Date: 13th March 2011 at 6:35pm
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With just a third of the match played, it was game over for the meagre crowd at Vicarage Road, as two ex Hornets were already back in the Blades dressing room. Referee Whitestone ensured that the contest was effectively over before it had really begun when he dismissed Henderson and Williamson in quick succession.

United were already a goal down after 10 minutes following some comical defending. Mattock failed to close Buckley down, who crossed to no one in particular only for Collins to test his own keeper who could only parry for Graham to nod in the easiest goal he will score all season.

The warnings were there for all to see as early as the 5th minute as Mr Whitestone showed a yellow card to Watford`s Jenkins for an innocuous foul on Quinn. Henderson was then booked for using his arms in a challenge, followed a few minutes later by a second yellow for a late lunge for the ball in Watford`s six yard box which left full back Hodson on the floor, and stretchered off minutes later.

Henderson`s presence for 28 minutes had certainly given United a different dimension up front, he had held the ball well, provided a couple of good balls into the box and his sheer physical presence promised to upset the lumbering Taylor, but the old problem of heart ruling his head once again robbed his team of his potential impact on a game.

The frustration among the Blades players was plain for all to see, and minutes later it got worse as Williamson going for a high ball charged into Doyley shoulder first and referee Whitestone came running across waving his red card. Quinn could easily have followed Williamson as his angry protests in the referees face threatened to reduce things to a farce.

So after half an hour the game was over. Both sets of fans were denied any kind of a contest and predictably the atmosphere fell flat as both sets of fans waited for the inevitable to happen.

The second half was just a game of possession for the home side, though they never really capitalised on their numerical dominance as United`s nine worked hard to cover the gaps and limit the damage. The second goal came from a corner which was headed on by Thompson, pushed onto the bar by Simonsen, Taylor heading the rebound into the net.

Evans replaced Vokes, and then Yeates and Bogdanovic came on for Monty and Quinn who had run themselves into the ground and were totally exhausted.

The long suffering travelling Blades fans amused themselves by singing continually through out the second half, one strain of “Micky Adams Red & White Army` lasted a full 15 minutes.

Glouces’s View
This crazy season just goes on and on. Just when you think there is a glimmer of light after the win against Forest, we come up against a card waving referee and some boneheaded play from players who are supposed to be professionals. Add to that players who either are simply not good enough or don`t really care because they will be off back to their clubs once they have dumped us in the third tier, and the whole thing is a mess.

I am still waiting to see Doyle actually contribute anything to a game. Mattock continues to prove that he is the worst left back ever to pull on the shirt, and my heart is always in my mouth every time a cross or corner gets into Simonsen`s box.

My personal view on the sending`s off were that Henderson`s first yellow card was no more than a free kick and certainly not a card, his second yellow was deserved and could even have been a straight red having now seen it on TV. My first impression of Williamsons challenge was that it was a bad one, but with the benefit of the TV pictures, it looked like a yellow at worst.


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  • Totally agree that both Doyle and Mattock are either not good enough or not up for this fight. Williamson is almost as bad and oh how we miss Patrick between the sticks. Saturday was sickening after we had all received a shot of expectation after Tuesday. All we got was a shot of realism. We just aren’t good enough. Not looking forward to Leeds tearing the Lane up on Saturday – hope we havent given them the top tier.

  • agree with you sonof, and your old man. i thought the only people to come out of the game with any credit were the fantastic blades fans. the second half was just brilliant and that continuous singing of micky adams red and white army was the best i have ever heard. some of those players dont deserve us.

  • oh dear, i couldnt make it, called my mates up during half time adn they were already back on the M1 adn another bunch back in watford twon centre having a drink….very disapointing – hendos looks deserved to me, especially as on a bookign adn willo, well it might be harsh but jumping and charging into an opponent with no intent on the ball you are asking for trouble – especially if the ref is as card happy as described…adn sonof, yep pretty sure they have the top tier too….makes sense too, might as well sell some tickets seen as there wont be many blades there…they sold out weeks ago- lads at work didnt get a sniff but many (apparently!) have bought tickets in the utd end

  • Sounds like a recipe for trouble if Leeds fans are in the Kop on Saturday, thats all we need. Last time they came they broke the place up.

