Date: 7th March 2015 at 7:24pm
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I’ve just got back from Bramall Lane, and thought I may as well write this tonight as tomorrow i’ll be travelling down south for a fire fighting and sea survival course for the week.

I was in a bit of disbelief watching what was supposed to be a a well put together side. We went two nil down mid-way in the first half, both goals were simple errors that could have been avoided again, however the main culprit was Turner for these errors. Surely he’s let his first team place slip back to Howard now.

Throughout the game there was no passion to play, no closing down, loose passes, second to the ball constantly, and the slow play was winding me up contantly, always passing between the back four and not looking at going forward. You could tell, as could the opposition, what passes were coming next – Brayford to Mcevely, Mcevely to Basham, Basham to Harris and then a punt up field. It was frustrating for the fans around me on the Kop watching this.

Needless to say the team were boo’d off at half time, and the second half didnt produce much promise either. Three players that did not put any effort in at all today, as echoed by the phone in’s to praise and grumble on BBC Radio Sheffield, were Coutts, Harris, and Baxter. These three in particular were very poor. NC’s interview stated that Coutts was being played out of position, but to be honest he’s not been that good at all since signing for us. Harris had a shocker of a match, and perhaps Baxter has taken his foot off the pedal. Some other players haven’t performed as well as they did last season – Brayford looks off form for some reason, he’s not been the same as when he was on loan.

All in all we should be beating teams like Fleetwood Town hands down, but we seem to still be lacking confidence going forward, still skipping around the edge of the box, and not getting enough players in the box when the ball is delivered.

Everyone seems to be relying on Murphy – he seems to be a ‘one man band’ on the wing, and he’s been constantly putting a shift in this season. The only other player I thought that gave it their all was little Matt Done, he grabbed another goal and was running around constantly. The new signing Davies looks promising however I think he needs a bit of time to settle in yet as he only joined yesterday.

I do get frustrated a lot watching visiting teams playing. Fleetwood, like Coventry and Swindon were constantly going down at a touch of a feather and milking it rather than playing to the whistle. It’s happening far too much nowadays, even today’s opposition keeper was wasting time (which he eventually got booked for) and in the second half went down under an ‘apparant’ challenge. You can tell their are swinging the lead when you see them looking up to see if the ref has spotted them or not. Perhaps there needs to be more of an after match punishment for all these players that do this as well as diving etc. A ref, admittedly, cannot see everything, and watching VT after the match may flag up constant offenders. This doesn’t just apply to our league, but you see it on TV all the time. Hefty fines or punishments might dissuade players doing it in the future.

Anyway, Still a game in hand and three points clear of Donny, let’s see if we can turn this around now and push on, even if we dont get automatic promotion, third place would be respectable in the play offs.

As always though, I’ll be back on the Kop for the next match (Port Vale) hoping to see a vast improvement.



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