Date: 24th October 2009 at 7:54pm
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Defensive lapses cost United the points at Bramall Lane today, as Cardiff claimed the points in a seven goal thriller!

Wantaway defender Matt Kilgallon was the centre of attention and recipient of boos from the Bramall Lane faithful after his incompetence aided Cardiff City’s cause, in their 4-3 victory.

Kevin Blackwell recalled Evans, Treacy, Little and Bennett to the starting line-up as the Blades converted back to 4-4-2, but were rocked thirty minutes in when Andy Taylor was withdrawn through injury, replaced by Jordan Stewart.

The majority of the action came in a five minute spell at the end of the first half, which saw the Blades twice come from behind to keep the scores all square at half-time.

Bothroyd, who had previously had a header chalked off for offside, thought the linesman had put a premature end to his celebrations on 41 minutes, but the referee overruled his assistant to award the goal. Chris Morgan’s clearance hit the back of Kyle Walker, before the former Charlton man stroked the ball past Bennett. Whilst it didn’t settle well with many Blades fans, there would have been heated discussions had it been at the other end.

Within a minute, Darius Henderson had levelled, as Kyle Walker’s ball wasn’t dealt with by Hudson, and the striker fired the ball past Marshall from the left hand side of the goal.

Henderson, doubled his tally, just two minutes later, Evans header was saved, but the big man was on hand to bag his brace with a looping header.

Somehow, the visitors had found time to re-take the lead in between the two goals, after Bothroyd had been brought down in the area, Peter Whittingham had stepped up to beat Bennett from twelve yards.

Ian Bennett was called into action early in the second half, saving comfortably from a Joe Ledley shot, but was powerless to Whittingham’s second of the game. A long throw from the right was not dealt with by Walker or Kilgallon, and Whittingham had chance to allow the ball to travel the width of the six yard box, before striking on the turn to put the Bluebirds back in the lead.

Henri Camara was given a debut and shot narrowly wide from the edge of the box, and Matt Kilgallon had two shots off target, but it was his display at the back that will have concerned the 25,000 in attendance. Incompetent positioning allowed Chopra and Bothroyd to stroll through the defence with no danger of offside, and square to Whittingham who was on hand at the far post to claim his hat-trick.

James Harper netted his second Blades goal in injury time, benefiting from good work by Camara and Quinn, and the latter thought he’d equalised in the dying moments, but his rebound from Walker’s shot was ruled out for offside.

Vital Sheff Utd: Shepsblade
Well, where to begin, I haven’t had my say for a while but felt that this was the ideal time. Scoring three goals at home, you would expect to win the game, and had it not been for the defensive display, they would have. So, where did it all go wrong?

All successful teams, have a strong spine, and on this performance, the Blades spine is slightly crooked as only one half of each partnership is putting the work in.

Up front, Darius Henderson is putting £3million Ched Evans to shame with the effort in his performance, and Stephen Quinn, despite being slightly frustrating at times likes to be part of the game that James Harper watches pass by for ninety minutes.

However, the most crucial partnership of them all, the heart of defence is what’s most worrying. Chris Morgan and Matt Kilgallon have seen a solid defensive partnership ruined, for what reason is only to be speculated about. A complete lack of communication was evident today, with the usually bullish Morgan neither praising nor criticising the ex Leeds man, who was involved in a significant manner.

The 10,11,12,13 injuries we’re hearing about so often can only be used as an excuse for so long, and United were only Nick Montgomery and Jamie Ward short of the team that was winning games at the start of the season.

Kevin Blackwell
“I thought we played very well at times but clearly the goals conceded are a big disappointment and perhaps they summed up how things are going for us at the moment.

“For the penalty Bothroyd who is six foot five inches tall went down like a rag doll, and when Morgan cleared the ball it hit Walker and fell to a Cardiff player who would have been offside otherwise.

“The third goal was the most disappointing because we had talked about the second ball being important, and their fourth came about because we were throwing people forward and was understandable.

We only had Morgan, Kilgallon and Henderson from the team that won at Cardiff towards the end of last season today whereas they had almost the same players still there.”

Cotterill and Quinn obviously don’t count. Also, whose fault is it Howard and Bromby aren’t there? You sold them and changed the side, injuries didn’t take them to Reading and Leeds.


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  • Can’t quite believe you’ve given Henderson the MOTM! Yes he scored 2 goals but did very little else and didn’t have another shot on target. Working hard does not deserve MOTM otherwise Quinny would be MOTM every week. Our front line is quite simply atrocious at the minute! Henderson and Evans are on different planets and neither are mobile. The sooner Ward returns the better. The fact Blackwell and many fans seem to think Hendersons performances are good enough to keep him in the side every week is part of the reason we find ourselves in the bottom half!!! Hard work does not make up for a total lack of quality!!!!

  • As I have said previously on a different thread, Killa doesnt want to be at BDTBL, and its obvious that the communication between him and the rest of the team has broken down completely, hardly surprising given his childish sulking and lack of professionalism displayed in recent games. And no, Sheps, Cotterill doesnt count AT ALL.

  • Henderson was easily MOTM. Its not the front line we need to worry about – 3 goals at home should win EVERY game – its the boys at the back. Once again if any proof of Montys value to the team were needed, the lack of any tackling midfielders was again there for all to see yesterday.

  • Agreed, Henderson MOTM and Monty a big miss. As I have said on other threads, Killa should be dropped for a spell in the reserves as he is a complete liability at the moment. Why does KB keep selecting him when he is clearly not interested? The slapstick defending must stop!

