Date: 30th August 2009 at 11:26am
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David Cotterill rescued a point from the penalty spot after the Blades had been behind twice.

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  • Was it just me? Or did anyone else notice how out of sorts Killa was yesterday? Maybe he has something on his mind? For their first goal he was ball watching allowed Bednar to ghost away from him for a free header and for their second was wrong side of Bednar and nearly hauled him down and could have been an off early bath. Things aren’t right there. Other than that thought is was an entertaining match, we did deserve something out of it and the crowd was loud and I am sure spurred the players on. Still unbeaten in 5 leagues games and above the Piggies.

  • we showed yesterday that we need to bring some players in. we have one if not the smallest squads in this division. a 2-2 draw against the best side in this division was a good result however we lacked somewhat yesterday. we still havnt got that creativity and the midfield engine room looked really lacking. we need to show more killa instinct up front which is really dissapointing bearing in mind that we have just shelled out £3m on evans. i don’t know where we are going to be this season but we need to show some ability and i dont think we are really doing. again we made some silly mistakes at the back and were luck to get away with it. don’t think killa looked out of sorts really didnt have the best 45 mins in the second half, but you have to expect that over the course of the season. its up to blackwell to motivate and instigate things as well as bringing in the RIGHT players in the next 24 hours of the window. i know he’s got a very good win ratio here at the lane BUT….. for me he has to do better and match the clubs expectations regards to players coming in, keeping our prized assets and playing the right tactics that is going to get us promoted. i just don’t think he’s the man for us sorry. if the club allow killa to go in the next 24 hours they all want to hang their heads in shame. player wise we need at least 4-5 new players my choices would be beckford 2m (he’s on fire and a great age), bouazza 500k (good quality attacking player with pace), wood 750k (too good for the piggys & possible replacement for killa), tonge 500k (in a snip buy back deal), and someone like harper 2m (left in the cold at reading and desperate for a new challenge).

  • dream on eh, with the execption of harper i think all the players mentioned above are very realistic posibilities – i honnest believe that blackwell doesn’t know what he needs or wants. for me he picked the wrong team yesterday and i havn’t got a clue what cotts has to do to get a regular starting place.

  • WBA should have been beaten in the 1st half, we had all the ball in the 1st 45. I cant understand why ward is being played out of position wide right? Cotts should start and I would like to see ward and evans up front at home. Hendo suits KBs prefered away 4-5-1 formation but not 4-4-2 at home IMO. I think ward could be the pefect foil for evans up front. However, I thought it was an entertaining match but not a good result. A draw at the hawthorns would be a good result but, if we are going to be serious promotion contenders then we need to be beating the other serious promotion contenders at home. Last season we only took 4 points from the 2 teams that finished above us and burnley beat us home and away.

  • The positives from the first 5 games are that we have come from behind 4 times to get something out of games. How many times last season did we achieve that? The overall work rate and determination is encouraging. But what was Killa doing yesterday? Still I suppose if he was going to choose a game to have a mare, that was the right one with numerous scouts watching him, hopefully they will have reported back that he isnt up to Prem standards, and for any Wigan / Fulham / Blackburn / Everton scouts reading this, we certainly believe that he is hugely over rated and is lucky to be in the Championship let alone the dizzy heights of the Premiership.

  • 100%….Agree we should have won it by half time. Ward simply doesnt work wide, thought he was poor yesterday, Cotts gives us that width, but in the modern game wingers have to track back and work with their full back. Cotts has no positional sense whatsoever, is hopeless at any kind of defending and frankly can be a liability. Like the look of Treacy, when he is fully fit and can play 80 or 90 minutes he will be a real handfull. Lets hope by the time the pigs game comes around he is up to fitness, he is a match winner.

  • Sorry 100%, we came from behind FOUR TIMES, read what I said. Behind against Leicester, behind against Reading, behind against Baggies TWICE = coming from behind 4 times, as I said, Correct?

  • tell you what i’d have claude davis back tomorrow!! we are talking that we need extra cover at the back well..he’d fit the bill perfectly for us

