Date: 10th August 2010 at 1:58pm
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Sheffield United have re-signed Kyle Bartley on a loan deal until the end of the season.

Bartley spent a short time on loan in 2010, and impressed enough in his fourteen appearances for manager Kevin Blackwell to go back in for the youngster.

He will link up with Stephen Jordan, who joined the Blades yesterday, to give United some much needed cover at the back.

Blackwell said of the move: ‘I think this is a great move for both Kyle and the Sheffield United and I am delighted to bring in effectively a new player but one who knows how we operate and is comfortable at the club.

‘We saw last season that Kyle is a young player with great potential and the association was of great benefit to both of us, it is very gratifying that he has made public how much he enjoys being with the Blades and that Arsenal trust us to look after him while he is with us.

‘Getting him for a year means he can really concentrate on what we want from him and along with the signings of Jordan and Nosworthy it gives us real stability at the back.’

United’s necessary Summer recruitment appears to be all but over now, with the addition of Jordan and Bartley, so it’s thought any possible moves made in the market will be bonuses, although Blackwell has mentioned the possible recruitment of another winger before August is out.


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  • this is a great signing for us just slightly gutted that we didn’t have enough in our tank to make the move permanent…but wenger has obviouslly made it clear that he has a future at arsenal or so we are all lead to believe. can’t seebartley breaking into the starting 11 for at least 5 years so a permanent deal may be possible soon…but would other clubs be interested and could we show enough ambition to talk him into a permanent move? probably not. i’m not slating jordan before i’ve seen him play but to be honnest i don’t think he will get many games for us this season so a bit dissapointed we have decided on him and not someone else… what is really bugging me is the ambition…let me explain Cardiff city – loads of debt, talks of winding up ordersand unpaid tax bills – they manage to sign chopra and keep all there quality players apart from ledley… as soon as there embargo is lifted in comes 2 top quality players in koumas and olifinjana????? how how how!!! this is the sort of business we need to do and is deffinately the difference between getting promoted or plugging away in the championship for the next 13 seasons again!! we seem to be missing the desire to get promoted…cardiff are showing determination and ambition!! really p155es me off!!

  • or and just seen marlon king in meadowhall with what seemed to be his agent…..think of that what you willl lads but i kid you not!! he’s either been to the lane for talks or barnsley….dingles are needing a striker so that may be his destination…still got my dosh on him moving to coventry though under aidy bothroyd!!

  • i knew one of you lot would break the agreement and come onto our site first…so predictable…don’t moan when i post on yours – hows the league 1 football going anyway, or should i say division 3 football!! [Edited by Shepsblade]

  • the difference is bfl is cardiff are cheating…by not paying clubs, by not paying tax and by having embargos shows that their club isnt ran correctly – maybe that will change with the new owners who knows but do you want a club or not??/ at some point hmrc are going to wind a club up – make know bones about it someone will go and id much rather that be some one other than united – yes itd be great if we could throw money at it but it simply isnt there any more – weve done that and failed to get re-pronoted – now weve a few years of steadying the ship and then can maybe go again – mccabe wont be throwing money in like before so we have to live within our means…who knows whatll happen this season but if that squad stays fit, and maybe we could add one decent attacker on loan in september we’ll not be too far off the top six…cardiff are nothing to get excited about and wont go up…id much rahter our club was being run in the way it is, than be having embargos / be in court / have petitions against it all the time adn have fans protesting last season like cardiff had

  • bartley has signed long term deal at arsenal before joining us – he’ll be in their team within 3 years bfl – he’ll have this year with us, 6 months at arsenal, another premiership loan for half a season then be in and around the squad…this lad has real quality and will play for england within five years – some people have got it and this kid has…give him ten games to get into it and he’ll be quality this season….get nos at right back, him and morgs centre backs, taylor / jordan left back, get ertl in to midfield for a bit more presence with britton couple of wingers and evans and cresswell up front and we’ve a very decent starting eleven (well at home anyway!)

