Date: 7th September 2017 at 9:01am
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I`m back home and nearly got my bum crease back and sorted on the sofa. Just got back from holiday in Ibiza for a week, where I found myself looking like a teenager on transfer deadline day glued to my phone wondering whether we were going to lose any players and see who we might sign.

Heneghan and Donaldson look a decent pair to be honest, although I think we`re a bit heavy on the defenders at the moment, but I`m sure CW has a plan. We needed a striker, seeing Lavertry being side-lined with a busted cheek after the Derby game. I think everyone was expecting Devante Cole coming in, but CW pulled another shock out of the bag and brought in someone who the fans didn`t expect. I know Brooks has been doing well at international level recently and he could pair Sharp up front while Ched sorts his niggles out, but Donaldson is a proven Championship striker with pace so it will be interesting to see if he performs well for us.

Well, I was at the Barnsley game and enjoyed that win over them, but was a bit gutted that I missed the Derby County match and the comedy of errors that Derby did to hand us the three points. It`s about time we capitalised on mistakes that the opposition make, having seen most of ours get punished (thinking back to a back pass header from EEL last season!). Mind you I`m going to have to teach the missus not to book a holiday during the footy season and especially when there`s a home match on!

I know there`s only five games gone, but the table looks nice with us sat in fifth place, especially seeing the pigs from Swillsborough down there in 16th haha! A win away at Sunderland would keep our momentum going, give the lads a good confidence boost and the desire to keep on pushing for wins. I think S6 will have a difficult match this weekend against Forest, so I hope they draw or lose so that we can keep the gap between us.

I was hoping to get to the away match with the pigs this month, but was astounded by the away ticket prices they are charging. It would work out over eighty pounds for me and my lad to get in. I`m sure there was a twenty`s plenty campaign last season? Their away price is double our home price, which is absolutely shocking. I suppose that`s why I love BDTBL so much as the prices haven`t changed much since the mid-nineties. To charge that amount is very wrong and teams doing that should be looked in to, we`ve only a measly allocation as well, not very sporting at all. I think that we should return the favour when they visit the heart of the city in January and charge them fifty quid for the privilege! Looks like I`ll have to watch it on the box I suppose.

Anyway, I`ll be glued to the wireless and BBC Radio Sheffield commentary for the away game with my fingers crossed, and perhaps a couple of beers!

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Olly Longden (RFA)
Sheffield United MOD/Armed Forces Supporter`s Branch
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