Date: 7th February 2010 at 11:42am
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The now familar guessing game for Blades fans in the pubs before the game was not just what the starting eleven would be, but how many new players would start and what positions they would play in! Even after a few pints no one would have guessed at Monty starting at right back. Toni Kallio brought in to play in the troublesome left back position found himself alongside another home debutant, Nyron Nosworthy in central defense and most worringly Jordan Stewart remained at Left back in another new back four line up.

The early minutes were shudderingly similar to the closing stages of the debacle at Watford four days before and when Monty’s awful attempt at a headed clearance found SAVAGE in acres of space, even Robby couldn’t pass up the chance. That was the worst possible start for a team with so many changes trying to get to grips with unfamiliar colleagues, positions, and worst of all, a home crowd looking for every mistake to jeer.

Bunn got a knock very early on and had to go off later, but it would not be a United game if we didn’t get at least one injury. United’s midfield was struggling once again to make any impact. Steven Quinn’s confidence is low and until the last 10 minutes of the game he had little useful involvement. His partner, Williamson, had even less impact in the first half, other than a silly challenge on the edge of the box after half an hour, one of a series of fouls that eventually resulted in a booking. He looked short of pace and is clearly still feeling the injury.

County were happily passing the ball around and mixing it up with a bit of route one as well to test the new partnerships at the back. United responded by hacking most away, very few clearances actually finding a red and white shirt. Out wide Cresswell was chasing everything as usual and on the other side Yates was having little success.

Blades old boys’, Tonge – welcomed back for the second time this season – and Rob Hulse were well involved, Tonge testing Bunn and putting in a great cross. Hulse’s most notable contribution being his constant moaning to referee Salisbury, which even continued after the half time whistle. Imagine how upset he would have been if Morgan had been playing! The half ended with the now traditional round of booing. Welcome to Beautiful Downtown Bramall Lane, new players.

County were comfortable with their lead, United were not creating any threat up front where Henderson and Evans were having to drop back in an effort to see any of the ball. Kallio hung on to Commons a bit too hard and was booked, Yates wasted a free kick over the bar and Stewart was still struggling with distribution and basic defending. There was still no sign of Quinn getting into the game.

Increasingly during the second half the (slightly) encouraging signs were that very gradually certain players were beginning to settle, whilst others were showing a bit more confidence despite the constant baying from the terraces. A consistant factor throughout the game was Nyron Nosworthy who picked up where he left off at Watford and despite a couple of early errors, settled quickest of the back four. Kallio improved and will be better suited at left back in future games.

The Blades eventually worked up a head of steam with ten minutes to go. Camara had replaced Evens – will he ever play 90 minutes? – and had a great chance which hit a defender. Quinn put in a great cross, Cresswell was wide with a header and the much maligned Stewart’s shot was palmed out by Bywater then in stoppage time Yates at last wriggled his way into the box, set up WILLIAMSON, who buried a low shot under the keeper to grab a point that United’s second half determination just about deserved.
Glouc’s View
Another very poor display. Lots of negatives everywhere you look, but given the continual changes in personnel, loss of form and confidence by some players, square pegs in round holes positionally, new players being introduced, injuries, the loss of an infulential leader on the field and a frustrated crowd, perhaps a point isn’t the worst result. Unlike at Watford the heads didn’t go down yesterday, despite the lack of any kind of pattern the team ploughed on and tried to get something out of the game. Things can only improve..can’t they?


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  • will he ever play 90 minutes?….will he ever score a goal? Utter garbish yesterday. Whether new players find it difficult to settle in a new team or not, it doesn’t excuse them for the lack of the most basic attributes expected of a proffesional footballer. If Camara and Ward are fit enough to be benched then they are fit enough to play and must start the next game.

