wrong with that is there! ***** me! Everyone states how they feel on here, you’re not some rebel on your own with that. I hate that phrase so much.

  • not saying he’s a theif just selling us down the river big time. however you want to look at this….this has been said numerous amounts of times on bbc radio sheffield by many.

  • I’m looking forward to this ‘Summer of change’ – it is clearly needed – just worried that it is going to be left in the hands of the idiot who has led us to mediocrity and is now telling us how wonderful we have been – he seems to think we are gullible and as stupid as he is. Change is certainly needed but it has to be change for the better!!

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