Date: 20th October 2009 at 9:57pm
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Apologies for the lack of match report from Blackpool. Our “away game correspondent” was unable to make it, as was I I’m afraid. But don’t refrain from talking about matters, and daring to read bladeforlife’s massive comment.

Kevin Blackwell made four changes to the team for the trip to the Seaside, with Andrew Davies, Glen Little, Ched Evans and Jordan Stewart being replaced by Richard Cresswell, Ryan France, Andy Taylor and David Cotterill. It also saw a first appearance of the season for midfielder Lee Williamson, who made the bench.

A scrappy match was turned around at half-time when Seasider’s boss Ian Holoway made two changes, introducing David Vaughan and top scorer, Charlie Adam.

The hosts then made the break through on sixty minutes, with a second goal in two games for Marcel Seip. The Dutchman meeting a Vaughan corner at the far post after Henderson had been unable to clear.

Just nine minutes later, veteran striker Jason Eull, who had begun the game in a deeper role made it two. This time full back Neal Eardly was the provider as he rolled the ball across goal for the ex Wimbledon man to double the lead.

Despite the introduction of Keith Treacy and Ched Evans, the Blades couldn’t hit back, and it was Charlie Adam who put the final nail in an already sealed coffin by netting Blackpool’s third.

Adam almost scored a speculative effort from forty five yards which dipped over Bunn, but fortunately landed on the roof of the net.
Kevin Blackwell
“I think that we played well in the first half and were just the better side, and up until the first goal went in there was nothing between the teams”.

“That was why Ian Holloway felt he had to make substitutions at half-time but then everything they hit went in. I can’t be too critical of the lads because they worked hard all night and sometimes the harder you work the worst things get – but let’s give credit to Blackpool who are really flying and giving everyone trouble at the moment.”

“Things just aren’t dropping for us at the moment, but for the first goal someone didn’t do their job and we get punished every time. We only had Chris Morgan of last season’s back five playing and that doesn’t help in terms of communication.

“We want to win every game but we don’t have the right to do it, especially when you have so many young players, in terms of experience, out there at once. We have some half-fit players playing with injuries and some are having to occupy positions they are not suited to.

“There is only one solution when times are tough and that is to work hard and get some of our injured players back. We have been on a fantastic run for a long time and this is the first time that we have been in this situation since I came.”


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  • Ouch, that sounded horrendous! Something is clearly wrong behind the scenes, it smells like more than a lack of confidence. Another distasteful encounter at the end between a couple of the players and fans again. Not good.

  • Couldn’t make it tonight but it was even painful listening to it on the radio! I don’t remember a chance all second half. I honestly think Blackwell has completely lost the dressing room. The players don’t want to play for him and I can’t blame them with the tactics he uses. If we go behind against Cardiff on Sat I can see a big chant of Blackwell out coming, and then some sections defending him, then the odd fight breaking out. Happy times at Bramall Lane 🙁

  • We have leaked 14 goals in the last 6 games! Its simply not good enough! Even after saturdays debacle, I thought KB and the lads might put up a fight and try to turn things round. I havent been tonight but from what I have heard it sounded like a total capitulation, where is the fighting spirit?

  • they have no spirit..players dont want to play for him..its been clear for a while its like that…id love to see training when they practice who can kick longest!!! too many players have fell out with him in a short space of time…he simply has to go win or lose against cardiff…a new guy needs to have ten games to work out a style of play, then the remaining 20 odd to push us toward promotion / play offs…andd macabe needs to dip into his pocket to buy some half decent talent before people turn on him to – you do have to ask where has all the money gone????

  • Listening to football heaven last night, KB stated that McCabe is at the moment globe trotting in a bid to drum up some investment. KB says there is no money. Or has the money been put to one side for stadium development? Who wants a 40,000 seater stadium with only 15,000 fans in it every week? Also, I hear Chengdu Blades have a new academy, who has paid for this?