  • He’s probably still working his way down the list of everyone at SUFC to blame, he must be down to the staff in the club shop by now……………

  • I don’t really know what to feel. On the one hand it was quite a refreshing performance with evident on the floor football being played. On the other hand we have conceded three of the softest goals I have seen at the lane.For the most part we dominated cardiff.Hendo was brilliant yesterday and as is said in the report seems as if he is playing up front on his own. You have to wonder if any homework was done on evans as his only redeeming feature is he shoots a lot usually from about 40 yards out. When you look at a layer like bothroyd you realise you can get a player 3 times as better for a third of the money.Equally I felt the left hand side of treacy and TaylorStewart worked really well. On the Harper topic I felt apart from a few mislaced passes he had a good game and was very busy breaking down attacks and always giving an option to be given te ball. Quinny definitely benefits from the short passing game. Killgallon was dreadful yesterday. How can a player who was a rock last season look so totally inept recently. He talks about being a premier league defender but so far he is nowhere near the likes of what cahill and jags were like at the lane. I hope it clicks and it clicks soon because coceding ten goals in 3 games is just not good enough.

  • killa wasnt great yesterday but morgs god bless him was awful…he has gone back to the days of robson where he had no confidence at all and is makingbasic mistakes..not jsut the first goal but getting caught out of position massively…i didnt think killa was that bad to be honest apart from neshing one tackle! Thought harper was ok to be honest and showed some many times did he go for a short pass for defenders jsut to smash it – same for quinn…treacy might as well sit with me! evans isnt the palyer we thought he’d be – a bad signing when money is for hendo, i thought he was dreadful…we dont use him right at all i grant people but for me yesterday there were three really good crosses that he didnt even try to attack, his touch woeful, giving the penalty away was terrible (one should have been given against him after about ten minutes for the exact same thing – their player pointed it out and next time ref was waiting for him to do it – embarrasing)adn i didnt think he worked the line mcuh..but for all that i think he is crucial to us but we need to suply him balls into the box and into his chest for hold up…there no point in him trying to head it to flick on cos evans isnt near him…camara – well he strolled less than treacy!! for me nothing has changged and KB has to go…the normally realiable morgs is getting less confident adn relaible as the games go on and we cant have that as Killa is going so we need a confident reliable skipper and centre half…we are conceding terrible goals – know waht people mean about monts but its no good when first three goals weren’t even school boy defending…what we need is a new manager – 21 goals against in 8 games…he has a strong squad and the way he talked about his squad being weak and not good enough- well he’s broought the majority in (after saying he’ll only bring in better quality!!!!) and then slagged them – bet they were desperate to paly well for him yesterday!!! Players arent playing for him simply put – he has to go!

  • I agree totally with southsides post, the first half yesterday was fantastic. The fans were getting behind the team and the players were responding. The problem at the minute is a confidence one too, as soon as we let 1 in the back four looked nervous. Granted we replied to both goals very quickly which was nice but the defence had shot it by then. Don’t try and tell me that game wasnt better, the ball was on the floor and the chances would have been more in number if we weren’t playing with 10 men (evans). Definately deserved more from the game and if Cardiff are in the top 4 then there wasn’t much between the teams. Stick with it, as soon as Killa is out the team, Williamson and Monty are in the middle, ward is on the wing and Camara is up front with Hendo things will be much rosier. Nice to see a striker running into channels by the way. I liked him.

  • I cant understand anyone who criticises Morgan, he is trying to defend on his own, does anyone agree? Killa doesnt deserve the shirt, he should be dropped simple as!

  • TOTALLY agree, 100% Morgan has been covering for the sulking Kilgallon for some time. He has also been trying to run a back line where constant changes at left back have confused everyone and at left back where young Kyle goes missing repeatedly.

  • i ahve to disagree lads..theres only been two players who have played left back and one is very experienced…I like morgs but he is struggling and people just want to balme it on killa – if killa has been that bad why is he playing him when he has davies and fortune there…KB would have just thrown him out completely – think people need to take rose tints off and look at it fairly…killa didnt do that much wrong on sat

  • Four goals conceded at home, ten goals conceded in the last three games confirms what I can clearly see happening on the pitch, Killa wants out, isnt communicating and has lost the respect of his team mates. No, he wasnt the worst defender on Saturday but if KB didnt play him and the result had been the same can you imagine the howls from the fans?

  • i cant see how he has lost his team mates respect glou- he had ashocker real shocker at scunny and for me was bad against west brom but aside from that from the games ive been to he has been ok adn have seen nothing to suggest his team mates have lost their respect for him…as for communication i dont see that either to be honest – i dont see people creeping round the back of morgs or others and players shouting at killa for not talking..and communication had nothing to do with goals on saturday – just rank defending…bad comunication between killa nad hendo for first at blackpool yes, but none of the other goals…There are four (five including keeps) back there and just one not playing well cannot be responsible for the last three results- jsut doesnt add up for me glou seems unrealistic..yes he wants out but he must be surely putting enough into games and training to keep his place..KB has a bigger ego than anyone and would gladly drop him and say his head has gone (in the same way NW did with devlin) adn play other players in his place and get supporters on his side with that argument…

  • Fair play gleadless, you have your views on killa/morgan and I have mine. There would be little point to this forum if everyone agreed on everything. One thing im sure we all agree on, is that something is still not right with united at the moment.

  • Sheps, can piggies vote on our poll? Recently there have been votes for Bunn as MOTM and today someone has voted for Robson! Ok, people are entitled to their own opinion, but Robson?

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