Date: 18th September 2009 at 10:48pm
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No Witty headlines, no messing about, the Blades did exactly what was needed tonight, with a 3-2 victory over City rivals Sheffield Wednesday for the first time since 2006.

Second half strikes from Marcus Tudgay and Etienne Esajas weren’t enough to comeback from an electric first half which saw the Blades race into a 3-0 lead.

As expected, Matt Kilgallon failed to make the side and Kevin Blackwell explained after the game that the defender, who’s at the centre of a contract row hasn’t been out of bed for five days. Therefore, 11th hour loan signing Andrew Davies lined up alongside Chris Morgan at the heart of the Blades defence.

Unlike in previous encounters, the game began with the feel of a Steel City derby, neither side able to gain control. However, with the Blades second corner in a short space of time, Chris Morgan, unmarked, headed goalwards and the ball fell to Jamie Ward who instinctively poked the ball home on the turn before celebrating in front of the John Street faithful (and the Bramall Lane lower tier).

Varney and Potter both had shots from distance that caused no trouble for Mark Bunn, and when another set piece fell in the Wednesday are, Evans shot was deflected home by under fire Darius Henderson.

After Bunn tipped over a header from Tudgay, the Blades suffered their first blow. Jamie Ward went down under a tackle from Johnson, and was withdrawn with a suspected hamstring injury. It could see the striker out for around six weeks.

Cotterill replaced the Northern Ireland international and his free-kick landed on the head of Darius Henderson, unmarked, five yards from goal, but his header was straight into the hands of Lee Grant.

Cotterill did eventually get an assist on 42 minutes. His marauding run was followed by a cross for Henderson that was headed home in “Des Walkeresque fashion” by full back Lewis Buxton.

After previously having a word with Henderson, referee Wiley booked him just before half time for “persistent infringement of the laws of the game” (yes, that’s the official term).

Unusual scenes followed at Bramall Lane, with fans smiling on the concourse at half-time, but those confident moods would soon turn to second half nerves, Esajas replaced Johnson for the Visitors and it soon paid dividend.

Varney blocked a header by Esajas, but Marcus Tudgay was on hand to expertly volley home left footed into the bottom corner.

The second half would then follow a similar pattern to previous games, with the trailing side throwing balls and men forward but with no real quality, or clear cut chances as consequence.

However, the visitors closed the lead down to one goal just after the hour; Cotterill’s foul on Wood gave the Owls a free-kick thirty yards out, which Etienne Esajas struck hard and low past the despairing Bunn in goal.

The final four and a half hours (well, that’s what it felt like) was played out with Sheffield Wednesday trying to camp in the Blades area, and United hitting them on the counter.

Ched Evans had an effort saved, before Lee Grant was again called into action making a sensational save from Darius Henderson.

Esajas had another effort saved by Bunn and Kyle Walker was on hand in the final seconds to prevent a final chance.

It was Kevin Blackwell’s first derby win in the fourth attempt and one to savour.

Player Ratings

Mark Bunn

Kyle Walker

Chris Morgan

Andrew Davies

Andy Taylor

Jamie Ward, off 33
8 – Despite only being on the pitch around half an hour.

Nick Montgomery

James Harper

Keith Treacy

Darius Henderson

Ched Evans

David Cotterill, on 33, off 90

Stephen Quinn

Kevin Blackwell
“To be honest with you that monkey has been on my back for a while.

“As great a season as we had last season many locals dismissed it because we lost twice to Sheffield Wednesday.

“So it was a massive, massive victory tonight. I had 10 new players who had never experienced a Sheffield derby.

“Try tell them what it’s like. They now know what it’s like. I’m delighted to get such a big result.”

“Andrew Davies looked a bit rusty in the first half an hour, but as the game went on he got better and better.

“He came in this afternoon and it was a case of throwing him in, so he showed terrific mental toughness.

“We were superb in the first half. It could have been four or five, but Wardy was a big loss.

“He’s on fire at the moment. He took his goal really well. He has goals in him and he’s a real threat, so to lose him for six weeks is a blow.”

Brian Laws
“I blame myself because you’ve got to pick the right team.

“We had three games in six days and maybe I needed to change a few more players.

“Etienne had been in our thoughts and we wondered if this was the game for him. Jermaine Johnson was poor tonight. He was ineffective.”


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  • that write up is bull*****. makes your chances sound great and doesnt mention ours. doent say that we were the better side who showed more quality. and you just lumped it forward didnt really threat, but i have to agree with the purse and buxton comment. there well below par. and blackwell can swivel saying you were superb first half. we made you look good going forward

  • Well said robc, credit where credits due. Congratulations to you lot last night. Good game of football and it must have been a great game for the neutral! Do you guys play good football? No. Do you guys really care? Not really. I have to admit, If Wednesday play direct and it gets results and puts us around the promotion places then I wouldnt mind at all. Buxton and Purse really are our weak links. Well done guys anyway. Hope the game at Hillsborough is just as good!

  • thats what has peeved me the most, we gifted them the goals with our useless defending. purse the leader, the guy 7 minutes into a derby you would expect to win the first header, not get lost under the flight and lose your man. and buxton is just a joke

  • Mornin lads, I see the usual deluded oinkers are retaliating early, shame their team cant get off the mark as quickly. They were TOTALLY over run in the first half but Blades thought it was too easy and went to sleep in the second half. Laws was in danger of making himself look a complete fool after his childish pre match attempts at winding Blackwell up but his team saved him with their second half effort. A creditable attempt to salvage a bit of pride, but United made it more difficult for themselves than it should have been. Anyway, just another three points, no big deal.