  • BFL, on the issue of Stephen Jordan, I would just remind you that you said exactly the same thing about Jamie Ward before you had seen him play, so lets have a look at him before we slag him off, eh! on that scum bag King, I really couldnt care less where he is or where he goes as long as its not to BDTBL, dont mention his name again please. On the subject of Cardiff, Gleadless is spot on with all his conmments. No other commercial business in Britain would be allowed to exist with the debts and tax arrears run up by some football clubs. Clubs like Cardiff, Portsmouth, Leeds, Leicester etc are CHEATING, if you had a business supplying a club like Portsmouth, and ended up being paid a fraction of what you were owed which then put you out of business, you would think differently.

  • Great loan signing. The kid has great long term potential and will be a fixture in Arsenals side in the years to come. I expect this season to be his break through year, I would have him alongside Morgs right away with Nos at right back and Taylor or Jordan at left back. Ertl into mid field and all of a sudden we have a more solid look to the defense. CONGRATULATIONS to Blackwell / Birch / McCabe for being ambitious enough to secure his return.

  • I’m going to reserve my judgement on Bartley until I see him in a settled side but I can’t agree with other people’s opinions that he’ll be in Arsenal’s and England’s side in a few years. There’s def potential there and he is very young but he looked very shaky at times last season and he is really poor at judging a header. That’s just my opinion though and as I say, he is still very young. One thing I def disagree on is Nos at right back! Whenever he’s played at full back he’s looked woeful!!! He’s a centre back or nothing for me. Good to see we’ve got a few options in defence now though.

  • Just in car after Hartlepool- awful the worst I’ve ever seen- will send a better update tomorrow but the 630 blades there deserve better than Blackwell in charge and one up front at Hartlepool and only two shots on target in the last three minutes- so so embarrassing

  • learned my lesson by now gleadless not to go to these sort of matches…just a total waste of money and so predictable in these circumstances..well done for going though fella.

  • i learned my lesson years ago to when warnock used to throw games like this but i couldnt get to cardiff or qpr so thought id pop along, ground to tick off and all that and young ones off school so took them..yeah i was a good one to miss…KB treated it like a pre season friendly – they never got into first gear let alone past it – only britton deserved any credit as he tried to get them going but he jsut got ignored as players jsut lumped it all game…kozzie wsa an embarrasment – not worth the £600 a week we are giving – he got tortutred by monkhouse and gave away a sloppy pen..monty was awful too – i was ne who made the case for him to stay but games like last night showed that he shouldnt be a starter – yes great at a cardiff game covering and breaking it up but last night the ball just got passed around him, he offered no support to james and chappell who deserved better, britton was all over doing his work, took no responsibility and didnt want the ball – to top it off it was his bad pass that led to their break fo rthe second….hes played at championship lvel for ten years and last night he looked conference standard – he should dominate games like taht…it said it all that our only two attmepts on target were in last few minutes when bartley played up front (replacing single striker cresswell!!!) – our only other shot was yeates who shot wide earlier in second half – that was it three attempts all game! three!! As for KB well he never stood up all game, so i give him credit for at last learning from NW and knowing how to chuck a game….the fact that he played one up front was a joke – i know he loves that system away from home but he didnt give chappel and james chance to get invovled on their debuts – really poor…he had a face like thunder when the away end celebrated as though a goal went in went bartley forced flinders into a save near the end – hartlepool fans were laughing and applauding us for being able to take the mick out of ourselves…i thought with the tough start we had (cardiff, boro, qpr) that he would have used this game to get a win under their belts, two or three goals and get into qpr…they prob still will turn them over but last night was a joke – nothing against pool but they arent great – wendy will stick four psat them at the end of the month…cracking little ground mind

  • yeates wasnt interested and never helped taylor – who had one of those nights that makes you realise how good naysmith was…ertl was ok, morgs struggling as god bless him he ahd one of those nights where a smarter player moved two yaards in fron tof him and he didnt know whether to go mark him or stand off – he stood off and got done to be honest – thye played around him – he did win some cracking headers though from corners when marking a giant player from them! cresswell didnt get a kick and didnt look interested…young lads didnt know what they were supposed to do and more senior players near them koz, monts didnt help them

  • just wants to add to gleadless i agree its not fair on the 600 and odd of us that went 2 shots on target and one of them was bartley who qwent upfront and not just that 1 upfront at hartlepool what was blackwell thinking

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