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It’s that time of the year again for football fans up and down the country to add an extra spice to the new season by competing in the Telegraph Fantasy Football.

With a £50millon budget, can you out smart any Premier League manager by sourcing out the best eleven players that will give you the maximum points to win the league.

We’ve selected our VitalBlades XI which we hope will lead us to glory. We have also set up our own league and we would like you to join our community.

The league isn’t exclusive to Sheffield United fans, and is open to all supporters from any league. Details on how to join can be found below


League Name: VitalBlades League
League PIN: 8182052
4 Digit PIN: 1889

Who will you select in your dream team, would you play the same formation, or go for a traditional 4-4-2. Why not discuss your selection on the VitalBlades MessageBoard.

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