Date: 8th August 2010 at 7:57pm
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The Blades lived up to their billing as a difficult team to beat at Cardiff City Stadium in the last game of The Championship`s opening weekend. Those who weren`t there today will have watched the game on Sky, but here is a view from inside the ground.

After the confirmation that Nosworthy would not play, Blades fans in the stadium were looking forward to seeing how Ertl played alongside Morgan, and to seeing Leon Britton start his first game for United. The much reported “welcome” for the ex-Swan never amounted to much more a few half hearted boos, much like the City fans support for their own team.

Marshall flapped at United`s first corner causing McNaughton to head over his own bar? Just, then Chopra – who managed to moan and complain his way through the entire game – had one ruled out for a previous foul. Referee Walton who was always well off the pace, seldom looked toward his assistants for any decisions.

Evans then got on the end of a lovely reverse pass from Britton after having himself been fouled in the area, and gave Marshall no chance. Delighted Blades fans wondered if a penalty would have been given if United had not scored! The goal brought to an end a period of ponderous scrappy play by both teams.

Matt Lowton had enjoyed a solid start to his first game, his first touch finding Ward out wide with great control. With Whittingham attacking down his wing and McNaughton taking every opportunity to get forward, Lowton was having to work hard but seemed to be coping with the pace of the game well. Then just after the half hour he went in aggressively for a second ball which was just a bit too far in front and caught McNaughton. It was too far away for Blades fans to see clearly, but texts and mobile phone conversations at half time seemed to have the opinion that it was a straight red offence.

Referee Walton, came running across brandishing his red card and screamed in the lads face ” GET OFF”. Well done Mr Walton, clearly the words discretion, inexperience and over enthusiasm are not part of his vocabulary.

The next ten minutes passed with Blades fans holding their breath and hoping the temperature would drop after Evans and Bothroyd decided they would have their say about Lowton`s dismissal and receiving yellows for their trouble.

With Ward at right back, it was going to be a long second half. United were slowing the game down at every opportunity. Fitness of the remaining 10 was going to be tested. United`s back four were holding a high line until the hour mark when another long ball down the channel found Chopra who danced around Simonsen at the edge of his box and squared for Bothroyd to find the gap between Morgan & Ward on the line to level.

City, who despite playing against 10 men had been totally devoid of any ideas in the box until then, saw the chance of a win and Simonsen was forced to make three good saves in the space of a few minutes as the home team built up a head of steam as crosses and long balls found their way into United`s box. Understandably United`s 10 began to fall back deep with midfield often being forced back as City tried to find a way through United`s determined well disciplined rear guard. Simonsen made two further saves as United struggled to get out of their own half.

United took every opportunity to slow things down, Luckily Ward was the only player booked for this offense, there could have been a few others, as United wound down the 5 minutes of added time to the final whistle.

Glouc’s View
Having now watched Lowton’s tackle on TV, the studs were up, he caught the player, so technically a straight red. No argument. However Peter Walton gets no points for his handling of the incident. Perhaps a bit of fatherly descression toward a young player making his first start? And screaming ‘Get off’ in his face only incenced the other players around, fortunately nothing further nasty happened but that’s no thanks to Walton.

In the end a battling, disciplined, stubborn rear guard action to get the point, but a full 90 minutes of 11 v 11 would have been interesting.


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  • i was impressed with todays performance overall today. The line up of cressy, evans, ward, quinn and britton gives us that threat and creativity. What was different today was our mentailty to go out and win the game. last season we would have gone there for a point at best with 1 upfront and defended for the whole game hoping we would hit them on the break and get lucky. Don’t get me wrong we looked dodgy at times and some careless mistakes were made but Cardiff are as far as im concerned the best team in the division and will get promoted this season. We won’t come across these every week and a point is an excellent result considering we are short on numbers and have injury concerns. i loved it how ward got under the fans nerves today and the opposition players…more of that wardy something else we have been missing since the vinnie jones days. we looked at building it up today and also look very pacey going forward. cressy and evan are by far our best paring and like glouc has said i think he could be a goal machine this season if he nuckles down and stays injury free (he’s still the right age). thought the new shirts look great today too…overall i’m pleased if we go about our game like we did today then we are in for a very good season. A few more players (quality players) and we might just really surprise ourselves. Lowton was robbed today never a sending off in a million years but what else do you expect from walton. As soon as i saw him walking out i knew a dodgy decision would me made and i was right. Simmo – was at fault with the back 2 for the goal but made it up it big time. he looked strong, focused, and commanded his area like brialliantly. he’s so good at crosses and i’ve never know us be so easy when under the cosh with corner kicks…paddy who???? see i can say something positive and i will when they deserve it…today a great team performance all we need is a few more signings——thats it!! come on mr chairman

  • wow. i thought i had woken up in a differrent universe when i saw your positivity bfl. i agree totally. with bartley and a couple of better full backs i think we can challenge the automatic places not just the playoffs. i liked how before the sending off we actually played the ball out of defence and our passing was excellent. chedder for golden boot.

