Date: 27th November 2010 at 11:07pm
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Two first half penalties, a sending off, a goal direct from a corner and a star struck referee ensured that there was never a dull moment for the travelling Blades at a wintery Ashton Gate.

We had just commented that United had started well, ball on the floor and enjoying a good share of possession when with City`s first attack of any significance, Britton challenged for the ball inside the box and referee Miller was pointing to the spot before the City player hit the turf. The incident was at the far end of the ground away from the Blades fans so it was difficult to comment on the decision.

City posed little threat in the opening twenty minutes, but were looking to get their pacey wide men on the ball at every opportunity. United won a couple of corners, one of which gave Lowton a shot at goal which James got gown to well. Reid`s shot and Cresswell`s effort kept Calamity honest while Simonsen at the other end made an excellent save from Adomah then misjudged a cross and palmed weakly towards the wing, City unable to capitalize.

Just after the half hour, Fontaine`s shot hit Jordan / Cresswell and once again Mr. Miller was pointing to the spot with lightening speed. Again, before seeing the TV pictures of the incident, I can`t pass an opinion. Pitman put this one down the middle and the task for United was suddenly a mountainous one.

Simonsen saved well from Clarkson, then the game was effectively out of United`s reach just before the end of the half when in a staggeringly stupid ‘challenge` for a ball in midfield, Cresswell lunged with both feet off the ground, studs showing at the ball and /or Elliott. Referee Millers afternoon of decisive decision making continued as the red card was under Cresswell`s nose before he got up. Game over.

Ridiculous as it sounds, United had not played at all badly in the half. The passing game was working pretty well, Reid, Britton and Evans (yes, Evans) were working well, Monty was breaking things up and Bartley and Nosworthy were relatively comfortable. The lack of pace out wide was obvious but United seldom went to the long game, however the game was effectively beyond them by half time.

The second half was then very predictable and painful for the Blades contingent. City kept the ball; defended easily against the ten men and using their pace out wide were always a threat.

Simonsen pushed out a shot for a corner, then came for and completely missed the in swinging corner which curled in at the back post untouched. The keeper was not obstructed, he came for the ball totally misjudged its flight as it floated over his head and into the net. He had escaped unpunished for a similar error in the first half, but not this time.
The third goal signaled an exodus by some of the Blades fans, though they had remained vocal throughout the game, once again deserving better for their support and dedication.

Gloucs`s View
The predictable habit that United have developed this season of shooting themselves in the foot early in the game was there again, though this time it was a shot in both feet, and thanks to Cresswell`s totally brainless two footed lunge at a ball in no man`s land, a shot in the head as well. If I were Gary Speed I would fine him three weeks wages for being totally irresponsible and downright bone headed.

This leaves Speed with real problems for the visit of Reading next week and at Barnsley the week after. Two senseless challenges by Boggy & Cresswell have ruled them out for two and three more weeks, Ward is injured and Hendo still not fit. What`s left? Evans and young Slew, with nothing on the bench. The only positive thing about this is that it provides Ched with the opportunity to prove to the fans that he can take on responsibility.

Difficult times ahead I think.


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  • we are going down into league 1 for sure!!! rumoured £67m total debt my god has the co-op bank wrote off wendys debt and added it onto ours overnight??? what the ***** is happening at the lane… on earth are we in so much debt if this figure is true? wendy have got away with it like a dream we will file for administration and suffer in the lower leagues for years to come. Our problems lie much deeper than 2 silly pen decisions, a crap keeper, a dodgy ref and a manager than i feel isn’t up to management yet!!! Our only saviour is O’Driscoll to be brought in, with no money to spend,to build a squad like he has at donny and to play propper entertaining football…..Otherwise i really fear the worse. The purchase of the chinky club, the dodgy hungerian club, the empty hotel + other silly buildings in scarborough have been funded by sheff utd….confirmed, sealed and delivered by the bpard and spokesman of the club. So the daft comments regards to non footballing debts, plc bla bla bla and seperate business…what a load of tripe….the club have funded the lot..and now the club will suffer more than anything else….that’s the way todo it macabe… the debt in now lad and finish us all off….what a blades fan!!! the wendys are absolutely *****ing themselves and rightly so!!

  • who cares what wendy fans are doing?! it doesnt matter just focus on us and not them…mccabe will not put us into administration fact – he loses too much money that way….if he ever wants hismoney back without someone buying him out he’ll take the ground – the only thing that we have that is worth anything…

  • good post gleadless kmc owns the club still and is a blade. though it seems that if you ignore all the rules and have a bank willing to write off the debt you can come out of it not going into admin and owing nobody anything. only in football!!!!

  • Dodgy second penalty, a booking not a sending off, and a foul on the keeper. I was lucky enough to be in the hospitality area and even the Bristol chairman was a little surprised by the ref’s decisions judging by an overheard comment at half-time.

    However, what does GS do – have a go at the players. Is it me or am I beginning to see a rerun of the Robson days. An apparent lack of passion, having a go publicly at the players and signs perhaps that he’s loosing the dressing room?

    However, the biggest problem is our debt – I wouldn’t mind so much if we’d seen something for it footballing wise – but we haven’t. How can this have got so bad so quickly in just 4 years. Now McCabe wants to hide behind a new chairman like he hid behind Blackwell. He’s the culprit and he needs to do some explaining.

  • Amazing. owe £25m, dont pay taxes, bring in 6 players on big wages knowing your club is bankrupt, your friendly bank writes off £17m of your debt – having increased it by £3m pre season, and end up debt free! could only happen in football. i have told the coop i am not paying my mortgage any more and the tax man i dont recognise him – think i will be ok?

  • I know and we’ve got a world cup venue amazing! I’ve just took my mortgage out with coop, brilliant firm always looking after the customers!

  • Well dad you seemed to take more positives from that game than me. The ‘run’ is over. We deserved nothing more than a hiding – suicidal defending, dodgy keeping, hopeless striking and a reckless tackle… I thought we missed Yates, Quinny was comparatively poor. Reid was dissapointing in the second half with stray passes and poor corners. We stayed til almost the end thinking Slew might be given some match practice for Saturday…but Speed left him warming the bench.

  • every pig has his day, wendy have waited a very long time for theirs, they better hope its not another false dawn……we’ll see. if i were you fowl25 i wouldnt be oinking just yet

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