  • well i dont believe they are glou, jsut what the leeds lads at work are saying..they spout rubbish most of the time….nobodys that daft anymore are they – not when its hardly a big game…

  • Errrr…..We are talking LEEDS, Gleadless….’nobody is that daft anymore’!! If you believe that, I have a nice little one lady owner, low mileage car to sell you at a knockdown price!

  • ha ha glou – know what you mean but it gets threatened every time we play them (adn wendy for that matter) and apart from a few daft wendies (less than 10) the other year no one has gone in other ends…load of garbage – mind you if they are in utd end theyll be ok cos theyll be hardly any blades in the ground! any they’re all idiots who get involved in taht nonesense..quickest way to jail and never watching footy again being involved in that..sounds ok after this season!!

  • LOL Gleadless, if you haven’t watched United in the third division before, you might want to get involved in a bit of nonsense yourself on Saturday and get banned, it would save you a great deal of mental pain next season……Tell him Harrogate.

  • i remember division three jsut fine glou – not the prettiest of football but some brilliant days out – the deane agana hat tricks at home ot chester, deano’s equaliser at port vale, beating first division newcastle in the cup (mirandino and all!), alan roberts adn jock bryson tearing down the flanks, losing out to norwich in facup…was a brilliant season – having chesterfield doing the double on us less fun! enjoyed it last time and although i dont think we’ll be coming straight back up chance to tick off loads of grounds..cant beat watching united some place new

  • The way things are sliding you might well be ticking off some League 2 grounds the season after next… all aboard for Crawley.

  • unfortunately youre right micky is clearly out of his depth here…some of his decisions are a bit baffling to be honest adn hes not had much impact, adn defensively we look worse than ever…i feel for him in that he is working with some poor players bought by others but he hardly pulled up any trees with his signings (i mean marcus bent for gods sake)

  • I admire his honesty but sometimes feel that he says too much. Some recent interviews would lead many to question whether he has already given up?…

  • Yes, dead right TBW, I have thought the same thing. I have no problem with MA, but like you I want to see a bit more fight and backbone from him.

  • If he has given up though Glouc he would only be in the same boat as the likes of Williamson, Mattock and Nosworthy who clearly don’t give a damn. I have been impressed with Quinn and Monty and a few others that obviously still care but our major problem is that we have a toxic mix of those that do and those that don’t. I would like to see Lowton in Midfield centrally where he can get in the box and drive through the middle of the pitch. A bit like when we had the Kyles, he looks as though he’s the only one left with any confidence to pick the ball up and have a go. From the little i have seen i would also love to sign Vokes on a permanent deal too. He’s our type of player, perhaps Hendo should offer up some of his reported 14k a week to aid setting him on.

  • Fair point, TBW. I guess that will always be the problem if we mis- use the loan system as we have done for the past 3 seasons. I expect the likes of Vokes, Riise, Lowry, Boggy, Evans, Henderson, Nylon and Monty to leave / return to their clubs at the end of the season, though I would like to keep any or all of them. In addition, I hope to wave goodbye to the likes of Jordan, Mattock, Bent. There are a few others I would like to see gone if it were in the Championship, but the third division will require a few old heads so the likes of Cresswell, Ertl will be needed alongside Morgs, Simonsen, Yeates, Williamson, Collins, and hopefuly Quinn. On the positive side, Lowton looks to be a prospect, and the addition of a number of young players over the past few months has clearly strengthened at that level so hopefully there are a few more Kyles on their way to the first team. Dream on??

  • I’m sorry to keep banging on about this – but unless McCabe comes to his senses or someone takes the club off his hands we will be trapped in the same downward spiral – falling gates, loans and dross playing for us, relegation, falling gates etc.
    McCabe has made three bad managerial appointments – Robson, Speed and Adams. The latter clearly is out of his depth and doesn’t know which way to turn if the various rumours eminating from BDTBL are anywhere near the mark. McCabe HAS to get the next appointment right. Secondly he HAS to make the funds available to build and pay a squad of permanent players capable of gaining promotion at the first attempt. If he fails to do this then its non-league football within 4 years!! Do I think McCabe will/can do either thing – his current track record suggests not

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