  • thought we did well, obviously the sending off (and it was one without any doubt) changed it all but thught we were very comfortable until simmo went daft! Shame all four defencders headed to the line instead of one of them picking bothroyd up – lack of concentration all round…but overall i thought we did well for the first 30 adn looked quite well organised throughout – well deserved point- did think cardiff looked very average but id have snatched your hands off before if offered a point…now need to go to hartlepool, with a very similar team, put on a professional show, easy 2/3 nil win and get in qpr on sat…also with hartlepool adn qpr chance for us to get on the ball and play some more…looking forward to the trip to the north east now!

  • i agree with you there bfl and gkeadless very impressed how we copped with 10 men and i dint think it was at first from were i was sat in the stand but now watching it on tv at different angles i think it was but there again what was the ref doing shouting get off in lowtons face the dick completey blow it out of proportion.

  • Overall i was pleased with the performance of the team and notably a few individuals yesterday. We are always going to be tough to beat, we have been for a few years now. The problem that many fans have had with blackwell is the naivity in creative attacking play. There needs to be a blend and thankfully we are gathering the players which could offer a different style of attack. On a personal note, i have never been a fan of turtle taylor but i thought he had a good solid game yesterday (from what i saw from the armchair) with Ertl and Morgs very good in defence. I watched Ertl play out of his skin in the middle of the park last sunday against argies but must admit, it would be a sad day if he dislogded Monty. Perhaps keep him a CB and get Nos at RB. We are frightningly thin on the flanks, Ward could be the most exctiting thing in years but we have to realise he is going to be out injured for 15 games a season. Good positive start though, hope we can build on it when we ‘welcome’ back that goalkeeper next saturday. Wonder if he will be out with a ‘chesty cough’ though!

  • i think blackwells mentaility is that as a group of players entertaining the fans things cannot continue on from the ball slogging from last season, otherwise he is going to come under a huge fan backlash…he realises that and our game plan up until the last 30 mins was totally different….role on qpr, and mr kenny if you do ever come on these sites get ready for it you judas w@nk3r….you life is going to me missery for the full 90 mins!! this is the game i want to win more than any other this season….i’d even take a loss in the cup against wendy to beat qpr atthelane on saturday!! come on lads lets press on and don’t let us down… a blade always a blade no matter how much i feel let down at times. i’ll remain positive until the club sell evans in the january transfer window after he has notched up 30 goals in 5 months….ha ha ha


  • i agree bfl oneil would be brill lol and on that carnt wait till sat gunner be a great atmosphere carnt wait till that *****er walks down to the kop end judas ********.

  • glouc mate she died of cancer 3 years ago……agree kopblade i carn’t wait either for him to run over to the kop end the tw@7!! the atmospher will ge awsome and i think kenny will get the worst reception ever to be whitness by a former player in history!! i can see many losing the plot on sat. lets be frank it would be great to run on the pitch dressed as captain blade to dink the tw*t and not get caught wouldn’t it!! ha ha noticed we have just signed jordan from burnley on a one year deal…sorry lads but he isn’t our answer to our defensive problems….this is a bit of a silly signing. 3 of these non impact players could bring in one player that we are craving at the moment.

  • Interesting to see how many turn up on Saturday, oinkers will be all over us after their surprising gate on Saturday if we fall below 23000.

  • good report. morgs was colossal at cardiff he was talking to lowton and ertl all the time. when wardy moved back morgs was pulling him around and telling him where to go. captain fantastic, the other players see his example on the field and a lot of Uniteds toughness is created by how he plays and captains the team.

  • agree bilboblade but technicaly he is bloody awful and he’s certanly not someone i would want to mould myself around as a young player learning the game. don’t worry glouc there will be around 26,000 there on saturday. the pigs gates will start to go down now…..don’t forget the first game of the season partimer attraction has now passed….down to the nitty gritty and i think they have got a very rude awakening coming there way. league 1 isn’t as easy as they all think!!

  • shall we kick of a fund on here. ‘THE MARTIN O’NEIL FUND’ I’m willing to put it £30 of my own money if another 30,000 blades follow suit to pay for his wages….what do you think lads?? ha ha ha

  • 26000 eh, I sincerely hope you are right. 14000 ST holders, plus about 1000 from QPR leaves 11000 tickets to be sold right in the middle of the school holidays……mmmm, doubt it.

  • Spot on Bilbo. Shame a few more fans dont actually watch what Morgan does as captain on the pitch rather than take the purest view!

  • i bet theres 25-26k there sat…the fact its the first home game, and the return of warnock and the judas should swell the gate somewhat…..thought the season ticket sales were 17,000 too? you singing yourself up for the fantasy league then glouc?

  • swansea just signed scott sinclair from chelsea for 500k a fast tall winger with stacks of skill and pace and still only 21…why don’t we ever get em eh?

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