Date: 20th March 2020 at 8:00am
Written by: Adam Conway

In this world of uncertainty around what the future is going to hold, especially when it comes to football, it looks like there could be yet more uncertainty for the Blades going forward if things get much worse.

According to a report from Yorkshire Live, the Blades could be forced to hand back a substantial amount of money if the season is forced to be cancelled, as much as £35m depending on various outcomes and scenarios that could play themselves out.

It all comes to various stipulations regarding the season getting finished behind closed doors, or even if we have to go through Karren Brady’s scenario of calling the whole season off.

And whilst it seems like the footballing authorities are going to try and get the season finished, with their statement yesterday insinuating that they are going to try and delay things as long as possible, but with things changing minute by minute, and whilst it may be seen as the last resort, I don’t think we should completely rule out the possibility that the season does get cancelled.

And losing out on a fee as high as this for Sheffield United is going to be huge for us. It’s well known that the club aren’t exactly big spenders when it comes to wages, coming bottom of the league when it comes to expenditure in that department by a considerable distance.

Do you think the Premier League season will be cancelled?





It’s not just the money for this season that the club would be missing out on, but with European football still very much a possibility, the amount that we’d miss out on if that became the case would be astronomical and could potentially have ramifications to hurt the club for years to come.

Hopefully it doesn’t come to it, but as I said, I don’t think that it should be ruled out at the same time either.

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