Date: 18th October 2009 at 4:55pm
Written by: Gloucblade

Make no mistake, this defeat had nothing to do with any injury crisis. The starting eleven should have been good enough to see off an average but hardworking home team.

If any proof of Montgomery`s value to the side were needed, then watching an abject midfield minus his tireless running and his protection of the back four today, reaffirmed the need to get him fit quickly.

At the back, Morgan worked hard to cover the disinterested Matt Kilgallon whose attitude seemed something less than professional. His comments on Sky Sports News earlier in the week, followed by his strolling around Glanford Park for an hour, is a clear indication that he does not want to be at Bramall Lane.

Bunn picked another long range shot out of his net, the habit is getting monotonous.

This defeat just emphasises that United also miss the defensive strength that Gary Naysmith gives the left side and the confidence that Paddy Kenny gives his back four. It is too soon to panic but hurry back Monty, Wardie, Naysmith and please win that appeal Patrick!

The team lined up in a 4-4-2 formation, a departure from the “one up front” which was so successful last season, but repeatedly criticised by Blades fans. Davies played at right back with Walker in front of him down the flank?.. sometimes. Glenn Little was wide left, the two swapping wings repeatedly.

Walker`s pace down the right was causing Williams real problems, though his positioning was a bit questionable on occasion, and Harper was pushing forward. Evans was putting in good work, despite being less than fully fit and Henderson was holding up and laying off. Little took the eye on the left, seldom wasting a pass and producing a good supply of forward ball. For the first twenty minutes, United were steadily establishing a foothold in the game, with a succession of good moves, but with no end result. Hooper went to ground dramatically at the edge of the box with both Davies and Morgan giving him a piece of their minds for the “simulation” and ref Bates taking the easy way out by keeping his cards in his pocket.

Bunn had not been troubled in the game until the 23rd minute, McCann was unchallenged as he was allowed to look up, take in the scenery and hit a dipping shot from fully twenty five yards. Once again Bunn was beaten from distance, but the huge gap between the back four and midfield – where Quinn was largely anonymous – was allowing Scunthorpe far too much space.

Despite United looking stronger up front at the break, Murphy in the home goal still had very little to do.


When Blades fans were expecting a storming start to the second half, it was Grant McCann, who was having a birthday in midfield, had a chance straight from the kick off. Evans then burst through on his own to the edge of Scunthorpe`s box and was brought down by Mirfin, who was lucky only to see yellow from referee Bates who, as usual, was well behind play.

From the resulting free kick, Evans fired into Murphy`s bottom left corner, and the blades were back in the game – but only very briefly. Two minutes later, the Iron were back in front. Kilgallon and Bunn managed to contrive to make a mess of a simple long ball and from the resulting throw in on United`s left, Hooper in acres of space, who nodded on for Hayes to score easily.

Just a couple of minutes later Hooper fed Wright, whose shot rebounded off a post, for McCann totally alone once again, to notch his second with United`s defence AWOL.

Treacy replaced Little after an hour and Taylor came on for the tiring Stewart ten minutes later. Taylor instantly adding a bit more stability and positional sense at the back.

Report by Gloucblade
Blades had sold out the full 2,000 allocation with the additional away section of the Grove Wharf Stand full. Simmering just below the surface is a frustration amongst an increasing minority of fans, but this is usually confined to Bramall Lane. The away following are usually more positive but today we were treated to the full repertoire which has now moved on from booing and ironic “olays” to obscene chanting at their own team. It is hard to understand just how these fans think this will encourage the players to lift their game. Blades fans have every right to feel disappointed and let down by some of the recent performances, especially today, but their treatment of some of the young players is only going to bring back the nerves and fear which we saw in the early part of last Season.

Highlight of the Day

The £5 breakfast at Frankie & Bennies outside the ground, great value!

Kevin Blackwell
You can’t bring a big following and play like that – we just weren’t good enough, simple as that. We should have been good enough to get the result, despite the injuries. I apologise to the fans, we have let them down.

“I felt that we were disappointing in a few areas, although we started well. We created a few chances but they scored with their first attack and that’s the way things are going for us at the minute.

“A few people should have done better with their first goal, we were in the ascendancy at the time but we are getting punished for the slightest mistake.”


25 Replies to “McCann can- and he does!”

  • It was a shocking performance yesterday, a total waste of time and money! The worst ever performance under KB IMO. As glouc says injurys were no excuse as the starting 11 should have seen off Scunny. Jordan Stewart and Andrew Davies are not good enough for league 2 never mind the championship. Surely as a former goalkeeper himself, KB should see that Bunn is a liability. Bunn has been sussed and everyone we play are gonna be shooting from distance. Walker was awful IMO and Monty is a big miss now. Killa is not interested and is far from the player he was, he should be dropped to the bench or banished to the reserves until his head is right and his future sorted. Little was our best player yesterday, second only to Morgan who is trying to hold the defence together on his own. I really hope and pray that there is going to be a backlash from the players and KB for the Blackpool match on Tuesday, as they are a different side this season.

