Date: 23rd March 2020 at 12:00pm
Written by: Adam Conway

I think he does have a point in all this, although it probably could have been said in a much nicer way.

Darren Bent was recently speaking about Leeds United and their situation when it comes to promotion, should the league season start up again at any point in the near future. In his piece with Football Insider, the former England man made the point of comparing their potential scenario with that of the Blades:

“It’s a difficult job scoring goals in the Premier League, some people just can’t do it, they can’t make the step up. You don’t really want a Sheffield United situation where at one time or another they’ve had six strikers on their books and none of them have really hit the ground running. They’re still left with a load of strikers”

Whilst that might seem somewhat harsh, I think he does have a point though.

As I have said before, I do think that the forwards need to start bringing a lot more to the table whenever the league campaign restarts, not so much for this season, but more so for next season when we could find ourselves fighting on multiple fronts. And in my belief, there’s only so much that our excellent defence, second in the league when it comes to goals conceded, will be able to take us, especially when teams have worked out how to play against us with ‘second season syndrome’.

What would you rather have?

Games start ASAP behind closed doors

Games start ASAP behind closed doors

Wait until fans are allowed into grounds

Wait until fans are allowed into grounds

And whilst the midfield has helped the players out with their contribution, the fact that we have gone from scoring 1.70 goals per game last season to 1.07 goals in this campaign shows the step back that we have taken, and hopefully we don’t end up taking an even bigger one in 2020/21.

Plus, it would make games a little bit more exciting if we were sticking three or four past teams on a regular, and given that we’ve only scored more than two goals twice this season, it really does show that we need to up our game a bit more.

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