Date: 20th April 2010 at 2:34pm
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Sheffield United could be set to welcome back goalkeeper Paddy Kenny for Saturday`s Coca-Cola Championship encounter with Swansea City.

Kenny, who has missed the entire season with a nine month drug ban, has been training for some weeks now, but this Saturday is the first game that the goalkeeper is allowed to return to action.
United have given debuts to three goalkeepers this season with Mark Bunn, Carl Ikeme and Steve Simonsen all playing their part between the sticks, as well as current number two Ian Bennett.

Simonsen has been the standout performer of the trio who have been drafted in, and there is an option to extend the deal by a further week, should the Blades boss choose to.

The visitors go into the game two points clear of seventh placed Blackpool, knowing that victory would see them guaranteed a play-off place, but the Blades won`t roll over for their Welsh counterparts, and will put up a stern test with only pride left to play for in 2010.

What can`t be overlooked is the morale boost that Kenny`s return would give the crowd after such a disappointing campaign, and his presence is sure to make United`s twelfth man more apparent than ever this season.


16 Replies to “Nick Nack Paddy’s Back, Simmo Still On Loan?”

  • really can’t wait to see paddy in between the sticks on saturday. hope blackwell starts with him but think he may get a heros welcome as a sub with 15 mins to go. the reaction from the fans will be aswome as he was wrongfully done by in a big way!!

  • he wasnt hard done by bfl…he took something he shouldnt naively or not…cadamateri received a similar ban for a similar drug, ferdinand the same for his, players have had bans for recreational drugs…so i dont have any sympathy – will be good to see him back – dont forget that hes been paid £13k a week whilst weve had sticky bunn all season! said all that i’ll be glad to see his return in goal, jsut think the club could have made him speak out a bit and do more in the community anti drugs – even if he hasnt done anything “wrong”

  • The only annoying thing for me, was what Bednar got as a punishment. Fair enough his isn’t performance enhancing, but it is illegal.

  • Dead right Sheps, Bednar got away with using a hard drug, but because it wasn’t performance enhancing and didnt affect the great god football, so the no one was bothered. Paddy was an idiot. I cant feel sorry for him because he knows that ANY medicine has to be authorised by the clubs own doctor. As Warnock always said “Paddy’s a bit daft”but it will be great to see him back on Saturday.

  • paddy hasn’t been paid gleadless as he breached club policy. Yes sheps an excellent shout bednar practicaly got away with murder. What about the guy in italy who took the same drug as paddy and got a 5 game ban? thats my point and it was found that the drug that paddy took wasn’t match enhancing anyway.

  • You’re right on bednar, but from my knowledge he didn’t get caught using coke through football it was a newspaper sting – and unless I missed it he didn’t get charged- you’re right he was wrong but I guess regulations meant he got all he could… Plus if anyone knows a group of footballers coke is extremely rife in the sport and I know of a few of ours who’ve had to have “injuries” to avoid getting caught over the years – it’s only been tightened up recently thanks to platini

  • dont think you can not pay someone bfl – footballers are governed by same employment laws of the land and being married to an employment solicitor i know theres no way on this earth that he hasnt been paid – they simply cant do that – thats why they only get fined a maximum of 2 weeks wages – never any more than that…so he has cost the club well over £500k in wages and associated costs (NI, pensions etc)

  • mmmmmmmm know where your coming from gleadless but im sure he either wasn’t paid or he had a massive wage reduction. glad to see the lad back though just hope we can keep hold of simmo. reckon simmo would be no1 to be honnest hes been excellent

  • Simonsen has just signed a new contract at Stoke and Pulis stated they want 3 senior keepers at the club. I don’t think there’s a chance we’ll sign him, especially when we have at least 2 competent keepers already.

  • we haven’t 2 competent keepers at the club though and the management team have highlighted that by bringing in 3 loan keepers to replace kenny and overlooking bennett at every given chance. no point bennett being here. the first player i expect to leave S2 in the summer.

  • Isnt Benno going double up to do some goalkeeper coaching? Does that mean Andy Leaning is going to be a budget cut?

  • No chance of simmo at all, forget that – weve paddy on a couple of years deal, they arent going to pay out more – plus there are enough decent keepers at prem clubs if you need one for a month or so…Kenny with the estonian is enough to start with next year with people such as simmo, foster, kruhl at newcastle for exaple all available for the odd month loan

  • your spot on gleadless but we didn’t and won’t go for keepers of that quality thats my point. it would be nice to have kenny and simmo at the club battling away for that no 1 shirt. lets be fair paddy has had it very very easy for the last 5 years that’s half the lads problem. ditch benno and the non discript estonian and bring in simmo. that getting rid of 2 wages for one even though it will probably even itself out in terms of money. its quality we need now and the keeper crisis has cost us big time this season amongst others.

  • With reducing budgets a second big wage keeper would be a luxury we cant afford, better to spend the money on a replacement for Monty.

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