Date: 5th July 2010 at 1:07pm
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One of the Championship’s most intriguing transfer sagas of the summer could finally be coming to an end, as the Sheffield Star reports that a fee has been agreed with Doncaster Rovers for striker Billy Sharp.

The striker has been the subject of increased speculation in the close-season, and after a move to Burnley broke down, it appears the Keepmoat could be his destination.

However, the Blades had previously agreed a fee with Brian Laws’ side, only for the deal to break down at the contract negotiation stage, so there’s nothing set in stone just yet, although an impressive loan spell last season makes it more likely that Sharp could join Sean O’Driscoll’s men.

The fee is thought to be somewhere in the region of £1.2million, smashing Doncaster’s previous transfer record.


28 Replies to “Sharp Saga Nearing an End?”

  • oh god i hope he goes!! £1.2 could fetch us nosworthy, a right back, and some wages for a couple of free signings for cover defence….my offer to carry him there from last summer still stands! Is it harsh of me but i really dont want to see him play for us again?! do people remember the days of him and hendo togehter up front????the least mobile forward line since alan cork played up front!

  • i actully agree sell him n get players in for defence and hell never do it 4 us anyway get rid and get the cash

  • or the days of furlong and djaffo!! (by the way i love djaffo for scoring against wendy! – wont have a word said against him!)

  • Spot on, Gleadless. Who do players and agents think they are kidding with all that ” Billy is a Blade, wants to stay and have one more go at playing for his boyhood club, blah, blah” rubbish. Reality is that he doesnt want to be in a team where he might have to do a bit of work, run a few channels and be criticised by the fans. He didnt want to move house, and was prepaired to sit on the bench until he could agree terms for a free in January to go to Donny at the end of the season. Those are the facts, but he and his agent think we thick fans will swallow the garbage they pump out to us. He’s god at little Donny, good luck to him, but good riddance and I’m delighted to get a decent fee for him and use it to bring in Nosworthy and possibly another player. And although I cant personally offer to drive him to The Keepmoat from here, Gleadless, I can arrange to get him a lift if you cant!

  • he should jog there glou, might shed some weight!!!! and you are so right, when someone saw this on the star website earlier everyone said “i want to give it another go!” – clowns all of them!

  • Cynics rule OK Glouc !! Frankly bored with Billy saga and time to move on (will contribute to taxi Glouc and Gleadless)- hopefully with £1m+ to spend on midfield and especially defence (we had a surplus of forwards without Sharpy) this will prove a good deal

  • Didnt Lauren DeJaffo have a metal plate in his back, i seem to remember? I was right behind that goal at Swillsboro when he scored, Karl Asaba got the other one. That was the day that Paul Walker described the scene as “The Leppings Lane Explodes” Happy Days!

  • ……and whats all this about Billys “prolific” goal scoring? 15 in 35 was it? That makes Cress & Hendo prolific scorers as well doesnt it, 12 in 28 league starts for both of them, and Cress got a couple in the cup as well, so 14 in 30 makes him SUPER prolific!

  • OK BFL, didnt take the wrong way. Simon Walton – I did a brief cameo of him higher up in the article, there is quite a lot to him which I will do in much greater detail if he does sign. Interesting player with a very trophy missus you might like to take a look at, Nicola Tarpenden!

  • Sad to see Billy go if I’m honest. He’s the only natural finisher we’ve got in our squad but he was never gonna stay while Blackwell was still in charge. Got a feeling we’ll see Billy’s name on the back of the Green ‘Un a lot this season!!

  • blade1889 u might be rite but he couldnt do the finishing for us weve got cressy that can score the same amount of goals as him

  • so sharp has signed for donny and the fee COULD rise to £1.15m???? so we after everything we have sold ourself short again and not stood our ground. Little old donny have managed to grind us down. A 600k fee up front with micky mouse payments that will never materialise!! useless blades as usual!!

  • better than him not playing, us paying the little fatty £10k + a week and him leaving on a free at the end of the season…if this money can sign nosworthy id be well happy….it would never have worked for sharp at the lane – htere is a reason warnock sold him (and he loved strikers)…for once i thinkutd have done well out of this….we all knew he was lying saying he wanted to be back at us, im glad he has gone – the error was signing him back years ago – terry robinson signed him, not even robson wanted him! dont forget sharp was rubbish when he played, rubbish – offside, no pace, no strength, poor touch and link up play…yes in a passing team when its all about him he’ll score, but in a bigger team with a different style it wont happen…if he was really good bigger teams adn clubs than donny and burnley would want him – and they dont

  • Not sure why people want Nosworthy so much? He’ll be on big wages and he’s prone to making mistakes, plus he’s hardly a spring chicken. Really wasn’t that impressed with him last season.

  • totally agree with you blade1889, he reminds me of brian gayle a big daft carthorse. we wont make any of the sharp money available for transfers, lets watch this money get vanished into thin air just like the beattie cash did.

  • Donny have paid £900k down, the rest – 250k, will be on goals and appearances. Its very good business, all the bull that we had to swallow about Billy ‘wanting to give it one more try at his home town club, where he had always wanted to play’, blah blah rubbish rhubarb, meanwhile he was REFUSING to sign a contract extension. Billys wages were one of the highest of the remaining squad, so that fund can now be put to much better use. You are exactly right Gleadless, at Donny Billy is big time, as he was at Scunny. Warnock had Billy figured out. Good riddance, now get Nosworthy signed. Brian Gale a cart horse?? I dont think so.

  • come on florida he was the same as morgan and just as uguly. having said that the gayle era was when i first started following the blades home and away propperly.luved it!!

  • we should have held out for 1.15m pure cash!!! they wanted him desperately and would have stumped the money up eventually. they wanted and needed him more than we needed to sell him. we should have called there bluff this time but we always get bossed by other clubs always have done always will im afraid lads.

  • no we needed him gone more….10k+ a week that can go on one or two players, who will want to play for the club, and will play week in week out….best bit of business the club have done for a while….personally thought nosworthy was good, didnt see what he did wrong bar that watford game myself – he was amazing at hillsborough especially when he switched to left back and killed johnson so much sohe went to centre forward and instantly caused morgs and bartley problems….but its all about opinions…main thing is a striker who wouldnt play and wanted to screw the club over has gone – for taht im happy – and the manager (and i dont like KB) should at least be able to get the players he wants and this money will be his budget for the summer i reckon

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