  • I think the Kilgallon issue has caused a deep resentment among the players and is clearly having an effect on the field. It was obvious by the total lack of communication between Killa and Morgan at Scunny that there is bad feeling among the players. Whatever the feelings about KB, Killa is a disrupting infulence and should be put on gardening leave until he goes, presumably he wouldnt have played last night if Davies had been fit.

  • don’t talk wet glouc…killa on gardening leave. we need to get rid of blackwell then see a weight lift off the players backs…did anyone hear the clown on the radio after the match..he had a right for at seth bennett, spoke to him like he was a piece of ***** on his shoe and called him stupid!! if that is anything to go by then make no wonder he has lossed the dressing room…what bugs me is that any other club would have got rid by now…but we like to make things hard, painfull and hamper any chance of anyone coming in to have enough time to turn things around….or and yes sheff utd is mccabes food to feed all his other business and other clubs…all are doing well accept us. mccabes now got to do whats right and get rid because the attendances are going to drop massively in the next few weeks if not. we are going back years in a matter of months. you have to questions the clubs ambitions massively now im affraid. who ever deffends blackwell and thinks he’s doing a good job knows nothing about football…he is single handidly ripping a promotion worthy squad apart and mccabe is sitting back and watching him doing it….and they expect people turning up in there droves week in week out..*********. time for mccabe to get a grip..there’s playing safe and there is being unambitious (selling keys players) etc..i could go on for ever. the boo boys are already out and it’s up to mccabe as a blade and businessman to put a lid on this because i can see this exploding. he left nobson in a job far far too long and look what happened (we missed out on the playoff)..if he had acted 2 weeks before we would have made difference here…..mccabe doesn’t always show respect towards the blades fans..just over 26,000 is our average attendance so please don’t question the fans support in the middle of a very difficult financial time. killa is a 5m player easy and still young…we get a new manager they will be jumping through hoops to have a player like him at the club…he will sign a new improved contract is all down to blackwells man management skills and ellis is a complete waste of space…GET RID BEFORE THIS SQUAD GETS TOTALLY RIPPED APART, because we will be in for a very worrying time if this happens and i can sense it. get ready for the cardiff game and the blackwell out chants…some may start to get at mccabe..i really hope not but he has to prove himself that he wants promotion and wants to build a worthy squad…time to put some of the beattie, naughton, walker and huge wage saving costs into play eh mr mac (what we talking 3.5m beattie, 4.5m naughton and 2m walker)? that 10m plus wages plus the squad cutting right down to a level that hard to manage… have to start looking towards the board and mccabe. they have always moaned about the attendances and needing in access of 20,000 to progress and challenge well they are almost averaging 30,000 and still we are selling star players, not replacing them and doing what we have always done which is just plodding along with no ambitions at all…someone please tell me whats the point? how many chances do we want to get it right? ambition is a massive massive factore i don’t care what mccabe says at the expensive club organised dinners…just preaching and doing nothing. sheff utd feeds all other mccabes business – FACT!!

  • christ biggest comment yet that proves how upset and annoyed im getting, please don’t question my loyalties towards the blades as im one of these daft ones that gets no sleep when we lose and all my wages have gone on following the blades since i can remember. after the playoff final enough was enough for more away games not even the local games. next season could be the first time in 23 years that i dont own a season ticket…if the club don’t care and show no interest than why should i financially risk things by following them? same goes for everyone else. blades fans are good fans, great fans, but they have ambitions and goals..if the current board can’t forfill this then we need to start talking about a taveover!! as it stands we are going nowhere but down and into ruin so notthing to lose.

  • disagree glou with the comment on killa…yes he’s not playing well adn might be up his own backside but if Captain morgan isnt communicating with him cos he wants to leave who’s acting spoilt brat there…i dont believe that to be the case at all…killa (whilst not great last night) did put himself about a bit more, made a traditional barnstorming run and he and hendo were having a right go at each other after their first…he does want out, make no mistake but i dont think thats the root of the problems on the pitch in the slightest and players not getting on…thats due to a lack of team spirit, lack of leadership and players “playing” a style taht a) they dont like b) they dont want to play in and c) they know isnt working and bringing the best out in them…that’s why its not a happy camp…if youre qunny and harper and busting your balls to receive a pass off a defender who then launches it 70 yards to no one, and youve to turn adn sprint after it – fo 90 minutes i know id be arguing with people!