  • Though I was desperate to get rid of Robson, I admit I have never been a fan of KB as I felt his track record was mediocre, his tactical ability was suspect and his presence poor which made us look second rate and made it unlikely that we could attract real talent (the only thing Robson was actually good at – God help Thailand by the way!). However, I had real respect for his ability to instill a determination to fight to the death and was prepared to back him and give him the chance to move us on. He indeed took us from the depths to so close to the premiership… but the chink in the armour was all too apparent .. KB was great when our back was against the wall but totally lacks inspiration when hopes and possibilities are high. I am deeply concerned that he has now lost the confidence of the players and the ability to turn things around (remember we are as close to the relegation zone as the potential promotion places). Probably in a few months time he might be the ideal manager to keep us in this division but is that what we really want? Like Gloucblade I despise the way some fans too quickly turn on the team when things go wrong – it instills a defeatist culture. However, I am, after serious thought, going to join the KB out brigade – not because he is a bad manager but because if we really wish to move forward he is not the right man. This of course raises the question who is?

  • It was reminiscent of the Robson days but under that clown we had numerous days like this. We need a bit of perspective- we’re on a bad run of form like a few other teams are (newcastle, boro, wba till yesterday) and we just need to get through it. Things were far far worse under Robson because it was performances like that every week. Let’s not even remember some of the matches under warnock, heath etc.

  • harrogate, I have always backed KB, but there needs to be massive improvement asap. Otherwise, this season is going down the pan. Yesterday was a step back to Adrian Heath, worse than the worst of Robson. He must have lost the dressing room, if not the team have to come out fighting and put together a good run, if not I cant rule out shoes off! If that can cross my mind then that says something, I am far from a fickle fan. Im just so embarrased and disappointed about yesterdays debacle, what more can I say im gutted!

  • its not about yesterday its about the whole season so far…i’ve been saying for ages he ain’t the man to take us up and he isn’t a big enough pulling figure for sheff utd. harrogate hit the nail on the head when he said blackwell is a good fighying a relegation battle but as for promotion clueless….lets remember last season did we play good football?? yes away at wolves away at cardiff apart from that im stumped. can’t remember 1 game at home that we played really well and won. we finished 3rd last season by been ugly, dirty and having once chance and taking it…this season we have been sussed. BLACKWELL OUT!!!…also i’m bitterly dissapointed with mccabe…..i feel he’s lossed interest and it trying to recoup as much money as he can to do a runner if truth me known. he isn’t doing his best to make sheff utd a force, instigates the sale of our best players the minute someone shows any kind of interest and is more interested in his other buisness. sheff uts funds his other business which is the reasin our top players are sold as soon as the oppertunity arrives. All im saying is that mccabe regardless what people think should and as far as im concerned is responsable for our nose dive. beattie wanted to stay and he was forced out, killa wants to stay and we are treating him like crap (just like beattie), naughton wanted paying his worth and would have longed to have played for his boyhood team longer and walker didnt have the option as his was part of the naughton deal..again forced out to push through the deal (backs to the wall by spurs)….think about whats happened in the last 12 months, think about who’s been sold and think where we would have been if we had kept beattie? once again we blew our chance by flapping and acting like a small minded club with absolutely no ambitions….it hurts to say it but its absolutely true. as far as im concerned mccabe needs to prove that he has promotion ambitions….he WILL come under fire soon…and its going to get a lot worse before it gets better. january is make or break for mccabe….i predict key players leaving and not replaced yet again..wether we are top of the championship or rock bottom we will sell because we have no desire to be a big club…thats always been the ethos about sheff utd.

  • It makes me chuckle that KB tried to not use the injuries as an excuse but then went on for the rest of the statement mentioning injuries at every chance. I just dont like KB. I think he has been lucky since he took over and now it its begining to show. Shoes off for me!!!

  • ok i’d luv to start talking about who would be the ideal person to replace blackwell….so lets get cracking who’s going to get us promoted this season!!!

  • Im not happy at the minute, there appears to be alot of things wrong in that dressing room. Lack of trust between the players, an ever spreading lack of confidence affecting players that you wouldn’t expect, Killa’s comments which will split the dressing room, players not getting a chance on the sidelines (reid must wonder why he was brought to the club) and perhaps most frustratingly for me the mixed signals that come out all the time….’so and so’s injured and wont make it’ yet we turn up and they are playing? Why did BOTH Ched and Hendo play the full match when both were injured beforehand and both used as partial excuses post THE worst second half performance i have witnessed in years? Perhaps if the players were to give up their weeks obscene wages they might think twice about letting so many people down (and maybe our ‘crippling’ financial situation that we are led to believe would look more rosy) Again the mixed signals on that front really annoy me.

