Date: 9th August 2018 at 8:27pm
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The workplace and football brings out the best banter – especially if you work in a place that is cultured with various football team supporters. It must have been a dull day to be asked if you would support a merged Sheffield side.

There was a Leeds United fan, a Aston Villa fan and myself, a Sheffield United fan. I know that this probably sounds like the beginning of a bad joke but believe it happened. The pair of them was debating the finer points of football a few days ago until one posed the question if I could support a merged Sheffield side.

My response cannot be repeated online but it did get me thinking….

A merger between Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday would extinct 280 years of joint footballing history. We’ve both had our hard times in the past three decades that I can recall but all this would have been for nothing.

A merger between the two Steel City clubs has been on the agenda before in the late 1990’s but never had any serious merit. When the former Don valley Stadium was built for the student games’ at the beginning of that decade it was suggested that the stadium be re-developed and both clubs ‘ground shared,’ much like Manchester City did (but without sharing) when they moved from Maine Road.

Local transport links with the Supertram could have made a viable option for both clubs but I am sure that the supporters of both clubs would agree that it wouldn’t feel like home. Since then United have rejuvenated Bramall Lane into the modern stadium it is now whilst Hillsborough is still fondly idolised for its historic charm by neutral fans.

In today’s society it would be unthinkable and the biggest question would be where do they play and what colours would they wear. Thankfully it was just a rhetorical question and, to the best of our knowledge there are no such plans to join both clubs together.

The question of a merger by my colleagues was only said in jest, but I call out to my fellow football supporters. It doesn’t matter which side of the city you support, Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester, Glasgow, Dundee, London etc – we are all passionate supporters at heart. But if your club was to merge with your rivals, could you support a new football club that is half your team and half your rival or, would you support someone else?

Maybe I would go back and follow Stocksbridge Park Steels on a regular basis. I went to quite a few fixtures when United were away and I had the opportunity to make the short journey to Bracken Moor. Or maybe I’d support a local side such as Rotherham or Barnsley. I might even take to trying to watch this elite Sheffield side for a few games, despite knowing that my heart would always belong to the red and white. It all seems unthinkable but if it did happen, what would you do?

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5 Replies to “Could You Support A United Sheffield?”

  • take one name from each team
    sheffield from owls
    united from Blades
    White from owls
    Red from Blades

  • A merger between Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday would kill football stone dead for me. I would have no further interest whatsoever
    Up the mighty Blades

  • I’ve heard somethings in my time growing up, but a merge between both steel city team’s. It would cause shockwaves like a nuclear bomb, it just wouldn’t work, there would be violence between both set’s of fan’s on a biblicle level, they would be murders it would cause so much tension with both club’s fighting for scraps over who would be the sole owner’s of a team that just would not workout. We will lose the historical derbys, the public banter and bragging rights would also go and it’s gone on since 1889 to the present day. And carry on for many many year’s in the future so whoever started this thread needs a good head wobble and forget this because it would not ever work. Which ground would be used, thousands of fan’s would say it’s against my religion to even enter each other’s grounds now deem it as bad luck to walk through the turnstiles before they sit down to watch a match. The feelings both set’s of fan’s go through when they look at the fixtures, when is it home or away the butterflies you get in your stomach win or lose it truely hurts both set’s of fan’s, you go to the pub to drown your sorrows some fan’s ring work pulling sickies just because they’ve lost, it’s a way of life in the city of Sheffield and it would all end if both club’s merge. Both team’s belongs to it’s supporters, every match would be played behind closed doors because both set’s of fan’s hate each other’s company. A stupid idea which will never happen. Whoever posted the first comment about this is off his rocker….born BOZSUFC…100% born and raised SHEFFIELD UNITED fan for 48yrs. UP THE BLADES…PEACE.

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