Date: 10th March 2010 at 8:56am
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Yet another abject performance on the road from United as the losing sequence continues. United never looked like threatening The Posh goal in a game between two very poor sides.

There were no match highlights to write about and I am not going to manufacture any. Against a team adrift at the foot of the Championship, United continued where they had left off again Palace on Saturday. A succession of fouls, free kicks and yellow cards, surrounded by a lack of any drive or commitment from the majority of players, summed the game up. A scruffy goal from Craig Mackail-smith after more comedy defending from United always looked likely to settle it.

The travelling fans got so fed up with what they were watching that during the second half they began to create their own entertainment with a number of amusing chants, one of which was ‘we only want one shot’ and when Camara managed an attempt at goal in the last ten minutes the fans behind the goal celebrated deleriously as if he had scored the winning goal. Manager Blackwell came in for a fair share of stick, being told to ‘sit down shut up’ by his own fans when he shouted instructions from his technical area.

A rare start for Ched Evans ended early in the game with an injury after a clash with the Keeper which brought Camara on, then Jamie Ward’s dreadful first half was mercifully ended just before half time when he was withdrawn and replaced by Stephen Quinn. Williamson struggled playing wide on the right and was replaced by Yates and half time.

Individually there were many awful performances, candidate for the worst has to be Jordan Stewart at left back with Kallio obviously unfit. Surely it must be time to give one of the outstanding Academy players a chance, no-one could have less idea of positional play, control, tackling and passing than the much rejected Stewart. How he can be selected ahead of Andy Taylor who was on the bench is baffling.

Midway through the second half, with the game degenerating into farce, many Blades fans began to laugh at the error strewn efforts on the pitch. In an effort to get something out of the game, Chris Morgan was thrown up front in the last ten minutes and chose to pass the ball when presented with probably United’s best chance of the game.

In the last League game between the two sides at London Road 28 years ago next month, a Sheffield United Team containing Keith Edwards, Colin Morris, Keith Waugh, Bob Hatton etc., left London Road after a thrilling game with promotion all but secured after a 4-0 win against a Posh Team who were then United’s main promotion rivals. Last night’s game could not have been more completely opposite.

QPR arrive on Saturday. Warnock is back at The Lane for the second time this Season. The home crowd will be waiting to get after the Manager and Players as soon as the first pass goes astray. The atmosphere will be hostile and aggressive, I’ll bet Neil cannot wait!
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  • Top man for going glou, the club don’t deserve support like those loyal ones who go away- totally unacceptable- simply put he has to go. . He trains the team picks formation and style and it simply isn’t good enough- no mattter who has been sold and who is injured- and sticking a centre half upfront is the final insult- shows a manager who is out of his depth. Never thought I’d say it but I hope we lose horribly on Saturday and nw rubs it in as then they’ll have to get rid- to lose seven games away on the spin is unacceptable and not good enough for our club

  • Yep I am afraid to say that the old man is spot on. The time for excuses is now over for Blackwell. Yes the injury and new player excuses, although once valid, are now wearing more than a little thin. What worries me the most is that it seems that Blackwell has been unable to motivate the players over the last 2 games. We have been used to seeing the Blades have a bad first half but then they would typically come out a new team in the second…not any more, two poor 90 minutes. Don’t let comments from Blackwell after the Palace game fool you – we certainly came nowhere near to ‘dominating’ the second half. The season is in the balance…on to Saturday and I fear our home form will not continue..

  • Oh my god that was horrendous. No application, no effort, no quality and worst of all, no desire to play for the manager. Glouc has said it all, the passing was shocking, we had 2 off target shots and with 10 minutes to go their goaly Lewis turned round to the travelling fans and started shivering and suggesting he was bored. That said it all, bottom of the leagues keeper taking the mick. He wasn’t the only one though. 14 players in red and white were also taking the mick out of a healthy travelling support with that performance. Blackwell has alot to answer for in my eyes and my patience is running very thin with him but those players have to look themselves in the mirror. They rolled over last night from minute one, were 2nd to the ball all night, dangled lazy legs in challenges and failed to create any hint of a chance all night. The laughable thing is 11 lucky fans get to meet all our heroes next week by signing up for a season ticket. I will be getting one eventually but i’m not going to another away game after that shower yesterday. I got to Grantham a couple of weeks ago before finding out it was called off, it makes you wonder sometimes why we bother. Not happy

  • I live in East Sussex but went to Forest, Watford, Palace, West Brom and Preston to see us outplayed outfought and out-thought on every occasion. At no stage did we look like getting anything out of any of those. As a result I just couldn’t bother my arse with another long drive for some crap beer and even worse football. Listening on the Blades Player I certainly made the right decision, although it sounds as if the travelling support at least had a laugh this time – there wasn’t much laughing at any other recent away game. We could as low as 12th after Saturday, and it throws up this question: If we finish 12th, with Barnsley and Doncaster above us, and having lost to the grunters (which we will playing we do away from home), do you think he’ll finally go? No…me neither. Cheap yes-men are hard to come by.

  • well done for going glouc and good match report. Glouc have a break and spend the money better they simply don’t deserve the support. i want blackwell out and o’driscoll in and if that means losing all our games and finishing a point above relegation then so be it, anything to get rid of this clown. sorry thought i’d never say it but it’s worst than the nobson times…lest that clown could attract players blackwell can’t even do that in halfs. saturday will have a huge backlash on blackwell and ellis and dare i say it macabe. this is unaceptable and at the moment i feel like my guts are getting ripped out. What will it take for the board to act. from what i hear the gates will be at least 40% down next season. the gates are a massive contribution to our success. for years we were told we need 20,000 week in week out to challenge in this league…well for the last 4 seasons we have been averaging over 26,000 average gate and 31,000 in the premiership…still we sell, sell, sell and have no ambition. gets to a point where you have to start saying to yourselves WHY BOTHER!! would you continue to go to the same shop, pay excessive prices and buy the same things over and over again if they were constantly rubbish and you felt as though you were getting nothing back in return?? It’s fans like glouc that the club need to respect as they are few a far apart that stay loyal home and away..i did for years and years but it just got too much for me last may at wembley…the club dont care one bit, keep on paying your fees thats all they are bothered about. blackwell and ellis is killing this club but more importantly they are destroying the relationship that lots of fans have with the club..macabe is also causing this. it has to stop NOW!!!!

  • I agree bladesfor its time for a change before every breath of life is squeezed out of the club. Time for Blackwell and Ellis to fall on their sword !!!!

  • i too went last night, took my son and daughter to their first ‘proper’ away match, i wanted thenm to sample the atmosphere of an ‘old school’ match,everybody stood up getting behind the team etc etc,
    well the atmosphere was very good, great away support, and ANOTHER SHOCKING GUTLESS PERFORMANCE!!!!.
    it really is time for mr B to pack up and **** off.
    i predict a SHOES OFF SATURDAY this weekend and who better to rub the clubs nose in it than a certain Mr Warnock.
    I hope McCabe sees sense and gets him out now, let Speed have a go, we should have enough points to stay up and we aint getting in the playoffs so its a great time to give Gary Speed a chance.

  • I’ve started loking at the other end of the table, the way we are playing the next 7 or 8 points are looking harder and harder to get !!!! My glass is not only looking half empty i think its sprung a leak !!!!!!

  • i’ve started to think the same micksilver….thing is though macabe still won’t get rid of the useless flabwell!!

  • Have had problems with computer, Glouc, but eventually excellent report. I surmise that your critical report reflected more the inadequacies of the manager than what is potentially a half decent team. I hope so because I think KB has become a total liability and a change is vital

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