Date: 25th March 2010 at 8:16am
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On a rainy, miserable night on a heavy pitch at Cardiff City`s new stadium, United kept their slim playoff hopes alive with another battling performance. The recent away format of a game of two halves continued, though at nowhere near the same level as at Doncaster last Saturday.

The game was always going to be difficult for defenders; the continuous rain dictated a ‘kick the way you are facing` approach, which United`s back line adopted well.
City came at United with pace from the off, and created a number of openings in the first half hour which saw Simonson make a string of saves including a superb one handed save from a Peter Whittingham effort. United were working hard to keep City at bay who were moving the ball quickly and attacking down the flanks at every opportunity.

Referee McDermid made no allowance for the conditions, the greasy surface and continuous rain making it difficult for both sides. As early as the second minute he was gleefully waving a card at Connolly for a mistimed tackle which was clearly down to the conditions. He continued this approach throughout the game, penalising virtually any contact and waving yellow at the slightest provocation.

City`s players worked the referee far better than United, realising very quickly that hitting the deck was going to win the foul. Boothroyd spent most of the first half inviting contact and inventing new ways of falling, a tactic which eventually caught him out as he tried the trick in the penalty area and was booked for diving in the second half.

United continued the half giving far too much ball away which came straight back at them, even from their own throw-ins, United lost more than they won. Simonson had to stay focused as he was in action for most of the half, positioning accurately and catching well from set pieces.

Up front Cresswell was ploughing a lone furrow as his wide men struggled to get forward in support. In midfield Quinn was working hard and getting up field as often as he could, Harper and Monty were toiling away to break up the City attacks, where Whittingham was a constant threat and McCormack always dangerous.

Just when we thought we had weathered the first half storm, Bartley mistimed a clearance straight to Boothroyd who had time to measure a superb left foot strike into the top corner from fully 25 yards.

United started the second half at a higher tempo, Little working the right side and putting in a good cross, and then Harper put a 30 yarder over the top as United made their intensions to get something out of the game clear.
More ridiculous yellow cards followed, one for Quinn for blocking a quickly taken free kick which was in the wrong place, the ball still moving and the referee with his back to the ball!

Yates came on for Stewart after an hour and immediately crossed for Quinn to force Marshall into a scrambled save which Quinn then followed up to slide in at the near post. Wild celebrations from the small band of Blades fans, and 45 Cardiff stewards on red alert! Talk about over kill!

Little had an effort saved before giving way to Williamson then Cresswell was begging his midfield to get forward in support as United came more into the game.

Quinn was having his best game for some time, getting forward at every opportunity, tackling in midfield and getting back to help Andy Taylor who was struggling with the pace of Chris Burke.

United won a couple of corners in quick succession, Monty pressurising defenders and Harper having increasing influence in midfield , spreading the ball to the lively Yates.

McCormack was replaced by Chopra who instantly rattled United`s bar as defenders failed to close him down on the edge of the area. Matt Lowton came on for his first team debut with a few minutes left.

Four minutes of injury time passed with City unable to make anything out of a couple of free kicks.

Gloucs’s View
This was a game that United had to get something from. Cardiff controlled the first half, created a number of openings and tested the very impressive Simonsen on numerous occasions, but possession has to be turned into goals and other than a superb Boothroyd goal right on half time Cardiff promised much but United defended well and stuck to their task, supported by a hard working midfield where Monty, Quinn and Harper put in the hard yards.
As on Saturday, Blackwell has to be praised for an inspired substitution. Yates had an immediate impact and set up the goal.
The playoff chances are slim, but the really encouraging signs are that the legion of loan players are to a man putting in a shift, as two battling away performances proves.


16 Replies to “Quinn Clips Bluebirds Wings”

  • Sound like another game of 2 halves, I have read Dave Jones said it was an onslaught. However I think its all over now and start looking towards next season and what players will be at the club and more importantly who will be the manager?

