Date: 3rd February 2010 at 6:09pm
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You have read the reports, seen the comedy goals on SSN, so there is little I want to add, and chances are no one wants to be reminded of the debacle that this game turned into. Yes, it was as bad as that. I had to miss the Blackpool game so I can’t compare that to last night, but this was certainly the worst performance by United this season – by a long way.

In brief painful summary, United had the better of the first twenty minutes, Morgan & Nosworthy looked solid as Hornets went long. Harper swung in two good corners Loach saved well from Morgan, Watford gradually getting Cleverley more involved. Stewart continued the nightmare from the Baggies game, Cleverly hit a post from a 25 yard free kick that wasn’t then Morgs got a knock in the ribs, and stayed down.

From a bouncing throw in, Morgan still in pain leaves for Bunn and Cleverley nodded in …slowly. Morgan replaced by Fortune. Ward looking off the pace.

Half time came with Cleverley beginning to run the show.

Second half. Too painful even to summarise.

Glouc’s View
I was disappointed with the performance at WBA last Saturday, but given that Baggies still have many players who were playing in the Premiership last season and that they are certainties to go back there shortly, I put it down to simply being outlayed by a much better side. No such excuse for the debacle that we had to sit through last night. Watford are a very ordinary side, competitive and hard working, but typical of the poor standard in the Championship this season.

The game had struggled along for 40 minutes of the first half then Morgan had to go off and everything collapsed from that point. For the first time in a very long time heads went down. United looked like a team of strangers who had just met up on the team coach. It was clear to see Watfords game plan, get Cleverley on the ball. The kid has great skill but United’s midfield never got near him to stop him playing.

Some of the kamikaze defending in the second half was horrific, but then without Morgan, Killa, Naysmith and Walker / Naughton what can we expect? Stewart at left back must surely be replaced by Kallio on Saturday.

United’s mid-field had no impact on the game whatsoever, and provided the front men with very little. Cresswell chased everything but that was usually miss hit or over hit hopefull balls in his general direction.

The fantastic travelling Blades fans who sang all night summed it up when, with a few minutes left, Quinn had a weak effort saved by Loach ‘We got a shot on target!’ chanted those who braved it to the end.

Some big changes needed in organisation, attitude and players for Saturday when Hulse & co. arrvive full of confidence after sorting Forest out !


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  • Just seen the goals on Calender, reminded me of Fred Karno’s Circus Christine Talbot could have defended better !!!!!

  • you did defend poorly,don’t agree with the very ordinary side comment.But hey, it’s about time we beat you boys eh

  • Yeah best thing about the night was the fish and chips..and they were average! Pleased to hear the very honest assessment from Blackwell. He is certainly not making excuses by saying there are now ‘mitigating circumstances’ at play i.e. a descimated defence. I fear a bad run now until the new backline gets to know each other and even then are they likely to be as good as what we had before – Killa, Morgs, Walker, Naughton, Kenny??? Watch them go and beat Derby on Saturday now!!

  • the problem is that 5 you named, three are no longer our players, one is suspended for a season and the other, although doing ok, is getting older and older and relies on others to cover him a hell of a lot of the time- the replacements brought in all season (taylor, stewart, davies, fortune,france) have all been inadequate when played – kallio ,from your dads reports, seems ok and im looking forward to seeing him but its still early days on him…if you hear KBs interviews from the other night he does go on to say missing walker kallio…time to bore off blackwell adn start owning up to a poor set of players that he has brought in – little, reid, bunn plus some others menioned before…and god knows why we are playing both cresswell and hendo up front together?!! that is never going to work as a combination – we have ward evans and camara who could all do a good second striker role playng off either of the others with new lad yeates on the wing…im just waiting for the excuse that yeates hasnt started yet cos the pitches are a bit heavy! Im sorry i know im negative here but we are going nowhere at all with him in charge, theres obviously no money and we are trying to get up on the cheap – we’ll get caught out good and proper next season when monts leaves for leeds on a free, harpers gone, williamson still not fit enough to play more than two games on the spin, morgs is in defence on his own, naysmith (is he out of contract at the end of the season), and we bang the ball to hendo and cresswell! The summer will see yet another team being built – that’ll make it the 11millionth team that KB has built in two years! what a clown!

