Date: 3rd November 2009 at 1:49pm
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Sheffield United slumped to a fourth straight defeat at home to Newcastle United last night, but were unlucky to not claim a point.

A magnificent save by Steve Harper denied the Blades in the closing moments, and despite not winning in seven games, Kevin Blackwell’s men can take some encouragement from an ‘entertaining’ game at Bramall Lane (That’s not a mis-print).

Blackwell made two changes to the team, with Jordan Stewart and Andrew Davies replacing Andy Taylor and Glen Little, reverting wantaway defender Matthew Kilgallon to an unfamiliar left-back role.

The winning goal had a slice of good fortune in it, as Kevin Nolan won possession from Kyle Walker, and finding Ryan Taylor whose thirty yard shot deflected off the back of Chris Morgan, and completely wrong-footed Ian Bennett before rolling into the bottom corner of the goal at the Kop end.

Just minutes before Taylor’s effort, the Magpies had come close to opening the lead when Andy Carroll had headed against the base of the post.

Despite these two efforts, and a routine stop for Bennet before hand, the visitors created very little.

United created the first real chance of the game inside ten minutes, when Welsh international Ched Evans slid through Darius Henderson, but despite hitting a goal scoring streak of late, dragged his effort wide from a good position.

Keith Treacy, playing on the right wing fired over from 18 yards when Henderson had laid off a Stewart cross, and Stephen Quinn’s effort had similar results.

The goal came for the visitors just after half-time, and was a double blow for United as Kyle Walker had to be replaced with a ligament damage that could see him out for up to a month.

United continued to pile on the pressure, and introduced Henri Camara and David Cotterill but it was to no avail despite five minutes of added time.

Keith Treacy had time at the far post to control, but his shot was saved well by Harper, before the Newcastle number one preserved the points for the Magpies keeping out Darius Henderson’s header in the closing stages.

Overall, an improved performance by the Blades, who were unlucky not to take at least a point from the game. Chris Morgan’s booking means he will miss next monday’s televised game at Oakwell, and with Kyle Walker missing also, the Blades will be struggling to fill the backline.


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  • A number of encouraging signs that a few players are beginning to settle with each other. Like Sheps, I was also impressed with Andrew Davies. I had always rated him in the air, but wasnt sure about on the floor. Last night his positioning on the left of Morgs was much better (Morgs only had to bail him out once) in the air he won almost all challenges and he also began to show a bit of composure. He is clearly getting match fit, and might just be Killas replacement. Hendo worked hard and laid off well all night, and Evans looked much better but both strikers are suffering from lack of confidence, both had first half chances to win the game but didnt hit the target. In the mid field Quinn may as well have been sitting next to me for all the contribution he made, if he stopped talking so much and waving his arms about every ten seconds he might be able to get on with his job. I was puzzled by Stewart being put out wide left, he is a poor full back, and certainly not a midfielder. Surely there had to be a place for Littles composure and ability to pick a pass even if his legs only lasted an hour? Treacy continues to go backwards, one spectacular goal had us all fooled. I thought Nolan went through Walker prior to the goal, but those around me seemed to think it was OK, but when the luck is against you by hell it keeps getting worse.

  • The biggest thing I noticed yesterday was Newcastles composure on the ball compared to us. I do agree we didn’t deserve to lose but it did seem as if newcastle had a bit more of a gameplan and system. In the second half except for the final five minutes we looked utterly clueless. I still think Ched Evans was poor last night and doesn’t really look like scoring. Hendo put in another good shift but again his goal threat is minimal. Agree that Quinn is absolutely inaffective it is such a shame because i remember in his first few starts in the prem he looked like a world beater. I do like Harper and think with a solid partner we could have a decent centre midfield. Stewart also put in a shift but it is true he is not a winger. Walker put in a television performance last nite and had guttierez in his back pocket until the goal. At the time I didn’t think it was a foul but haven’t seen a replay. Davies was ok yesterday it must be said and the defence looked pretty solid. But Carroll on his own still seemed to bully morgan as Adebola and bothroyd have done before. Overall I thought we played well in the first half and our lack of a goalscorer showed second half after conceding we seemed to revert back to long ball tactics and didn’t look threatening. There are definitely problems though no win in seven shows this.

  • A frustrating one for me. I was sat at half time really pleased with what i had seen. Hendo had looked on drugs, i thought he was fantastic, the defence looked pretty solid and Treacey and Walker had looked good coming forward for the team. but for some very wayward finishing (which definately comes from a lack of confidence) i had been fairly pleased. Then they came out for the second half to rejoin a very average Newcastle team which 75% of the league would have beaten last night. Our passing became sloppy, too many balls were sent aimlessly up the field and to me it looked as though a concious effort had been made to nullify Enrique down our right side. Why on earth we ask walker to tone down his attacking and therefore restrict the best right back in the league baffles and annoys the hell out of me. Let him attack for gods sake, its no coincidence that we play well when walker is allowed to go forward. Couple that with the fact Treacey was then swapped with stewart had me wanting to beat the traffic home. A player with just the 1 foot (left) if you hadnt noticed cos blackie certainly hasn’t, found himself on the right wing for 20mins? we were 1-0 down at this stage so i dont buy the defensive duties crap. I am fast falling out with Cotts but at least he managed to get at least a couple of crosses in. And Little was on the bench? The players had given a decent account of themselves and deserved praise for their efforts but far too many resigned themselves to defeat too early. Is it the lack of confidence or the lack of quality? Its certainly wasn’t pleasant to watch in periods in that second half and i dont expect to see so many throw the towel in, it wouldn’t have happened in the past. Oh and does anyone know if Ched played last night?

  • We have now reached the point where we have nothing to lose (given that relegation is unthinkable). To my mind we need to play both Cotterill (he needs a long run to gain confidence) and Treacy (he needs to be signed permanently) as they are attacking players with real potential class (lets face it we have to attack as at pres we can’t defend!). Evans gets a lot of flack but he too has that potential and must be given an extended run both home and away (Camera and Creswell when fit give us sound impact alternatives). We need to rethink midfield – Quinn especially is not delivering – frankly would rather see Little given an extended run even though we know he will not last 90 mins. The return of Ward (please Lord make it soon) and Monty (ditto) will make a huge difference. With current injuries. the defence (so much our strength in the past) is now a massive problem – let’s not be fooled by Killgallon’s improved performance last night (he wants out and was on show to a potential new employer) and can’t be risked – why bring in Fortune if we are not prepared to play him. Lets face it KB is going nowhere but if we can turn it round before January, get vital players back and invest some of this alleged cash on actual quality in key areas maybe this season is not over for us yet!

  • I thought Harper played well and davies was much improved. For me both treacy and cotts are lightweight and Ched needs a good run in the side to build confidence. Kyle reid must wonder what hes doing at united (recently I wondered what im doing there!), he should be given a chance.

  • Sorry 100% disagree – Treacy and Cotts (as well as Evans) are the future – we have signed too many hackers – they are class and that is what we all want to see

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