Date: 16th January 2011 at 4:24pm
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Blades fans have complained all season about the lack of any luck going their team`s way, well a large slice of that missing luck was repaid today at the Ricoh Arena. Some would even argue that we have used up a bit of the second half of the seasons allocation!

Mickey Adams surprised many by including both new signings, Mattock and Lowry, the later only having been introduced to his new colleagues on Friday. It certainly looked like a group of strangers as Coventry came out of the traps at break neck pace and won a succession of corners in the first ten minutes, as their wide men tore into United down the flanks and put the ball into the box at every opportunity.

United`s kindergarten back four ably assisted by Monty and Williamson struggled as the home side pounded away relentlessly, mixing up the direct approach with some neat passing and moving. Corner after corner continued to threaten Simonsen`s goal, but a combination of resolute defending, good goal keeping and some poor Coventry finishing kept the score blank.

Up front, Ward partnered Evans but neither saw much of the ball, both having to fall deep to help out in defence.

After half an hour Simonsen made a succession of outstanding saves as the pressure continued to build. Two double saves, the first of which was a stunning stop as McSheffrey looked certain to score then Eastwood looked to have broken the deadlock but the keeper was down quickly to make the save.

The pressure continued through to the half time whistle, when the travelling Blades fans breathed a sigh of relief and the Sky Blue fans shook their heads in disbelief at not going in four up.

Mercifully, United started the second half brightly and for ten minutes put City under a bit of pressure. Ertl had a half chance but it struck a defender as Quinn got a couple of good crosses in. The relief didn`t last very long as City picked up the pace again and Bartley and co had to pick up where they had left off. Mattock and Bartley were treading a fine line but their determination and sheer work rate was outstanding.

Half chances continued to come for Coventry, and from a McSheffrey free kick at the edge of the area the ball somehow rebounded off the bar and Simonsen and found its way onto the top of the net.

Shortly afterwards a rare flowing move from United produced the clearest opportunity of the game. Williamsons pass found Quinn on his own inside the area with only Westwood to beat. With plenty of time Quinn hit the ball against Westwood`s body and the chance to make a complete mockery of the game was gone.

Cresswell and Bogdanovic came on with fifteen to go and Britton replaced Williamson with a few minutes left. McSheffrey put another over the bar and United and the fantastic away Blades breathed again as referee Webster blew his whistle!

Gloucs`s View.
Phew. What an incredible game. We were hammered, mullered, pounded, thumped, and outplayed for eighty minutes, but could have, and SHOULD have taken all three points given the clearest chance in the game! Amazing. City fans will wonder how they didn`t win by five and Blades fans were just happy to slink away into the night with the point.


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  • A vital point, clean sheet and the three below all losing, would have taken that at the start of the day.

    Hope the new back four gel this week in training.

  • preston drew stonky!!!…..suppose the write up is one way to say we got absolutely battered from start to finish….christ it is really looking worrying both on the pitch and off it!! loand are not the way forward lets look in league 1 like wendy…..hate to say it but they have brought in some decent young and strong players that may well go on to be bargain buys. lets look in league 2 first MA and bring in le’fondre….then shop in league one near the top of the league…because this squad needs some pace and abit of quality….no more silly loans but some good perm signings.

  • Sorry about that BFL, I agree loan signings are no good, but if they keep us up it gives us a chance to have a good summer starting again.

    le’fondre, I can’t believe that he hasn’t been snapped up, he is a natural, can we afford him? What you think 1.5m that would be good for them and a sell on, afterall if he was any good we would sell him…

  • simmo was brilliant, the save from freddie eastwood and the one from mcsheffrey were top class, makes you wonder how he could give daft goals away like the one at forest. the kids at the back got better as the game went on and they learned each others names. there is plenty of pace between them. bartley led from the front.

  • I’m not too worried by fixed long-term loans – its just a fact of footballing life now but I do agree we need some decent permanent signings – Adams claims to know the lower divisions inside out so now is the time to prove it – though he needs some real financial backing. Adams seems to have given us some backbone – ok maybe we were lucky at Coventry but we could have just caved in as has happened too often this season as our atrocious goal difference shows. I see this result as a positive and hopefully one to build on.

  • le’fondre would be sold for approx 750k….he wants to go and deep down rotherham would welcome the money….he would be a bargain but and one deffinately for the future…..but like you touched on earlier stonky whats the point in making a statement like birtch and adams have by saying the acadamy is our future…when we had the best 2 young players to come through the youth policy in the last 20 years only to be told they HAD to move out, after half a season?…neither really wanted to we all know that just greed on behalf of the club directors to cash in quick….what hope do we have? really what hope do we have? any promising young players we be sold as soon straight away after half a dozen first team performances, we havent got the money to buy players, we carn’t even complete perm signings and the loan market is pretty dire from an sufc perspective….we were awfull yesterday and should have lossed the game. by reading the match stats and analysis anyone would think we were playing man utd or chelsea…fact is we were playing a poor coventry side!!!! MA needs to pick the best players from league 1 and 2 and try to get as many in before the end of january on perm deals or its simple we are doomed…..this squad hasn’t got anything about them at all. for me MA is the wrong man yet again….but he’s the cheap option and that what the board is all about. unfortunately he will get slated and probably sacked when we go down at the end of the season…..resulting in him probably hating his own club that he loves……he’s got dealt a bad hand here and his hands are tied im afraid!!!! like i said before the crap on the other side have brought in some good decent young prospects for next to nothing…we need to follow suit!!! sort it out blades board or we are down and set for a major down fall in money and sponsors…etc…etc!!!

