Date: 21st September 2010 at 1:55pm
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Blades skipper Morgan speaks of his former partner..

Chris Morgan has spoken of his pleasure at playing alongside Phil Jagielka, and believes he will be an England International for years to come.

Jagielka, who spent eight years at Bramall Lane, after signing his first professional deal started England’s first two qualifiers for the European Championship in 2012, firmly asserting himself in Fabio Capello’s plans.

Whilst it’s likely he will face a tougher task with a return to full fitness, his performances so far have done nothing to harm his chances of being a fully fledged member of the Three Lions.

Blades captain, Morgan, who partnered the Everton man, spoke to ‘’ of how his rise to prominence almost never happened.

“You could see from an early age, even before I arrived here, when he was chucked into the first team early doors and played central midfield as well as right back that he was quality. He laughed at me when I thought his best position was centre half, especially stepping up into the Premier League. I thought everything he had made him the perfect centre half.”

It was clear for most Blades to see Jagielka’s best position, although he played at right-back for the majority of the successful 2002/03 season, and early claims that he could replace Gary Neville in the England team were brandished around by the fans.

However, the young Jagielka reverted to the centre of the field, where he swapped between midfield and defence under Neil Warnock, and even played in midfield for much of the promotion season (where he won the FourFourTwo Championship player of the year) and also finished amongst the clubs top scorers in the Premier League.

When he left the club in 2007, he had a steady start at Everton with many wondering why such a fee had been paid, but it wasn’t until he moved back into defence that he began justifying the move, and proving his ability.

Once again it was in defence where Jags shone, and MOrgan believes if he remains in this position, he can move onto even bigger things.

“He`s always been a good reader of the game, has a good physique and he`s very strong. He`s comfortable on the ball and he has all the attributes to make a good all round defender. I can see him becoming an England international for years to come.”


11 Replies to “Morgan ‘I was lucky to play with Jagielka’”

  • he had a clause that if we went down he went for £4m…so we could never have asked for £10m plus at that stage he wasnt worth it…hes done well – was very good the other week over in basle – plus he gave us 30 blades a wave with our jagielka chant near the end!

  • Fergie needs to get Jags to Old Trafford quick, Evans isnt going to make it as a top class centre back and when Jags establishes himself in the England team his price will double.

  • no 5h1t sherlock!! his value has already sored from 4m from when we sold him in 2007 to 17m not….talk about rubing our noses in it yet again!! everyone says macabe is a clever business man when look at jags now mr mac and he also had the oppertunity to sign cahill for 2m straight away and he only wanted to pay 1m….now he’s worth 20m and willbe a regular in the england squad in the next 12m months, he’s on the brink now!!! if only our club had enough about them instead of being bossed all the time!!

  • plus his tag was £4m- bolton paid that or £5m if i remeber right…and as ive said before united either agreed to jags agents demands or he would never have signed again – wevce been over this before

  • your wrong glouc…the guy that sits next to me is good friends with cahills dad…..he wanted to join permanantly but united refused to pay villa the 2m asking price….we offered 1m and refused to pay any more…..he continued to perform brilliantly for us and still we refused to pay villa 2m…why ***** knows…..then he went back to villa and warmed the bench up before bolton came back with a silly 5m offer out of nowhere…he then joined them…he’s now on all the top four’s radarand has a price tag of around 20m!!

  • and he’s a bug wendy fan…fact!!! all his family are apart from his 2 cousins who are blades and have season tickets in the south stand

  • Gleadless, you are wasting your time with that guy he lives in his own world. the rest of us know the facts on jags, and Cahill

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