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Blades Potential New Owner Opens Up Amid False Accusations

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The potential new owner of Sheffield United took to Twitter on Wednesday morning to release a statement on the recent claims stating his company is fake.

Dozy Mmobousi, the Nigerian businessman and director of Tingo Inc, addressed the reports which say one of his company’s, Tingo Airlines, was a fake business with a forged address and photoshopped images.

In 2019, Mr Mmobousi established Tingo Airlines Ltd (UK) with the aim of acquiring a license and operating flights between Europe and Africa. However, due to the outbreak of Covid-19 in early 2020, Mr Mmobuosi redirected his resources towards Tingo Mobile to develop Nwassa and Tingo Pay. Tingo Airlines Ltd (UK) is in the process of being dissolved.

The past couple of weeks is yet another example of why the media should not leak any information of the persons involved with a takeover of a football club until it is officially completed. 

There have been numerous articles from The Athletic and tweets from BBC Africa journalists with the attempt to tarnish Dozy Mmobousi’s name, and twist information to create something that is false.

With the press release from Mr Mmobousi, via Market Watch, this should put all doubts to rest about the legitimacy of the Nigerian. 

Sheffield United supporters should have zero concerns about Dozy Mmobousi’s genuineness going forward. 

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