Date: 14th March 2010 at 10:43am
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Sheffield United are facing more problems for the visit of Blackpool on Tuesday night, following Chris Morgan’s booking yesterday.

It was the Blades skipper’s tenth of the season, which rules him out for the next two Blades games.

Toni Kallio has already been ruled out for six weeks, whilst Kyle Bartley is suffering from illness and will be touch and go for the Champinship encounter.

Should Bartley fail to make the side, Jonathan Fortune could start alongside Marcel Seip. However, if Fortune’s fitness is not yet up to scratch, it could lead to the Blades using an emergency full-back, in the shape of either Nick Montgomery or Matt Lowton, with Nyron Nosworthy moving to a central role.

‘Problems are piling up because Tony looks like being out for six weeks and Kyle looks unlikely to be available against Blackpool on Tuesday night.

‘Added to that, Chris Morgan was booked and will now be suspended for the next two matches. It means that we will definitely have to try and bring someone in on loan immediately.

When questioned about the potential of bringing in cover, Ellis seemed fairly optimistic and claimed the Blades were always looking.

‘We have always got potential players on our radar and we enquired about one yesterday but didn’t get him. It means that Sunday can be a busy day in football when you are chasing players.’


11 Replies to “Problems Ahead As Crisis Returns”

  • I’ve been a fan o t’blades fer 90 year nah, and wiyout doubt this is the WEEEEOOOORRRRSSSTTT teyam I av EVER seen.

  • Sorry but stupid comment BM1889 – I have been a Blades fan for a long time and this is a team with some potential – what does not help is poor management and idiotic comments from supposed supporters!

  • Now then, if bfl is being positive, you must have lost it sir. It’s not the worst team, it’s not the worst manager, it’s far from the worst scenario…but it’s the most unentertaining period I’ve known. I wouldn’t mind if we were crap, but we’re three points from the play-offs. Mediocrity is awful!

  • If you lot don’t behave, I will be forced to write a War & Peace article about when we have had worse teams & players, had worse managers, crooks for chairmen, a three sided ground (twice) crumbling stands, gatemen, no seats, playing in the third and fourth tiers, had no structure to the club, but worst of all were divisions BELOW that lot across in S6……now those WERE the bad old days. Get a grip.

  • I watched the game saturday and apart from the fact QPR should have had the game sewn up before half time, i have not felt such a flat atmosphere at Bramall line for a long time. I think it surpasses Mr Robsons time @BDBL.Its as though we are all resigned (and that includes Mr McCabe )to mediocrity, we have a game Tuesday and i just don’t feel up for it,will it be the same gutless inane performance.This club needs a big shake up before its too late!!!!

  • I’m changing seats tomorrow,mine in the kop is definately unlucky. I don’t know why though, its got bird crap all over it!

  • i’ve been saying that for the last 12 months micksilver..nothing will happen not now, not next season. blackwell is here for the long haul trust me. the fans won’t be though. obviouslly it’s clear to me now that the club or macabe which ever way you want to look at it don’t care a dam about the fans one bit!! did anyone hear the boos ring out when they put up the new season ticket deal on the big screen?? time and a place or what!!

  • Is that the big screen that tells me the words to greasy chip butty???!!! What’s that about! Every man woman and child in the ground knows the words!! Can’t be arsed to comment on the match, qpr were better than us simply put. Still be there tomorrow though, against my better judgement when Chelsea inter is on!!

  • Glou you’re right we have had worse chairman players and managers but for me in my 25 years of watching I’ve never seen a squad that does have talent and potential perform so negatively and lacklustrely. This manager has had to deal with the selling of good players but he has paid a lot in wages and fees for the following – hendo, yeates, cresswell, sun ji, cotterill, Evans, Howard, harper- and with the last few has failed
    massively to get the best out of them… We see sam ellis admit that our style is based on getti the ball to hendo- a high risk tactic seen as he is injury and suspension prone.. Billy sharp – who I admit i didn’t really like- has been played to his full potential at donny and is second top scorer in the league- with a ringing endorsement fro
    m kb saying he’ll not play for us again!! The manager and his assistant co
    e out with such rubbish such as last sat – we did enough to win – what planet are they from!! So for me, he must go, there is no atmosphere at the lane because of what we are watching, we have one or two chances max per game.. Yes injuries have played a part but the majority of injuries are strains and pulls which asks questions over the training and conditioning that they doing.. And finally ( maybe!) despite all this he did get a close last season- but at wembley in front of 40000 blades he failed to motivate his team, failed to tactically out perform his rival and lost to the same team for the third time playing in the exact same way each time – which was and still is totally unacceptable…. For me he has to go before the club takes some major turning around…

  • absolutely spot on gleadless…every word is true and thousands of blades fans feel this way. i see it as blackwell has one more chance tonight to make things better. yes ok he has the perfect injury excusses but the team we have at our disposal should comfortably beat blackpool tonight..regardless of injuries. there comes a time when as a management team you have to start thinking of different training techniques and methods….young and very fit players with good injury free careers are dropping like flies week in week out, something we are doing just ain’t working is it blackwell and the absolutely clueless pig ellis? we need a breath of fresh air and quick. i think we will lose tonight 2-1 and we will all see the exact same spinless performance tonight…nothing will change. as i’ve said many times people are saying we have had it worse than this and they are correct. i agree totally…BUT….with what we now have at our disposal in terms of ground, fan base, money and the quality of the squad and players here, we are underachieving the most we have ever done. in true terms with all the cards on the table from the last 20 years to today we are performing the worst right now!! blackwell has misserably failed in a big way to develop any consistancey or togetherness within the dressing room. he could have dealt with the injury crisis much much better in term of bringing players in. his dealings this season have been embarassing. the clown has to go, we need a breath of fresh air and so do the players, im certain they don’t like him, they don’t like his ways, his tactics and it shows. the fans are hating it, the players are clearly hating it so what’s needed macabe eh????????????????????? cut the bull ***** and lies and save this club and get a huge backlash as only you can solve this shambles!!

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