  • spot on gleadless, thats exactlly the point and like i say if blackwell doesn’t get sacked we are going to lose all the qaulity players because of blackwells ego! least nobson tried to play football..but this is as bad as it got under adrian heath the difference being blackwell has a more than capable squad to get promoted heath had a bunch of lower league on very low wages, blackwells got the total opposite and came to the club when it was in a very very good shape regardless of nobsons antics. we will end up with a squad on capable of midtable tops if blackwell continues to do what he is doing and the attendances will plumit big time. wave that magic wand mccabe im begging you, other wise blame will start pointing at you very very soon. a like mccabe very much and he’s done alot for sheff utd but….over the past 2 seasons he has proved very little ambition and selling our star assets when we want promotion is awfull….all of which didn’t really want to go but were shoved by mccabe because he was flapping about money…well the beattie sale which brought in 2.5-3.5m whatever you believe actually cost us 60m…great bit of businees all because mccabe got a squeeky bum. got to get a grip because its all going to fall apart and i believe it’s on the brink right now. a propper blade would put an end to this, interview the players individually then make a decision on the way forward. he’s got to go in order to maintain the squad of players we have. beattie scored 2 goals on sat, sharp is getting rave reviews and howard is running the midfield at reading…..who’s the problem at BNTBL then????

  • ive said many times htat the sale of James Beattie, by far and away the best striker we’ve seen at the club, cost us promotion…disagree about sharp and howard but its true that they did fall out with him…howard can hardly be running the midfield, they are sinking quicker than we are!!

    Sheps in absence of a match report i can send one from my experience…good beers pre match in manchester, spirits were high – well intoxication was high – fish and chips and a couple more jars and the game began…90 mins later i was wishing that i’d not taken a days hliday, that’d i stayed at home, that i had the £70 i spent yesterday still in my account, that my dad had never took me to the lane, and that as lng as that clown remains in charge im aint going away again….it really was horrendous lads, bpool were better from start to finish and their manager tweaked it to ensure a win where as ours..well he stood and pointed a bit!

  • I have never been totally convinced by KB, but you couldn’t argue with his record until now. He’s hacked off too many players, introduced a poor style of football and just isn’t up to the expectations of the fans in general. I don’t believe this crap about Killa being sick of the club, I think he’s sick of KB and he has a bad agent in his ear poisoning him against a club where the fans named him player of the season. As for McCabe, we just cannot afford to lose him, simple as. He’s right about having to scale back because of the recession, I just wish scumbag player agents could understand that, rather than thinking they can continue to demand the earth for their clients. I believe KM genuinely wants to get Utd up, but to do it in a sustainable way that won’t kill the club. sometimes you just have to suck it up (financially speaking) and this is one of those times. Besides, the transfer window is shut and I think we’ve maxxed out the loan system? Plus who is going to want to come to BDTBL when some fans are so quick to rip their own players apart. The current players are good enough (putting injuries to one side for a while) to get up, but i think a new manager and a new playing style is needed.

  • PS – Ive said it a few times, whilst some people say KM is draining money out of the club, i think what he’s trying to do is diversify. When we came down, football related income dropped – I think he envisaged relegation (it was always a distinct possibility, to be honest) probably even before we went up, as many teams yoyo up and down for a while before establishing in the prem. Having non-footy related income (e.g. a hotel) is an attempt to minimise the potential damage a drop in footy related income can do to the club. That said, I didn’t agree with the Beattie sale. You just don’t sell a goal-every-other-game player. Still maintain the kyle deal was a good one, and he never gave up on the west sham money.

