Date: 29th September 2010 at 1:43pm
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Another day, another game, another costly individual mistake.

United`s run of horror errors continues to frustrate players and fans alike and to rob the team of much needed points at the start of Gary Speeds managerial career at Bramall Lane. After Chris Morgan at Boro then Stephen Jordan at Leeds, last night it was the turn of Steve Simonsen to add his name to the list of awful individual mistakes.

Forest were out of the blocks quickly, forcing Simonsen into an early save from Blackstock. United Responded with some neat football before CRESSWELL met Jordan`s in swinging free kick after 6 minutes and United were ahead.

The Blades should have been two up five minutes later when the impressive Bogdanovich was through on goal, beat his defender but saw his low shot bounce off the keepers legs. A chance that should have been converted and given United a two goal lead.

Forest struggled to get any kind of hold on the game, United`s midfield were snuffing out any threat and Britton playing just in front of the back four was spraying the ball about bringing Yeates and Bogdanovich into the game.

At the back Bartley picked up where he left off on Saturday, he and Nosworthy looking solid and noticeably talking to each other a lot as their partnership continues to develop.

United looked by far the more settled side passing an moving easily, leaving Forest fans increasingly impatient with their side as United`s shape and discipline continued to snuff out any threat before Forest could establish a pattern to their game?.that was until Simonsen decided to go run around as he left his area out toward his left hand corner flag in the 25th minute, was beaten to the ball but the cross eluded the in rushing Blackstock, much to the travelling fans relief.

Lee Camp then made a good save from Jordan`s 25 yarder, then Bogdanovich clean through on goal was pulled up for something only referee Russell saw. Then Yates`s delicate chip from the edge of the box appeared to be going in until the diminutive Camp managed to finger tip it over. Yeates then shot over from distance from the resulting corner.

Forest`s McGugan brought Simonsen back into the game just before half time, but the half belonged to United who should easily have been a couple of goals up.

When everyone expected Billy Davis to have fired his team up for an assault on United at the start of the half, it was United who created the first chance, Creswell`s header blocked with the keeper nowhere after a left wing move.

Forests approach changed completely on the hour when the much travelled Adebola was introduced. This signalled a continuous stream of long balls (remember what that was like?) aimed at the lumbering Adebola who was clearly following his managers instructions to put himself about with the United centre backs. That he certainly did, clattering both defenders early on, twice from the back, neither of which received the yellow that they deserved.

Bogdanovich left to a standing ovation from Blades fans to be replaced by Evans. Right away United missed the strength and hold up play of Bogdanovich as Evans lack of movement and work rate saw him easily brushed off the ball.

Forest equalised in bazaar fashion, McKenna`s hopeful long range effort had little pace on it but came high at Simonsen who was just off his line and appeared to try to palm the ball over the bar, but there was little pace on the ball and he succeeded only in allowing it to drop gently behind him into the net.

The areal barrage continued, Forest launching it from all directions. Simonsen spilled one which Nosworthy cleared as United battled against Forest`s direct attack. Adebola still putting himself about along the back four was challenging for everything he could get near to, and a lot of what he couldn`t. Bartley went to meet a simple headed clearance and was laid out by the very late arriving striker. It was clear to all that the facial injury was a serious one. United`s players protested to referee Russet, who took no action.

Six minutes of added time saw United easily cope with the Forest threat, Ertl moving back to partner Nosworthy.

Gloucs’s View
We should have won it?easily. United had dealt with everything Forest had and should have been comfortably ahead by the time Simonsen threw it into his own net. You would expect expensive individual errors to happen a few times over a season, but three horror errors have already cost us 4 points in just 9 games. I’ve no doubt this will change. The players are beginning to settle with the Speed system, and the Forest long ball game in the last 30 minutes reminded us all of how much we liked the change in our team. I won`t say exactly what I think about Adebola`s “challenge” on Bartley in case his lawyers are reading this, but suffice it to say that Gary Speeds comments on the incident were generous.


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  • Interesting that you played in Black, as both ref/assistant ref’s clearly thought they were on your side!! A string of baffling & shocking decisions from those in charge, especially in the run up to your goal and Adebola probably deserved a booking but he was clearly trying to get the ball, as Speedo conceded. Hope Bartley is OK, but not as one sided as you make out – draw was probably a fair result!

