Date: 4th October 2009 at 2:22pm
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Kevin Blackwell has suggested that loans will not be brought in needlessly to fill in for the recent injuries.

The Blades suffered another blow yesterday when Nick Montgomery was withdrawn, adding to the other players who are missing such as Jamie Ward and James Harper.

However, with so many players on loan, the manager is restricted to how many he can use, with only five being allowed in the squad at once (yesterday, Davies, Cresswell and Treacy contributing the quota).

‘It is worrying because when I bring one in, another one gets injured – James Harper was also missing today because of his knee.

‘The problem is I can’t recruit anyone permanently and I already have six in on loan – and I can only name five in the squad. That means any more loanees would mean me shuffling the team round anyway.

‘On the positive side Gary Naysmith is doing well, Derek Geary is showing signs, Harper should be back in two weeks with Ward not far behind, and Lee Williamson is on the way back. Killa will be properly fit after the break so we have a good side still to come back in.

Many United fans will surely be buoyed by the news that Derek Geary is showing signs of improvement, and when Gary Naysmith returns to full fitness is will provide excellent competition for the full back places.


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  • for once i actually agree with something you say. whats even more stupid is that we didnt even stipulate that he couldn’t play against us on sat, it was donny that decided to play it clever and not bite the hand that feeds them – as far as we cared he could have played scored a hat trick and he’s on our books. sorry but that attitide is just careless and shows a lack of interest.

  • so we loan out sharp and bring in cresswell (what have we gained there then?) it all seems pointless to me.

  • Bfl, A couple of weeks ago I ‘invested’, in the 2008/9 DVD (the resolution is absolute carp and there are even some goals missing i.e Beattie free kick v Plymouth). However, for me watching some of the highlights back, it just shows what a team contribution Sharp made, also Beattie was pure quality. When you are in the kop you dont get a clear view of goals at the Bramall Lane end. I went to 37 games last season (I know that many Blades go to alot more), and it was the first time I have seen alot of the goals again. For me Sharp and Beattie could have been the best Blades striking parternship since, dare I say it?

  • united couldnt have stipulated that sharp couldnt play as that is third party influence of a player (anyone remember tevez) so it cant go into a loan contract…the prem have different rules taht say that anyone on loan cant play against their main club – the football league for some reason doesnt have this rule…Im no sharp fan but agree with comments about cresswell for sharp…Beattie was amazing, couldnt believe he got stick from fans – he played most games up front on his own and still scored plenty..hendo not half the player of beattie (and in my opinion doesnt actually work as hard) gets praise!! I cant believe we get cresswell and play him left wing – why do we have kyle reid?? KB always says he only signs players that are better than what we have…that kid isnt good enough so why sign him!

  • Some short memories around here on Billy, all of a sudden we need him! He had far too many chances under both the clown and Blackwell, and he was AWFUL. If he hadnt been one of our own, everyone would have been screaming for him to be sold. Cresswell will do a better job, he couldnt possibly do any worse.

  • i never liked sharp but for me cresswell isnt a good player, didnt think he did much at all on sat, plus his wages will be as high as sharps…overall though dont think either of them are any good!! Cresswell could be good as an impact sub to come on up front but is garbage out wide, he was when at stoke…someone yesterday called him a double pig at work – when i asked him what he meant he said he was a double pig cos he played for wendy and leeds! I did have to laugh at that one – a new one for me!

  • Though I would prefer to see us bring in Vokes (Coventry seem to have let him slip) the one diffrence between Sharp and Cresswell is that the latter has a track record of scoring at this level – Sharp has hardly set the world on fire since his move to Doncaster so all the comments about our style of play not suiting him are looking suspect!

  • nice one glouc…mel sterland, carlton palmer carl shutt nigel worthington all double pigs! ( i asked a pig mate last night!! – he thought it was hilarious and called Tony currie and brian deane and killa double pigs back!)

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