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Relegation confirmed. Where do the Blades go from here?

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The doom and gloom of relegation, for many parts of the 2023-24 season, has been a long-drawn conclusion and more of a matter of when rather than if. Today’s fixture at Newcastle United looked promising after Chris Wilder’s United took the lead through Anel Ahmedhodzic’s perfectly timed execution after five minutes. However, the Toon Army hit back with five goals to win the match 5-1.

In contrast, the Blades were unfortunate not to trouble the St James Park club further after twice hitting the woodwork, whilst Andre Brooks flashed an effort wide, and Ben Brereton-Diaz was denied from close range.

Defeat also hammered the nail in the relegation coffin which has haunted the Blades for the past few months – although a cliché, one game doesn’t result in relegation.

As a support, it doesn’t hurt. It wasn’t a surprise, but more of a relief. It’s done. It’s over, now, lets move on and look ahead to next season.

How United will move on will remain to be seen. The squad looks threadbare and an overhaul will look likely. As a supporter, what changes would you make? Comment in the link below…

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  • Duncan chappell says:

    We need to sell the club as fast. As possible lower the price or we will be mid liable next season iv been a season ticket holder 4 the last 13 years I will not have another season. Ticket until the bord of directors go and the joke of a chairman goes we have had all the money 4 been in Premier money from sky sponcer sell out crowds so what do Sheffield United do sell illiman narday berg they were the only 2 player who were good enough to play in the primer it’s a joke iv paid 549 pounds 4 season ticket to get 16 points all the supporters r all wanting g to nowhere all the .moneys piserpered in the back pocket of the chairman I hope there riots outside new stand also we carnt even buy 2 quality player after narday born got sold and we have got 15 players contract up so how can we sign 15 new player with the Prince in charge it’s a joke 240000 Sheffield United supporters want stand 4 this SELL the club and move on going forward keep all lads Brook arblaster get rid of all the rest

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