  • bartley is not ok he has a fractured cheekbone, and you know very well that you were lucky to get a point. horrible challenge from that donkey who did nothing but kick and barge everyone. forest wouldnt have scored if they had been playing now you have only simo to thank for your point. we will improve under speedo, screaming banshee davis is reducing your lot to long ball thuggery.

  • Lucky to get a point….take off the Blades tinted specs pal! Highly debatable whether your goal was offside, that said Forest should have been awarded a corner immediately prior to ball being hoofed upfield, it was only a foot over the line after “Simo” made a great save at his near post, where you got a debatable freekick – from which you scored. I’ll concede that Camp made 2 very good saves in the first half – 2nd half, completely different game – in fact Forest resorted to the normal Blades style that you are probably more accustomed too. Every decision went your way, eg Gunter went clean through after Moussi was fouled, ref only stopped it when he saw he had gone through. Blackstock was hauled down in your box on more than one occasion. Blackstock header clipped bar in first half, but YOUR linesman deemed him offside, but Nosworthy was last man????? I, like most around me, applauded your player off, there was no malice in the challenge, just late/clumsy. Ref blew final whistle when we’d just won another corner……PS – With a Broken Cheekbone, he could play within 2 – 3 weeks with a mask, Lewis McGugan did last year. Like I said, draw was a fair result, but could have gone either way!

  • PPS – Ask Swansea about our style of football – they were outplayed 3 days earlier. You came for a draw or to nick a win, fair enough, but Forest changed tactics and ended up with a point – those 6 minutes of injury time magically disappeared when we had just forced another corner too! Once again, I’d wish Bartley a speedy return – such injuries in football are common place. Cheers!

  • What a load of rubbish. Offside?? Whos wearing red specs now? So if Bartley could be playing in a couple of weeks with a broken cheekbone and those injuries are common that makes it ok does it? the challenge was ‘late / clumsy’ yeah right he was about 30 seconds late. the only reason you clapped him off was because you were relieved to see him go after dominating your donkies.

  • PPS – dont need to ask swans about your style we all saw it last night, davis is ruining what reputation you have left, long ball with thugs up front.

  • Moving on girls, anyone notice that we haven’t had Smiggypiggy, worksop, auckland or any of the other oinkers on our page recently? Wonder why.

  • Bilbo..(little man syndrome?)..check out the highlights … At the point ball was played from the freekick, he looked to be beyond the last defender, my actual point relates to the fact that we should have had a corner in the move that won you the freekick. No red specs here, I’m honest in my appraisal! Adebola – was clearly trying to head the ball – not even late (on that occasion), Bartley was above him – as Speed says accidental clash of heads. Broken cheekbone – I didn’t say it was allright, I wished your player well. If you’ve ever played the game you will know these injuries, however unfortunate, happen all the time. Like I said…check out the highlights!

  • very true ‘our kids dad….with what you say, that is football and im sure you can understand that decisions don’t always go the way they should, you are going into too much depth regards to analysing the game. I could talk for hours regards to bad decisions going against us and costing us goals and cup final apperances but….thats football. In the first half we should have gone in 3-0 up we were by far the better side all over the park….the 2nd half belonged to forrest but you didnt dominate like we did in the first half….all in all a draw was a fair result….regards to bilbo mate your wasting your time on that one as he won’t hear a bad word said about the club no matter what happens and if you don’t agree with him then he criticises!!! see you at the lane…may i add not a great ground for you guys!!

  • Cheers Blades for life…fully agree with all of your comments – without at least 2 great saves from Camp then you would have gone in 3-0. Classic Forest ploy, counter attacking football, soaking up pressure – but you were playing it!! I think the article is also harsh on your keeper…again, check out the highlights, there is the slightest of deflections on the shot, lifting it just above your keeper’s reach, hence, at full stretch he couldn’t parry & ball dropped in the net. We very rarely have much joy in Sheffield – so, I’d take a draw now! Cheers!

  • Gloucblade…you mean he was trying to head Bartley’s cheek into the net? I think not, a goal would have been the obvious target.
    Well played by the way. What a tough game.

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