Date: 19th March 2020 at 8:00am
Written by: Adam Conway

I know that this might seem like another doom and gloom article, but I call it as I see it, and this is my honest opinion on the matter.

And whilst I know this isn’t the main issue right now, and will come across as small in the grand scheme of things, but I’m here to talk about football, so talk about football I shall. It’s similar to what New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick said a few years ago:

“I’m a football coach, I’m not a doctor. The medical staff is the medical staff. I coach the team; the medical people handle the injuries. They don’t call plays; I don’t do surgery.”

I do though fear that this stoppage is going to cause a real problem for us, and it comes down to one word, momentum. Take a look at our results since the turn of the year, only two defeats, both of them against the top two teams in the league, and unbeaten in six before things ground to a halt.

I’m just not sure if we’ll be able to pick things up again once the season gets going again, having to essentially start fresh after the best part of a month off, and it could be even longer if things don’t pick up sooner or later.

Do you think the Premier League season will be cancelled?





We had a good thing going under Wilder, before things ground to a halt because of the virus, and if we have to start over again, then I fear we’re not going to be able to keep at the same pace as we were. Look at the results from the start of the season, not exactly great performances, losing to the likes of Sunderland in the League Cup, lucky to get a draw at Stamford Bridge through a late own goal.

If we have to start all over again, and we get off to the same start that we did at the start of the season, then that talk of European football might start to dwindle away very quickly. And just think what a difference that could make to the grand scheme of things.

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13 Replies to “Opinion: Sheffield United’s future could be hanging in the balance with this work stoppage”

  • Au contraire
    I think our players needed the rest, the difference between us and every other Premier League club is we have a first team who have played almost every game.

    I dont think we were lucky to draw at Chelsea either, I think we arrived there with a lack of belief. It was that good old Sheffield United thing of knowing our place.

    After going 2-0 down the players just thought “what the hell” and dominated the second half.

    If they’d started the game in the same frame of mind instead of being scared and too respectful we’d have beaten a Chelsea team that was out of sorts at the beginning of the season.

    It’s very frustrating that the season has come to a halt, but I’m sure that we’ll be straight back into it when it restarts.

    I’m also pretty sure that many Premier League players will take the opportunity to excuse themselves from training properly. ……not ours though

  • Just at the right time to intensify a Unitedite’s depression!
    Apparently all the other teams in the league are immune to the effects of CV19 (?).
    One thing is sure, although I’ve enjoyed football for most of my 80+ years, I can assure you that it is irrelevant when confronted with a disaster. In spite of what Bill Shankly or any other football nutter tells you, life is possible without the beautiful game. (That’s assuming you don’t succumb to the deadly disease first).

  • You’re full of it mate and if this is the desperate way you choose to make your living, I feel for you.
    Lucky to get a draw at Chelsea through a late own goal says it all, you’re a knows nowt impostor and it’s clear as day.
    Maybe, after this is all over, you maybe ought to get out more and seek some real attention of a more productive kind.
    By the way, and sorry to burst your bubble, but Adrian Durham is not someone to model yourself on.

  • I do not think it is in the players DNA for the break to effect them in a negative way.The driving force behind these players is they know so called experts think they will blow it.It is this type of thinking that they thrive on,it feeds their momentum .They love proving everyone wrong and with Wilder winding them up I can not see anything but a positive outcome.

  • One thing I do know are players are super fit and others will using this time to chill why our boys Will be as fit as a flea so it could work in our favour and win more than the knockers think who do we have to play Leicester who a decent team and West ham will do anything too win !

  • Wow, judging by these comments, it seems you are being found out by more than me with your pathetic attempts at being a journalist, about time!

    ‘I’m here to talk about football, so talk about football I shall’ – Embarrassing, actually laughable. How old are you? It sounds like a teenagers writing?!

    You know nothing about the game, you are a total fraud. How the fuck have you been allowed to write this article! We made 11 changes against Sunderland in the cup you moron and we gave Chelsea 2 goals in the first half with defensive errors and we passed them off the park second half, deserving at the very least a draw you fuckwit!!

    Show some fucking respect.

    • At least you got a laugh out of it in one way or another.

      I just call things as I see it, don’t mean to upset the applecart on purpose, but I’d be more than happy to have a discussion with you on Sheff Utd’s season or indeed anything football related. Indeed I enjoy debate, so any questions you have, just fire away

  • Why the fuck would I have any questions for you. Your knowledge about the game in general and specifically this Sheffield United team is pathetic. It is embarrassing that you get the opportunity to write this drivel. Your journalism is extremely weak. I don’t believe you can get paid for it, if you do it must be minimal. You say you call it as you see it, but you haven’t earned the right to be this disrespectful, you are a nobody. And the fact that you are continually disrespecting a team that has, for 3 years, punched far above their weight, and is/was on the verge of achieving something totally beyond the realm of realistic attainability, is absurd. I have no idea what your fucking agenda is, be it a pathetic attempt at some kind of infamy or you genuinely are that thick that you can’t see what is happening right in front of you. Either way, you shouldn’t be given a platform. So no I don’t want to engage with you, I will just continue to call you out so everyone knows what a fraud you are or until you start showing some fucking respect.

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