  • on the simmo performance – isn’t it time he had a good game?….he’s made bad mistakes and not spoken to his deffenders all season and costs us points. laws of averages work out that he’s got to have at least 1 good game out of 46 matches!!

  • on the simmo performance – isn’t it time he had a good game?….he’s made bad mistakes and not spoken to his deffenders all season and costs us points. laws of averages work out that he’s got to have at least 1 good game out of 46 matches!!

  • Our aim this year now is staying up…

    BFL yes MA was the wrong man for most of us, but lets get behind the bloke, he loves the club and I hope this helps him find that extra 5/10% we need. Just think how you would be like, I know I would give any slackers a right going over if I was giving a team talk. I would have loved SOD, where the hell will he end up?

  • Our aim this year now is staying up…

    BFL yes MA was the wrong man for most of us, but lets get behind the bloke, he loves the club and I hope this helps him find that extra 5/10% we need. Just think how you would be like, I know I would give any slackers a right going over if I was giving a team talk. I would have loved SOD, where the hell will he end up?

  • im behind MA without a shaddow of a doubt just like everyone else is…but he yet again was the poor mans replacement. the fans are behind him but the board aren’t thats the massive problem here. i hear today palace have bidded 850k for james vaughaun…..go to see a club practicaly on the brink of closure can now prepare a bid for a good player to escape relegation… they can obviouslly see spending 850k in order to stay up if far better than not spending anything and losing 20m through going down!!!…shame we couldnt bring in someone like chopra 2 seasons ago when we went to wembley, if we did the club would have probably made 80m through a 500k loan deal!!! shame on you blades board!!

  • changing the subject……when irvine gets the boot…and he will soon especially when they don’t go up and finish 7th or 8th….do you think they will go for a cherap replacement? will they hell as like MM will go for a good manager as thats what the fans want and need to group together to end up where they want to be…..they would have done that regardless of a takeover or not…..thats the problem can you see where im coming from here!!!

  • wednesdays next manager is Gary Megson – absolute done deal…if Irvine fails in next five matches GM will be for palace how are they on the brink?? theyve been through administration adn have been taken over – that isnt on the brink! they’ll have less debt than most clubs – pretyt much like all clubs coming out of admin

  • what a tosser that bloke is….he will be bookies favourite thats for sure…..palace were on the brink last season and almost shut up shop things were that bad there…fact is people realise whats around the corner and if they dont do anything about it then…relegation will happen then the club will lose a hell of alot more than it would cose to bring in the required signings to keep us up. its a no brainer but the sheff utd board work in very misterious ways always have and always will far beyond all of our life times!!

  • Lots of press speculation down here in the South West that Britton is on his way back to Swans. No fee being mentioned.

  • he’s hardly pulled up any routes has he….too much of a dwarf and a light weight…98% of the time i don’t even notice he is on the pitch….let him go. as long as we get a decent fee for him so we can bring someone else in i couldn’t care a less…to be honnest i couldn’t care a less about the club at the moment. the worst thing we can do is to start selling players and making the squad weaker when the current lot luck like they don’t have enough to stay in this league as itis… start selling players would condem us to relegation. least the board are good at something and thats selling us down the river good and propper!!

  • Think he has a good touch, but not the best play maker in the division as Blackwell made out, Reid was 10 times the player. He is way too short, not the type MA will want, way too soft. As long as any fee want back in to the squad, but McKnob might be wanting to book his holiday and need some cash.

  • whos that a bus driver in italy or somewhere??…never heard of him!!! heard MA is confident he’s going to sign a player from the premiership today…in other words a kid in the third string from a premiership club….thats about right for our shower!!!

  • britton is very good -wasted at the lane he is…rarely gives it away, always wanting it – keeps them ticking over – he was the catalyst behind the point at home to donny when he came on – quick passes…to say hes only ahd a season in centre mid as hes always been played as a right winger i think is good—however ive heard hes off to swans, why not – hes not an adams type of player…so bfl do you wnat them to sell him or not – you contradict yourself! and cheer up a bit for gods sake – we are two unbeaten! we’d never heard of bartley had we but we like him – lets jsut wait and see what happens before we are start moaning! a win on sat and we’ll all behappy!

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