Date: 23rd March 2020 at 5:00pm
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These fans from other clubs have been taking issue with comments made by Blades boss Chris Wilder.

Well at least we know where he stands on the matter, and he didn’t mince his words about it. With football currently on hiatus, there’s been plenty of talk about how the final few weeks of the Premier League season needs to be handled.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Wilder gave his views on the end to the season, whenever that may be, and he was very much of the view that cancelling or ‘voiding’ the season was the last thing on his mind:

“The idea of freezing positions as they are now is not for me, even though you look at the table and think it wouldn’t be a bad result for this club from a selfish point of view. Everyone will look at it from a selfish point of view and they have to come out of that.”

What would you rather have?

Games start ASAP behind closed doors

Games start ASAP behind closed doors

Wait until fans are allowed into grounds

Wait until fans are allowed into grounds

This is of course in complete contrast to what Karren Brady said the other week about wanting the season to be voided, nothing to do of course with the fact they’re in relegation trouble, although she seems to have backtracked on those comments in recent days.

And plenty of fans from other clubs gave their views on Wilder’s comments, with them seemingly split on the matter.

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