  • Probably the worst result/performance of KB’s reign here by some distance but it says a lot since he came about 2 years ago. We need to stop the rot soon and these performances are day I say it…robson-esque

  • some good points raised there and the mccabe issue is a toughie…nevertheless im starting to feel as though he has no promotion ambitions, we don’t need to spend the earth but with the current squad plus a few quality additions we are there..add beattie, naughton, walker and kenny to the equation and it gives you goose bumps all for the right reasons….but we bottled it and im afraid it was down to a lack of ambition and being small club minded!! as for the yoyo club comment i’d luv us to be a yoyo club but all we have to shout about is promotion in 12 seasons followed by instant relegation (unlucky but still we were very unambitious) that season followed by what another 13 years of missery just for it to come crashing back down the season after. look at stoke, good manager, spent wisely and spent quite big….but it paid off massively…all the money spent they have got quadruple back in retaining premiership status…its a no brainer…speculate to accumalate…but we never will which is why things will never change unless we got in a new management team and maybe just maybe its time for mccabe to step away and concentrate on his property business?? to let happen what has happened to this club in 2 years inc player sales i think he is just trying to recoup as much money back as he possibly can in order to walk away…….ps also in relation to the rugby does mccabe (sheffield) expect to bid for a world cup bid when they play rugby there..please how mental can we get…we will do anything to bring in a bit of does these days if it means losing self respect as a club!! look on the other half 22m ground improvement going ahead to spear them forward to host world cup football with all the debt…interesting how we submitted plans several months before them and their’s has already got the green light…sounding to me like mccabes talking us all up has he actually committed and done anything he’s said in the last 3 years? NO exactlly my point…im not calling for mccabe to go far from it..but to show some ******** ambition and guts to build a squad to get promoted this season

  • Totally disagree on Quinn and Harper, Gleadless. Harper runs about, up and back but never makes a tackle, one of my biggest disappointments about him is that he NEVER breaks his balls. We now see why Rogers at Reading didnt play him. And looking at the MOTM poll opposite, either Keith Edwards is totally wrong about Harper, or the wendys are voting for him. Quinn spends all his time yelling at everybody else and getting involved in everybody elses business instead of occasionally putting a foot on the ball and looking up. If there are stats for the player who gives most posession in this league, I’ll bet Quinn is top of it. Kilgallon is the poison in the camp lads, you’ll see.

  • Cant believe the comments on McCabe, get a grip lads. It would be the biggest mistake the fans ever made if he was driven out through some of the rediculous, hysterical rantings floating around at the minute.

  • you have to question mccabes ambitions…we are so close yet so far away from where we want to be. wendy are in 30m + worth of debt still manage to keep hold and agree new deals with the likes of spurr, wood, beevers, grant and tudgay regardless of top championship clubs and a few premiership clubs being interested..they show some sort of intention to press on along with substancial ground improvements…all mccabe does with us is flog our best players just to bring a few quid, merge us with foreign clubs, builds hotels and god knows what bang next to our ground and sells us down the river if the last 4 seasons are anything to go by. we scrimped and saved in the premiership and it bit us in the ass…by keeping hold of beattie and both kyles would have hardly sent us into financial ruin?unless we are being lied to? now going where we are going at the moment with a manager falling out with the entire squad is just as bad and will have the same affect as going into administration…there will be 15,000 there week in week out if mccabe isn’t carefull…he can make all this better and he can ring the changes for the better…he’s the chairman and he has the final say regardless!!! i wouldn’t stand back and watch by beloved club go down the pan because i’m telling you know this is going to get a lot worse if this clown stays on!! we will end up with a squad of players that arn’t good enough in this league and all the quality will be shipped out and made out to be trouble causes just like killa…sorry but killa is the victim here…we are just making it look different to make an excuse for selling him just like we did with deano (twice), agana, beattie…and jags!! we will never change so don’t blame the fans for ranting when we spend mega money watching them + god knows how much spent on merchandise!! sort if mccabe thats all im asking if not expect a backlash coming your way soon!! hope it doesn’t come to this but all im asking for is to support us and back a good manager with some money (and im not talking the crown jewels either), some decent wages on some decent free agents and lets us keep the nucleus of this squad instead of selling it off on the cheap!!

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