  • I always read your posts gleadless and think you know what you are on about. However, i can’t agree with you on this one. How can Blackwell be anything other than unlucky. The very fact he has had to build 11 million teams in 2 years is that every time we get a player we sell them and month on month it appears as if he has to cut the cloth in order for us to survive. Im sure that this isn’t entirely the case and my patience with our lack of ambition is waning thin, testing the most hardent of optimists but surely Blackwell isn’t shipping the players in and out like a merry go round out of choice. This is top down and lies with the intentions of the board. He has kept us in and around the top 6 in a joke of a season so far when the whole team at some point has had to be juggled. Lesser managers would have cracked and we would have been in the soup deeper than most.

  • yeah thats a fair point tbw…and afterlsitening to football heaven and hearing that the football club owes mccabe £26m in loans (what on gods earth hsa that been spent on) and the non football club owes £22m you have a point…still have to question the ugly football and signings such as sun ji, howard, taylor, williamson(looks good but has a terrible injury record for last few years) adn fall outs with lots of players (gillespie, killa, speed, howard, sun)…i dont know maybe im more disallusioned with united than ever before – the club is going nowhere at all apart from dropping -yes they are 6th but i think we all know that they wont stay there, they simply arent good enough and dont play a style of football thats hard to play against – any half decent team must really love playing against us – a fact highlighted that we’ve failed to beat anyone in the top 8 and only taken 3 points out of 27against these teams….like us all ive seen some really dark times at the club (not paying players extremely dodgy chairman) but this is a really depressing one – we had a chance to become something but inept chairmanship/ leadership with regards managers and contracts given to players has left us in a right mess and the football we’ve seen for three seasons running is terrible – fans are bored with it…away support is lower than for a long time, home support is slowly dropping (we coldnt sell out for wendy for gods sake!), young local lads are sold, players such as monts who were never a first pick in the days of warnock just used when required (and effectively) are now the first name on team sheet….im just really fed up with it all and dont really look forward to games anymore

  • Come on Gleadless, I ‘m sure you are made of stronger stuff than that! All part of the roller coaster ride that comes with being a Blades fan. If you really want to get depressed, Harrogate & I can bore you for hours about the 70’s & early 80’s teams / management/ chairmen / ground / support / pigs domination etc! If you think this is bad, you should have been around then.

  • everyone had a go at me last season and the start of this season. I predicted what would happen and it has. Once again we sell our best players, replace them with crap…then wonder why!!! how can you sell players like beattie, walker, naughton, and killa and expect everything to be ok? all the rubbish about wages and players wanting to go is utter bull. beats never wanter to go, neither did walker or naughton they were pushed out!! the back 4-5 were our crown jewels last season and we have litterely sold these off and broken this apart. we cut or cloth constantly, sell players on, never replace them properly and still end up in massive debt. we are just going round in circles and will never achieve anything. ward will be the next one to be sold off as he is getting treat like crap and the board have now realised that they can make a mint on him. treat him like crap then they will feed us the same old bull that he was demanding too much in wages….we believe everything macabe says and the truth is he wants his money then he wants out. everything i said about the club after last season misserable playoff final was right…wait until hendo, monty, quinn, morgs and ward are sold in the summer because they will….your right gleadless!!! at least pompy get in the crap through being ambitious we still get in the crap financially when we sell of 3 premiership teams in 10 seasons!! were a fecking joke…and if us fans can’t speak our mind then fans won’t pay their fees and watch their team. get o’driscoll in NOW, because we are being managed terribly but ran even worse. if things stay as they are we will finish 9th and about 6 points adrift of the playoffs. wait for the cuts back next season…happy days, we will take it though because thats what sort of fans we are. we are a championship club and we are championship fans….neither want to be any better..we are happy as we are. we like to just keep on plodding along it’s easier and cheaper.

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