  • I must say i was disgusted with some of the fans yesterday. I appreciate that boredom was a factor in the game and that some of our fans have the brain cells to rival a small animal but it wont be the football that stops me going, it will be the morons that you can see falling of the edge of their seat in anticipation for the first misplaced pass. I thought the first 20 mins was ok yesterday, it looked as though we could win before the capitulation but a bloke sat no more than 5 seats from me got up and chanted for Blackwell Out after Walker failed to get on the end of a pass in the 10th minute. If you only go to moan throughout the game then find something else to do because you obviously don’t enjoy going. What did people do when we spent 14 years straight in the championship? Thats right they didn’t go cos we used to get an average 15,000.

  • There was a lot more I would have like to have said about the so called ‘fans’ in my report, but as the article is picked up on various web news sites, I daren’t. Some of the disgusting language and obscene behaviour which came out of a certain section of the away following would certainly have put parents with children and women off any future away games. Yes, the team performance was gutless but the aggression and viciousness from certain sections of the away following reminded me of the bad old days of the 70’s and early 80’s. Expectations are high at BDTBL, perhaps unrealistically high sometimes, and patience is short among the fans, but I for one hope that those chanting the obcene songs at the team hate it so much that they stay at home in future, Saturday was not a pleasant experience on or off the pitch. And we wonder why players won’t come over to thank their fans at the end of the game!

  • On the subject of team management, with all due respect to those on this page who want to speculate on who should replace KB, save your breath and vivid imagination and channel your energy into realistic topics. Blackwell is going NOWHERE. He has signed a contract extension, and even if KMcC wanted him out – which he wont – buying out his contract would be far too expensive.

  • same mistakes over and over and over again!! if blackwell doesn’t go and maccabe doesn’t book his ideas up i fear the worse…..and a player exodus….followed by years of midtable garbage if not relegation!!

  • harrogate you summed upa lot of my feelings..ive no time for what we saw at the weekend from fans and never boo, or chant for managers to go..however i do understand some frustrations – we havent learned any lessons as a baord…Warnock got us up, fair play but then proved he wasnt good enough int he prem and we went down – the lesson to learn was that managers have a ceiling in their ability – robson was a fiasco and KB did well and kept us up cos make no mistake robson would have took us down…the mistake was not learning from NW and his season in the prem (and i say this with hindsight cos i thought he deserved a shot at prem, time jsut told us he wasnt up to it and the pressure was too much) and appointing KB as full time manager – he is a backs to the wall guy, great for six months, we should have learned from leeds who made the same mistake on the fella…i apprecitate his record appears good but its bene truly awful football since the start of last season and losing to burnley three times the same way should have seen the end…i think fans (and again i dont like the abuse people get) are venting their frustration at a) Blackwell and the ugly football played when there have been decent footballers at the club and b) the board as theyve seen ample good players leave, season ticket sales remain high, parachute money wasted, west ham money wasted and very little from mr mac…I think KB will go soon if results dont pick up just becasue football club boards are fickle – once fans start on them (which will come) they will sack him – remeber Mr mac backed robson to the hilt after we lost at hillsborough – less than a month later he was out…and he’ll do the same last point is i think its much more than a minority who want him out – i think the majority jsut keep their mouths closed at the game (much like i do) as they see the negatives from chants like that but if they lose at blackpool nad go behind against cardiff the knives will be out for him…at the end of the day his time is up, the team doesnt play for him, his tactics are increasingly bizarre (why play walker when little could play on the right and either reid or treacy were available for the left, or stewart with taylor left back?????) and i personally think that unless two decent results ( a draw and a win) matched by good solid effective positive perfromances happens he’ll soon be gone…

  • He has a chance to turn it round and I really hope he does. There was 1 bloke behind me who shouted ‘Blackwell Out’! He was very quickly told by 2 or 3 others to shut it. These voices are going to get louder if things dont improve. I dont boo at all, I dont always like what I see but, I always cheer the team on. However, the athmosphere at BDTBL has not been the same for a while now and players, management and board members surely must see this.

  • I read on another forum that Harper confronted KB after the whistle. Harper apparenty told KB he is useless and doesnt have a clue, Harper then turned away and went over to the Blades fans and threw his shirt into the crowd. I have to say that I had left the ground before the final whistle. If its true what Harper did then its very worrying. Also I have heard that there was another confrontation between speed and killa.

  • yeah i read that in the star this morning 100%, i find it very strange that Harper would do that – it doesn’t really make sense. However, the Killa issue sounds about right, publicly slapping Killa for a couple of defensive mistakes is possibly not the wisest move ever but if he’s been offered a new contract as the reports suggest a few weeks ago then patience is probably running out with the staff. In his interview he said ‘Sheffield’ have not offered me a new contract, the club says one has been offered and refused…someone is stretching the truth. It all looks like it will end messily but if his form and attitude continues as in the last few weeks we’re better off without him.

  • Glouc, i would have thought you would have made your own headlines up rather than asking Sheps to carry on with that side of things!!

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