  • on evans will he ever have a chance to score a goal???!!! cant remeber the last chance he had in the league – why doesnt KB leave him on??? As me and mates were saying afterwards the lad needs to be sold as the way we play is killing evans career..hes the most skilful adn technically correct player at the club and gets to touch it about three times a game – despite him making himself available to players all the time…said on other links how disappointed im am with it all and that still stays the same – if anything im angrier today! youre right glou, williamson is clearly injured, jsut look at how he walks and anyone can see it…not playing ward due to the “incident” midweek is childish from KB as was not playing geary..meant we lost monts from middle of park and left with unfit Williamson and out of form quinn which meant that savage and tonge had the easiest game for a long time – lets not forgot, derby are rubbish – they are nowhere in the league, cab barely string any results together, similar to watford, and they looked a lot better than we are…the failure of any sort of system is at the fault of all this – if we had a decent system adn style the injuries (and they are a factor) would be less felt as replacements could slip in quite nicely but there is no system in place – it really does look (and i dont say this easily) that we really seem to ahve a style that is get it up there and lets see what happens..we dont attempt to get wide men in the game, we dont look to play through midfield, we jsut simply lump it and hope to pick up pieces are scrap out a goal…we did a move in second half when we kept it on the deck, 6,7,8 passes and we looked good – we moved it right to left and got a cross in – nothing came from it but it showed that in that 30 seconds how esaily (against poor teams) it is to move them around and create opportunites – now imagine that for a concerted ten fifteen minute spell it would result in chances and then it would be up to evans, hendo et al to show they are good enough – but our strikers dont have any chances – at all…camara got a rebound and near end when we threw kitchen sink at it cresswell missed an easy header – two main chances for strikers in 90+ mins against a team in bottom six!!!! that is nothing to do with loans, injuries, that is shocking tactics and sytems and team play

  • its blackwell..its all down to him. players are starting to knock us back now as they can see that we turn good footballers into shocking ones. only come to the lane if you want to earn a few bucks and get your career finished early. not good at all. the only way to make the board notice is to stop going. when they get 14,000 for our next 3 home matches alarm bells will then be heard by the board. its all about £££££££££££££££ with macabe and they will all start to turn on him soon. 23m in debt???yeh right in who’s bloody world macabes?

  • cotts, sharp and howard all on the score sheet yesterday…who’s the dick head now blackwell? lets not even get going regards to selling hulse for 1.2m when he’s now worth in the 3-4m bracket. how many humble pies does blackwell need to eat lets be fair he’s pilling the weight on regardless.

  • My post was an observation rather than a dig at Evans himself to be fair. He looks decent when the ball is to feet but i personally think he could do more. I don’t see a turn of pace and none of our strikers run into channels. I like to see someone earning their money up front and putting a shift in. Too many of them go through the motions with games passing them by. Alot rests with the boss but sometimes (yesterday was a prime example) players need to have a look at themselves and make things happen. The 1 passing move hinted at previously should inspire them to confidently knock the ball about. I just know without any doubt what to expect when turning up at the moment and that is not a confident, quick, slick passing team.

  • evans is a total waste of space, didn’t realise he was playing until he was taken off…not fit to lace beatties boots up if you ask me.

  • Lets Face it we are a footballing joke we haven’t got a plan B and the plan A isn’t very Good!!!! We can’t pass the ball just lump it forward to Henderson, i don’t think Evans got a decent pass into space all the match.
    Let’s get rid of Blackwell and get a footballing manager in, before its too late, this manager is taking us one way only and it isn’t up

  • micksilver – i’ve been saying this since from day 1 this season…noticed we have just brought in kyle bartley from arsenal on a 93 day loan period….does anyone know anything about him because i’ve never heard of the kid.

  • on KB (and ive been thinking of this on the train this morning) his lack of system and style is embarrassing – we play in a way that negates wide men – so why since the start of last season have we signed (perm or on loan) cotterill, halford,ward,yeates, dyer, little, reid, stewart (who i thought was a full back but according to KB is a wide man), cresswell, treacy, france, stokes, i think he tried craig beattie out wide as sub and lupoli and also used and sold on gillespie, hendrie, carney, webber….now for me ward has been a success, possibly halford and you may argue cresswell but not for me! for me this sort of evidence shows that the man doesnt know what hes doing!! and then throw in sun ji, howard, ched evans, all players who like the ball on the deck i have to question why he has bought these players in when they quite dont fit the style of play that he wants….time to go im afraid

  • my final point on his signings – wouldnt the £500k we spent on yeates been better spent on richard wood??? seen as we all knew killa would go, surely that would have been the better signing

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