  • If I had a quid for every time Jones has trotted out the ‘If it was a boxing match…..’ I could buy next years season tickets. He was just trying to save face in front of his frustrated fans, Fact is they had all the posession in the first half but were simply not good enough to get past Uniteds defense, their 6th place is far from guaranteed. Uniteds patch work team of loanees and cripples more than matched them in the second half and had greater posession.

  • Yeah not a bad report! Without getting carried away, I thought that other than the first 20 mins and a shot against the bar in the 2nd half we restricted Cardiff and made them look pretty average. I left the game pleased with our performance and yes it would be a big achievement for all at the club to haul us into 6th place but this is a weak league and if we can win our remaining home games and pick up some points on the road as we now seem capable of doing…who knows? PS You need to spell Yates as Yeates dad!

  • listening to the radio commentry we were bloody awfull and got battered in the first half..second half we improved slightly but rode our luck and just deffended when we scored..we were lucky not conceed again by the sounds of it. SEASON NOW WELL AND TRULY OVER!! next season blackwell will be still here hendo, monty, evans, sharp, morgan, ward, harper and quinn will deffinately be shipped out…not replaced and it will get worse. we are really really struggling with season ticket sales from what i’ve heard. no way am i wasting my money when the club arn’t bothered. we are in for a rude awakening.

  • Perhaps you need to stop worshiping Keith Edwards like he is the god of broardcasters. He was a self opinionated arrogant player, from others comments it seems he has just become an older version of that behind the radio microphone. Luckily I dont have to listen to him.

  • nothing to do with that glouc…just a case of waking up in the real word and realising that we are in the brown stuff big time and it’s going to get a lot worse next season. Blades fans just take and accept the crap…no other clubs would put up with it be we do…WHY??

  • for the record glouc i can’t stand keith edwards. sat on the next table to him in the executive suit against swansea in 2006 when we lossed 3-0 in the cup and wanted to knock him out as he was so much up his own arse it was untrue.

  • Enjoy spending your money at Meadowhall Bladeforpartlife! Us true Blades will stick by them through the rocky times. Don’t trot out the radio rubbish – if you weren’t at the game you can’t comment. Compared to the previous away games it was much improved and I disagree that we sat back after our goal; yes we defended but what do you want us to do against Cardiff at their place, stand aside? Get a grip man.

  • divert yourself from the truth to make yourself feel better just like you old man….think the people that need to get a grip is the people making all the excuses for this joke of a progressive football club that is going absolutely nowhere but into administration and down this league and maybe league 1 next season if things keep up.

  • Depression is hitting an all time low now, first it was all players leaving, no replacements, struggling season ticket sales, now administration is just around the corner, followed by relegation. You are right not to waste your money on this joke of a club, as the boy said you will get much better value for money at Meadowhell, give yourself a break from football all together.

  • can’t anyone see it happening apart from me? and i said joke of a progressive club…not joke of a club glouc…nevertheless we are a joke at the moment and an absolute laughing stock. how many players do we own 6? 7?…this club has been torn apart since the final wistle went last may at actually started the january before when beats was sold. for the record meadowhell to stressfull so i have a nice 50″ plasma with surroud sound and a blueray player in my living room…much beter value for money and i’ve got a few quid left over.

  • Great purchase, so now while the rest of us brave the cold and rain at draughty old Bramall Lane to watch a joke progressive club, you will be settling in to watch Jeff Stelling and his mates in HD. Clearly the Wembley disappointment has been too great to overcome and supporting United has been a trial for you this season, so I think you were right to use the savings from next seasons ticket to get telley’d up.

  • deffinately and the massive chuck that i normally spend watching the blades away from home will pay for the family to go to disney world again in august. i’m not bothering when the club don’t give a dam about the fans and constantly sell us down the river every season. screw em!! lets see what tomorrow brings against the leagues 2nd worst team.

  • deffinately and the massive chuck that i normally spend watching the blades away from home will pay for the family to go to disney world again in august. i’m not bothering when the club don’t give a dam about the fans and constantly sell us down the river every season. screw em!! lets see what tomorrow brings against the leagues 2nd worst team.

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