Date: 3rd June 2010 at 12:19pm
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Paddy Kenny is set to be unveiled at Loftus Road after signing for London Club Queens Park Rangers.

Kenny, who recently returned from a nine month suspension, is the subject of a £750,000 move by former Blades manager Neil Warnock.

Warnock, who brought Kenny to Bramall Lane, after signing him for Bury is pleased with his latest signing at Loftus Road.

‘It’s the third time I’ve signed Paddy and I’m delighted to be linking up with him again.

‘There were times when it was him or Shay Given for the Irish spot, and in my opinion Paddy didn’t get the recognition he deserved.

‘It’s well known he’s made mistakes in the past but he’ll be a great capture for QPR, and I’m sure he’s going to be popular in the changing room and with our fans.’

Kenny will join former Blade Mikele Leigertwood, as well as ex Wednesday striker Leon Clarke who signed two weeks ago.

A Paddy Kenny timeline will follow soon…


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  • Mixed emotions really.
    Angry at Kenny’s apparent disloyalty after what happened last season but on the other hand if its true he was offerred double the wages then I might have done the same in his place.
    One thing is certain – its just another c*ck up to add to a long list at BDTBL – McCabe/Blackwell et al you couldn’t organise the proverbial in a brewery!!!!

  • Yeah hmmmm lets think lets pay him while hes banned , oh yeah and while we are at it give him a min fee clause well below his value. you have a point, pay me twice the money and I would leave my job, we just shouldnt have let it happen. Who negotiated the deal?

  • Davelimb – thats my point it shouldn’t have been allowed to happen. I’m convinced the club is now run by a bunch of incompetents and has been for the last three seasons. There clearly is no money thanks to McCabe’s c*ck ups – even the Killa fee wasn’t made available to spend on players – and the only hope is an inspirational manager – ugh some chance!! As an aside – how many season tickets have been sold?

  • ******** mickey mouse club!!there you go glouc it’s happened. i hate kenny for this and he will get absolutely hammered when he comes back to the lane. All this ‘i owe my career to the club’ and ‘the club have stood by me nowit’s time to pay them back with loyalty’???? what a load of *********. I like it how the club finally make the boggy dealpublic then hit us with the kenny news. wish i’d never renewed my season tickets. same old same old just a different day. we will never learn..never!!! this is shocking for the club!! Who now?? i hate to think

  • Each to their own BFL but I for one am fed up being taken for a mug and taken for granted. Last season was shambolic and embarassing and already next season looks as if it heading the same way. I assumed that we didn’t sign a keeper last season was because Kenny was coming back – but then I didn’t know about this contract what is the managements excuse. I guess the same person agreed Kennys contract and the season long loan for Walker!!!! I suppose the clappers will be on any minute saying what a wonderful job McCabe is doing – well not from where I’m standing. Lets hope the numpties can at least sign an half decent GK

  • I don’t blame him. The club completely sold him down the river, so I won’t give him any stick, he’s been brilliant for us, and after one mistake, the club gave him a pitance of a deal, and refused to acknowledge him as a Blade throughout most of the season.

  • Can’t agree with you there Sheps. We stood by Kenny when most teams would have got rid and we also brought him straight back into the team when his ban ended. He came out saying he owes everything to Utd and how it brought a tear to his eye running in front of the Kop….. then a month later he signs for the first club who come in for him!!! I know there’s no loyalty in football anymore but that is properly taking the *****. Ah well, at least we know that Kenny won’t catch any crosses when we play QPR.

  • shepsblade, if any of us made such a cock-up in our jobs, I cant see our employers sticking by us and paying us 9 months wages, reduced or not.

  • Was last season really that embarrasing for everybody? A season where you were clearly defined as either a happy clapper or in the know and always right. I for one felt let down, short changed and deflated that the team was slowly taken apart. However, in my 15 year career with the blades to date i realise that times have been much harder, much more embarrasing and more pathetic behind the scenes. Some of you need to get real and see it for what it is. The short memories on here are laughable. And if anyone tells me that they wouldn’t double their wages in a heartbeat then they are lying and truly have blades spectacles on. QPR are going places, we don’t appear to be any time soon. Kenny isn’t a boyhood blade, his only affinity with the club was that he got a game week in week out so just get real and stop bloody moaning all the time. Enjoy the world cup and moan when we get knocked out in the QF.

  • I am not so annoyed with Paddy, its the club for allowing it to happen, contracts are a joke, “season long loan” for walker but he can go back if they want him, Man City couldnt do it with Joe Hart?

  • It’s not having ‘blades spectacles on’ TBW, it’s wanting something called loyalty from someone the clubs been loyal to. Sadly it seems that that doesn’t really exist in football anymore and less and less in the corporate world we live in as well.

  • Just seen the news. All I can say is that I am staggered. Before giving it any thought, I agree with Blade1889’s comments. Lets hope we can get hold of Simmo, he has made all the right noises, but who can believe what footballers say anymore.

  • And I thought I had seen it all in football. Amazed at how the whole affair has turned out. On the surface it looks like sheer greed and lack of any loyalty from the player – Sheps, how did the club sell him down the river? Explain? Not sacking him for GMC, maintaining him on a (reduced) contract reported to have been £7k a week at a cost of circa £350k to the club then showing good faith by extending his contract, bringing him straight back into the team shows commitment, I think. And what about the contract clause, was that a Robinson effort ?

  • absolutely gutted by kenny and yes florida you are absolutely spot on with your comments about kenny the club stood by him, gave him a new contract and bought him straight back into the first team. sheps i always want you to explain how we sold him down the bloody river?? kenny has sh17 all over the club….blades fans will slaughter him when he comes back to the lane i for one deffinately will.!!! what a traitor he has been.

  • boyas myhill is available for 1.2m we should steam straight in for him with the traitor money in the back pocket he will only cost us 450k.

  • Theres only one person who wanted that clause in the contract and it’s Kenny. Why would our board want to place a release clause in there? Also he was on a reduced contract after he signed the extension so we won’t have forced him out because of wages. He’s been in all sorts of trouble down the years and we’ve stood up for the **** every time. And when we could have quite easily released himand let him rot we gave him a new contract and almost a guarantee of first team football on his return. He admitted he had to repay the club and how emotional it is, then *****s off to QPR for a couple of grand more. What a *****.

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