Date: 4th August 2010 at 6:50pm
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Blades flop Luton Shelton will be on cloud nine this week after receiving glowing praise from Barcelona boss Pep Guardiola.

Guardiola, who led Barca to the Champions League two years ago came up against Shelton in a friendly last Thursday, and despite not being able to win the game for Norwegian side Valerenga, did catch the eye of the former Spannish international.

‘Luton Shelton was extremely fast,” the coach told Aftenposten. “He is from Jamaica, so maybe he is the son of Usain Bolt!

Shelton had an unsuccessful spell at Bramall Lane, being signed by Neil Warnock with the club in the Premier League, and despite impressing on his debut at Old Trafford, rarely got chance to show Blades fans what he was fully capable of.

His most famous moment at the Lane, came in the 2-1 FA Cup victory over Manchester City, when he opened the scoring with the help from a blue balloon.


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  • Good old Shelton, If that dick Rob Styles had awarded the certain penalty for the tackle from behind on Shelton by Heinze at Old Trafford on 17th April 2007, we would not have been relegated! LOL. With just four games left we were 5 points clear of West Sham. Team that night was : Kenny, Geary, Kozluk, Morgan, Kilgallon, Jagielka, Webber, Monty, Tonge, Kazim Richards, Shelton. Blades fans gave Rooney a lot of stick about his weight which wound him up enough to get him booked for a tackle on Jags. Man U fans on the radio after the game couldnt believe Styles hadnt awarded the penalty.

  • shelton was awful….a modern day littlejohn with none of his (limited) ability! Id forgot about him – surely one of the worst signings we’ve ever had…it wasnt that pen at man u glou, it was the open goal he missed at charlton in the first half 4 days later taht couldve made the difference between staying up or not! it was like the ball was an alien object as he didnt know whether to head or kick it or just to let it hit him and go in! he did none of them!!!!

  • He was very, very, very, VERY fast though gleadless!! He frightened the living daylights out of Man U’s defence at Old Trafford! I think your ‘awful’ comment was a bit harsh. He was young and certainly wasn’t what you’d call a finisher but he had potential in my opinion. One of the worst signings we’ve ever had? I can’t agree there either – Geoff Horsfield, Benoit Croissant, Ten Heuvel, Ryan France…. need I go on?

  • gary abblet beat that one!!!!! paid 1m and he played someting like 30 mins for the club… all boils down to that fact of we have never had a barrell of money to spend but when we have spent a bit of money on the odd occasions the signings have been awfull and not thought throuhg

  • gary abblet was good – he played loads of times for us – we only ever had him on loan before he snubbed us for birmingham…do you mean ebbrell?

    and blade 1889 – who the hell is benoit croissant?????ive never heard of him at all – wish i had though – if he could have played at the same time as laurent d-jaffa cake we could have had a food based team! horsfield was a shocker, mamadou seck was one we never saw but had a while and david sommeil…our big prem signing! axel smeets was crap too! In fact we’ve had some stinkers over the years havent we!

  • You don’t remember Benoit Croissant? He was a Lane legend…. no I’m only joking, I’m not sure he actually played a first team game for us? He was signed in the mid-90’s. I remember getting all excited because he sounded foreign and flambouyant(I was used to names like Gannon and Bryson). I thought he might have been our very own David Ginola but he ended up being pants!! Can you imagine what a field day Sheps would have if he’d signed for us now though. Just think of all the headlines he could use involving croissants!!!

  • exactly! i cant beleive i missed him….a foreign name did used to get us excitied – i remember chanting “jostein flo is an international” for ages once at the old baseball ground!

  • derr yeh my mistake i mean ebbrell!!!…what a shocker he was probably the worst ever!!…heard abblet was a type of blood cancer….best wishes to him and his family.

  • rogger neilson and jostein flow…those were the days eh…lol…flo with his trade marlhand and wrist bandage, was was all that about. he never played once without it. my onlycomplaints were that the club shop never sold them!!

  • What ever happened to Flo? Did he go back to Norway in the end? I always felt a bit sorry for him cos he was always a little bit in the shadow of his younger brother Torre Andre Flo. Now he was a great player!

  • Gleadless, I remember coming out of The Valley with the draw safely earned by a great Jon Stead goal in front of 3300 away Blades, saying to SonofGlouc “That will do it, we are safe now” Ah well….

  • Croissant never played first team football at BDTBL. He played in pre season games in 2001 then went to Tel Star in Holland and was never seen again!

  • Blade1889- Flo returned to Norway when he left BDTBL in 1996, played for a local team then retired in 2002. He then became director of football at Stromgodset. He played 79 times for Blades scoring 22 goals over two and a half years.

  • you can put your blades journal away now glouc… yeh as usual we got the 5h1t brother out of the two, typical of united

  • Cheers for doing the research Glouc!! I didn’t realise Croissant was with us as recently as 2001. That means he might still be playing? Perhaps we could look into signing him back. He could finally fulfill that potential! 😉

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