Date: 29th March 2015 at 10:58am
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After the first ten minutes of good pressure yesterday, we dropped off the game plan (if there was one). NC put out the same old team, one up front yet again at home. I thought we`d be on a good roll now, following two wins over Port Vale and Scunthorpe. It wasn`t to be.

Looking at the stats on the BBC website, we had more possession, more shots, and more corners and still managed to slip up and lose all three points.

It looked like the same culprits in the first team again. Baxter still doesn`t look like he did last season – yes he`s scored a couple of goals in the last couple of games but these have been from the spot. Harris scares me at the back still – I don`t think he`s the best option we have in that position. Brayford still doesn`t look as good as he did last season either. The least said about Coutts the better I think – he`s not effective at all in midfield. His passing isn`t up to standard and his style of football doesn`t suit – he hasn`t been effective for us since he came to the Lane.

It is frustrating sat there watching them, being 1-0 down and seeing players in forward positions with space in front of them, turn round and try and go back with the ball. I could hear quite a lot of frustration on the Kop, we should keep coming forward and not turning round and heading in the opposite direction! Even if they get tackled going forward we could always nick a corner or throw in in the opposition`s half. It`s the same as Howard, too many times yesterday we were losing and he was taking his time with goal kicks, or opting for the short lay out to a defender, rather than get the ball up field and putting immediate pressure on the opposing team. Sometimes when we are losing we play as though we are protecting a lead!

We seem to be relying on Murphy as the play maker – he`s a cracking talent, and always gets some good football in, and you can rely on him to put in a shift every game. We can`t rely on the one guy creating everything in a match though.

Davies did well holding the ball up front I think, although I think we need two up there to be honest, Done came on late in the second half, and made a nuisance of himself as usual which was good. I think Basham and Holt had a decent game as well.

I`m sure there`s loads of fans calling for NC to go now. Although we are up in the running for the play offs, we have dropped far too many points – we needed these to put pressure on the top two, which looks less likely now. Looking at the table, we`ve gone from a game in hand to having played one more now. Rochdale and Barnsley are sneaking up behind us now, so the match at Oakwell will have to be a win or we are in danger of dropping out of the running.

Anyway, I hope we can pick up three points at Barnsley, it will be a tough match as they are starting to pick up form, but hopefully we might increase the gap between us and the two teams below us.

Fingers crossed!



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