  • Quote Mr Laws
    Jermaine Johnson was poor tonight. He was ineffective
    thats coz walker battered him for pace,
    as for the game, well if ever there was a gameof 2 halfs,
    a great game spoiled by a poor ref to happy to wave yellows. booked morgs for foot up, when TooGay was doing it all game.
    that said we were comfortable for the last 10 mins and should have scored more. but 3points is 3 points.UP THE BLADES

  • wesp…come off what? Fact, an easy win was made difficult by ourselves. Lots of pretty pretty passing means nothing if your back four are poor and you dont get the ball in the box. Nice strike by Tudgay, a player much too good to be at crumbling swillsboro, and super set piece – which Paddy would have had – but you know as well as we do that had Killa been playing you wouldnt have got anywhere near us. As I said, 3 points, no big deal. Sheffield hierarchy restored.

  • ”TOTALLY overrun in the first half” the first half was pretty even, you shaded it derserved to be ahead because of better commitment and OUR DEFENCE making it difficult for ourselves, 1 questionably 2 ogs and a scrappy opener that should have been cleared. Second half we played football (as opposed to rugby), on one hand we deserved a draw but when you defend as comically as we did in first half on the other hand guess we didn’t. Reyght game though, and thats 2 ogs in 2 Sheffield derbys from Buxton, swear he’s a Blade

  • I don’t think us coming ou and playing better in the second half can be described as you sitting back and making it difficult for yourselves either, you played exactly the same in both halfs, lump and hope for flick on or set piece, its tried and tested and it works for you

  • Is that why our wide men had so much ball during the game? Any team in this division who wants to achieve anything needs to be able to vary their game, sadly yours still cannot do that and as such will never win anything. The tag of ‘United lump it’ is a convienient one when you lose, but it fools no one and gets really boring. Have a look at the recording, if you can bear it, you might spot a few things you missed last night. Another 95 years has just begun.

  • Dont know what all the oinkers are doing on here, have any Blades been on their site? Or are the rest like me, couldnt care less about wendys….just another 3 points, simples.

  • agree with glouc, didnt think wendy really troubled us – thought we had a lot more chances (hendo should have buried at least 2 if not three headers, morgs should have done better with one when gray picked him up, grant made a brilliant save from hendo i think, and if evans let the ball run to harper it wouldve been 4-1 on 50 mins!) wendy had a lot of ball second half but didnt really put crosses in or create chance…blades went into shells for 20 mins but after that though we looked relatively comfortable to be honest….and it couldve been five in first half! well deserved win and to be honest even if it wasnt who gives a flying … we beat them and thats all that matters!!! Up the blades!

  • 3-2, we beat the scum 3-2!!!!!!!!!!!! What a first half! Everyone I passed on the way to the toilet at half time was smiling like a cheshire cat! Just annoyed that we came out 2nd half to defend a lead. If we’d carried on at the same pace and intensity of the first half it could have been 4 or 5-0!! I thought Walker’s first half performance against Johnson was one of the best man-to-man marking jobs I’ve ever seen! Gutted that Wardy got injured 🙁 he could be a big loss for us.

  • No football LOL. Thats the best defeat I have ever seen. You lot must be so proud. You got the points, but absolutely nothing else. But the points are all that matters simples mmm RIGHT. Football, passion, pride, and silent supporters and all at home. Relief thats what you got. Hand your heads in shame as you take your points. It was worth every one of them.

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha are you sure!! so you had a good twenty minute spell and that was that…how many chances?? And what about how bad you were for the majority of the game – wheres your pride there – the fact that your team (that you are so proud of!) couldnt be bothered to turn up, to work hard, to fight, to put bodies on the line for 45 mins, that your manager couldnt motivate them – but of course that doesnt matter cos you ahd a good twenty mins (as if it could have got much worse) and passed it a bit more than us therefore yes crappywendy…well if it helps you sleep you take your pride (and no points) and keep on dreaming of the day that your club might catch up with us – cos from what i see year on year (and i dont presume that we are brilliant by a long stretch) you lot are garbage, youve got a rent a gob chairman who promises the world and delivers nowt (we had mike mcdonald so can see the similarities a mile off) and a manager that everyone knows is punching way above his weight…go back to your own site and tell your mates how great you are and leave us to celebrate and congratulate ourselves on the FACT that we are better than you and that more often than not we beat you! Cos come the end of the season, the decde the century, thats all that the record books show – not that you had a good 20 min spell!

  • Typical pig fan – “That’s the best defeat I’ve ever seen.” “It was worth everyone of them.” You’re proud of the fact you lost 3-2 to a team with a makeshift defence that shipped 3 against Coventry!! It should have been 4-0 at half-time and if we carried on pushing forward rather than Blackwell’s negative ‘hold on to what we’ve got’ tactics it would have been 6-0!!!!!

  • Come on gleadlessblade, you cant base your success on how many times you beat Wednesday. It’s a bit narrow-minded. a much more true reflection would be your trophy haul and seasons in the top division, things like that, looking at the bigger picture. I think that you’re old enough to know that footballs swings and roundabouts, local clubs have periods when they’re top dogs on their rivals, and vice-versa. Agreed that at the end of the day, match facts mean nothing, it’s the result that counts. And, as per my above post, i congratulate you on your victory.

  • I think most Wednesday fans are happy that their team has competed (for a number of seasons now) against a team that has a wage bill over twice the size of theirs Blade1889. Facts are you should be beating us, you have a much better and more expensive side than us.

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