  • first time ive been this season for a variety of reasons and its very hard to sum up yesterday for me without sounding too nagative – so i’ll start with positives – impressed with the left back (solid defensively and gets forward and takes free kicks – although not great at that a very good additin from KB), came back twice in a game that last season we’d have lost, also impressive looking keeper. Right the negatives / concerns…the style of football is poor, after the first 15 mins we reverted to type sadly – in treacy,ward and cotterill we have positive wingers but we almost refuse to build our game about getting these players on the ball – cotts first run when he came on resulted in the full back being booked – he nver got a pass after that whereas every ball should have been to him knowing the full back couldnt tackle him for fear of red card. Also massive centre halfs like wba had will easily dominate hendo, (who i know had a bit of rough ride from refs but really does foul far too much -ashley ward 2?!) also on the long ball we completely neutralise ched evans – he wants ball to feet and on at 6 occasions i saw him drop five yards to get the ball but was ignored and we watched the ball sail over him…we dont seem to really improve players through coaching – i refer mainly here to killa and quinn – i think killa is very good, but he has one weak element in his game (and its happened consistently since hes beenhere) and thats he cannot handle a long ball (not just twice yesterday where he almost gave a pen away grabbing the players shirt and the goals but i remember norwich away under robson where i think evans scored)…all us regulars know this about him, and other teams will aswell yet thorugh coaching it doesnt seem to improve…as for quinn he still hasnt learned to look up..for me he offers a good engine, puts his foot in, battles and looks for the ball- but he’s not much better than monty inhonesty at passing and we cant afford to have two men in centre mid who cannot pass well – i appreciate he scores a few but his and montys failure to play a good consistent pass wide means for me, we scrap games out rather than dominating – surely in order to open teams bit more hendrie has to be worth five games – yes i appreciate perhaps defensively we leave ourselves a bit more open but if the back four plus monts cant really handle most things we will struggle to press on…to end positively though i think we have started the season (points wise) very well, KB has made a couple of good signings (cheaply as well) for my money, i just think that we need to play more positively and use our more influential players…please dont think im on a downer cos im not i just think that WBA were poor, especially first half and were there for thetaking but we dont seem to take advantage of teams

  • someone was saying bhind us yseterday, and hope it was just hearsay, but his son had gone to lane to buy a new shirt with kilgallon on the back but they said that they had been told not to sell any with his name on….hopefully just nonesense ( i imagine our club shop would sell it and not offer a refund!!) – really hope we keep him – i think we will…otherwise KB needs to buy 3 or 4 defenders pretty quick!

  • @bladesforlife Claude Davis is an exceptional defender with an outstanding positional sense, but I agree with gleadlessblade that he is injured too much to be reliably useful.
    I’m wondering if this is to rosy tinted by me, but given the two slow starts and very strong finishes we’ve had under Blackwell, shouldn’t we be optimistic that we haven’t lost a game yet. If we keep the same trend as for the last two seasons, we’ll run away with this division. 🙂

  • everyone knows of claudes injury concerns but with morgs and killa as regulars the times will be far a few when davis is called upon, so he should be fit. just thought he was a good replacement for the departing bromby, he knows the club and on a free we have nothing to lose to be honnest. he’s amore than capable back up source and KB should consider him. good posting above gleadless and in a nut shell ok we are undefeated but we are looking very very average and predictable, KB hasn’t learned a single thing from last season and for me and many other it ain’t good enough. we look like a very average side in this division so and we need reinforcments and quick. we all know that we will fail to bring in any decent player in the next 24 hours but will probably sell killa for 2m. we will struggle on until january and again fail to bring in anyone that will make a difference then again we will sell 1 or 2 players that we needed to keep. its happened so many time so why should i be wrong this time. the only thing that is keeping blackwell in a job is that we dont lose that many game – but we play badly, negatively and draw far too many. i think i’d carry on and give blackwell up until november and if nothing has changed i’d sack him and give spedo the reigns. ruthless maybe but if we arn’t carefull we are going to leave it all too late to make the changes required to achieve promotion this season. sorry but out of the 6 games we have played this season we have looked pretty poor and all route one. again!!

  • Sorry but i have to disagree to a certain extent bfl. Ok, the style is similar to last season but the difference for me is that we can mix it up a bit. Hendo won alot yesterday but i have never ever seen anyone give so many fouls away. im sure the refs have got it in for him but he’s his own worst enemy at times. Anyway back to my point, our 1st half against Watford, and 2nd halfs at Reading and Leicester were phenomenal. In my opinion our attacking flair in those games mentioned proved to me that when we are on it, no one in this league will be able to cope with us. Our new wingers have slotted in well, Ward has started brightly and for me Cotterill should start at home every time. Im still optimistic, we look a more polished unit than last year, still have a quality defence and when Walker pushes on and overlaps, not many can handle the pressure we put on teams. KB although not the master tactician that Utd have the divine right to possess, still has the best winning record in the championship over 2 yrs and still knows what it takes to be challenging at the top end of the league. There’s some good teams at the top who will take some shifting lets not forget. Tough start on paper, decent points haul.

  • I agree TBW, we have had a tough start on paper, but I feel that we should be expecting to beat the likes of WBA at home to make a serious challenge. Like I said, a draw away at the hawthorns would have been a good result, not at home. However, I must say it was an entertaining match.
    Sorry glouc, my mistake, appologies.

  • 100% i must admit that the walk back to the car had me reflecting on a game that we should have won but the fact that we came back twice made it feel a little better than had we been leading twice and only got a point. But for 2 defensive mistakes (and they were very uncharacteristic at that) we would have taken the 3 points. West brom will be rarely out of the top 3 in my opinion so whilst it would have been great to beat them a point is pretty decent. Looking back to last year, we drew with Saints, Cov, Forest, Palace and Blackpool at Home and lost to the likes of Pigs, Wolves, Burnley, Reading and Donny. Plenty of points dropped to some poor teams in there. Thats where we can improve this year i suppose.

  • but will we get the wins we got last year to add to that? can’t see it mate but time will tell…..get ready for it because i reckon killa is off for 2m and sewart is coming in to replace him.

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