Date: 26th June 2020 at 9:00am
Written by: Adam Conway

Not quite up to scratch yet.

That seems to be the vibe that Gary Neville was giving off when talking about the situation surrounding Manchester United goalkeepers David De Gea and Dean Henderson.

There has been plenty of talk surrounding the future of Henderson, and where he is going to spend not only next season, but also looking more long-term.

Speaking on Sky Sports ahead of our game with Manchester United, Neville was of the mind-set that Henderson hasn’t quite developed into a player that is ready to deal with the ‘pressure’ that playing for a club the size of Manchester United entails.

“What I don’t buy into is the idea that Dean Henderson can just go in that goalmouth area at the Stretford End and adapt to the demands of being a Man Utd goalkeeper. It takes a special character. There’s no escape at this club and that’s why I’d just be a little bit cautious over Dean Henderson. With respect to Sheffield United, it’s very different making a mistake for Manchester United. It’d be a huge call to bring Henderson back to Old Trafford and make him No 1. You’re dismissing everything De Gea has done. I’d just urge caution.”

Do you agree with Gary Neville's comments?





So by the sounds of it, he doesn’t want Henderson to stay at Old Trafford next season, but what about on a more long-term basis?

That is arguably what is going to be the biggest factor of what happens this summer, with reports stating that he will only sign a new contract if he is promised the number one spot, although whether he specifically wants it now, or if he’s willing to go out on loan again and wait for the spot to become available is as yet clear.

What about you? What do you make of Neville’s comments regarding the Henderson situation?

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